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Business Main Event: Two children, ages 3 an...
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B. 05-29 Pres. candidate John Edwards speaks San Francisco
2. 05-29 Caltrain installing railroad fencing Redwood City
D. 05-29 Couple helped apprehend kidnapper North San Jose
4. 05-29 Howard Behar appointed to board Gap
5. 05-29 Ballet hires music director San Francisco
6. 05-29 $15 million for child damaged at birth Alameda
05-29 Two children, ages 3 and 9, found killed Santa Clara
8. 05-29 Rainy Day Fund SF City Hall
J. 05-29 In critical condition after shooting Oakland Downtown


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Morning News

May.29   San Francisco   Pres. candidate John Edwards speaks  Democratic candidate sounded a populist critique of Bush's economic policies, attacking the $350 billion tax cut

  Redwood City   Caltrain installing railroad fencing  People are taking shortcuts across the tracks, including homeless who live in the area

Day News

  North San Jose Couple helped apprehend kidnapper  Local couple helped officers apprehend Joel Concepcion, 35, suspected of trying to kidnap a 12-year-old girl

  Gap Howard Behar appointed to board  Clothing retailer added a former Starbucks executive to its board of directors

  San Francisco Ballet hires music director  After five-year absence, the Ballet has hired Andrew Mogrelia to conduct its orchestra

  Alameda $15 million for child damaged at birth  2-year-old boy suffered permanent brain damage due to oxygen deprivation during his birth by Caesarean section

Evening News

  Santa Clara   Two children, ages 3 and 9, found killed
  Police were looking for stepfather Jose Zacarias in connection with the crime. The children were found by mother

  SF City Hall Rainy Day Fund  A candidate for a mayor Tom Ammiano introduced legislation that would create a hard-times reserve

  Oakland Downtown In critical condition after shooting  1644 Catron Drive

  Millbrae Virus waning at nursing home  A virus that sickened more than half the residents at Serra Convalescent Hospital appears to have subsided

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