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B. 05-04 Wife died, husband survives East Oakland
05-04 Police shoot man during traffic stop San Jose Downtown
3. 05-04 Cinco de Mayo celebration San Jose Downtown
E. 05-04 Giants 6, Reds 1 Pac Bell Park
5. 05-04 Members of 129th Air Wing Come Home Moffett Field


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Morning News

May.4   Vallejo Escaped from custody at Kaiser Hospital  Donald Hampton, 44, was serving a 60-day sentence on charges of possession of narcotics and evading an officer

  East Oakland Wife died, husband survives  Car swerved into the concrete center divider. 47-year-old man watched as his 51-year-old wife died

Evening News

  San Jose Downtown   Police shoot man during traffic stop
  The man's car was pulled over. He attempted to run down an officer

  San Jose Downtown   Cinco de Mayo celebration  The crowds were smaller than in past years at Discovery Meadow Park

  Pac Bell Park Giants 6, Reds 1  Alfonzo homered and drove in 4 runs

  Moffett Field Members of 129th Air Wing Come Home  3 dozen members of the California Air National Guard returned after serving in Operation Iraqi Freedom

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