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B. 05-21 Supes get 300% pay raise SF City Hall
C. 05-21 28-year-old man shot East Palo Alto
3. 05-21 Airport project criticized for expenses SFO
E. 05-21 Arrested on officer-involved shooting Antioch
F. 05-21 Twins 4, Athletics 3 Pac Bell Park
6. 05-21 VeriSign to Manage Net Security for Merrill Mountain View
7. 05-21 Scores of Restaurants Shutting Down San Francisco
I. 05-21 Mother and Daughter Shot SF Mission
05-21 Historic general store destroyed in fire Half Moon Bay


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Morning News

May.21   SF City Hall   Supes get 300% pay raise  Supervisors will get a $75,000 annual pay raise, even as they mull potential pay cuts for other city workers

  East Palo Alto 28-year-old man shot  A car appeared to have been struck by gunfire and stopped when it was hit by another car

Day News

  SFO   Airport project criticized for expenses  Consultants who worked on runway expansion project were reimbursed for $800 dinner and $550-a-night hotel

  Antioch Arrested on officer-involved shooting  Deputy used his gun while trying to apprehend the driver of a stolen vehicle

  Pac Bell Park Twins 4, Athletics 3  Hunter hit a 2-run homer

  Mountain View VeriSign to Manage Net Security for Merrill  VeriSign signed a deal to monitor the computer network of Merrill Lynch & Co. against outside attacks and viruses

  San Francisco Scores of Restaurants Shutting Down  Restaurants that are shutting down outnumber the new ones opening up

  SF Mission Mother and Daughter Shot  A woman and her 12-year-old daughter were recovering after someone fired a bullet into the car

Evening News

  Half Moon Bay   Historic general store destroyed in fire
  The 6-alarm fire started in a warehouse on the Cunha Country Store's lot

  Napa In critical condition after fire  Richard Millikan, 66, remains in the intensive care unit after he inhaled smoke from a fire at his home

  Mountain View Killed by Caltrain  Daniel Jones, 45, jumped in front of a southbound train and died due to multiple blunt force injuries

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