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Business Main Event: Shooting leaves 2 dead
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05-22 Shooting leaves 2 dead East Oakland
2. 05-22 Silicon Graphics to Cut 400 Jobs Mountain View
3. 05-22 Shareholders reject options proposal Intel
E. 05-22 Massive Disaster Drill Golden Gate Bridge
F. 05-22 Toddler drowns in bucket San Jose
6. 05-22 Board votes for another fare increase BART
7. 05-22 Protest Against ChevronTexaco Chevron
I. 05-22 Twins 6, Athletics 5 Coliseum
J. 05-22 Sierra Club elects Larry Fahn as president San Francisco


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Morning News

May.22   East Oakland   Shooting leaves 2 dead
  Man and a woman dead in the incident, which occurred in the 10800 block of Estepa Drive

  Mountain View   Silicon Graphics to Cut 400 Jobs  Computer maker would cut 10% of its work force to speed its return to profitability

  Intel Shareholders reject options proposal  A proposal called on the board of directors to expense employee stock options

Day News

  Golden Gate Bridge     Massive Disaster Drill
  FBI and the SFPD participated in a simulated bus hijacking

  San Jose   Toddler drowns in bucket
  A 1-year-old boy drowned in a bucket partially filled with water that his mother had set out for him and his sister to play in

  BART   Board votes for another fare increase  The board voted to raise fares 10% starting in January. The new fares could spare the system from cutting staff levels

  Chevron Protest Against ChevronTexaco  ChevronTexaco is being sued for at least a billion dollars for alleged toxic wasteland in Ecuador's rainforest

  Coliseum Twins 6, Athletics 5  Kielty hit a 2-run homer

  San Francisco Sierra Club elects Larry Fahn as president  A national environmental advocacy organization, has elected a Bay Area attorney and activist as its new president

  Gap Fivefold gain in first-quarter profit  The company earned $202.5 million, or 22 cents per share, during the 3 months

  Alviso Tivo Loss Narrows on Subscription Gains  TV recording company said its fiscal first quarter loss narrowed significantly on a 79% jump in subscriber growth

Evening News

  San Francisco 2 to stand trial for killing of senator's son  Judge: there was sufficient evidence to put Dwayne Reed, 23, and Clifton Terrell, 19, on trial for death of McPherson

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