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B. 05-02 ChevronTexaco's profit nearly triples Chevron
C. 05-02 Kaiser to build hospital Antioch
3. 05-02 500 protesters gather for Bush's visit Santa Clara
05-02 Bush speaks at United Defense Industries Santa Clara
5. 05-02 Ad puts squeeze on panhandlers San Francisco
6. 05-02 City Asks for Federal Help with Deficit San Jose City Hall
H. 05-02 Server, Storage Business be Restructured HP
I. 05-02 Music Store Starts Strong Apple
J. 05-02 Historic air hangar may face demolition Moffett Field


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Morning News

May.2   Chevron   ChevronTexaco's profit nearly triples
  First-quarter profit was lifted by a rise in oil prices that drove gasoline prices higher and rankled motorists

  Antioch   Kaiser to build hospital  Kaiser Permanente plans to build a 637,000-square-foot hospital and medical center

  Santa Clara 500 protesters gather for Bush's visit  Anti-war protesters tried to greet Bush -- but his motorcade bypassed their gathering

Day News

  Santa Clara   Bush speaks at United Defense Industries
  President is saying that a jump in unemployment made the case for a massive tax relief plan

  San Francisco   Ad puts squeeze on panhandlers  The ads on taxis and buses is meant to discourage residents, workers and visitors from putting money into cups and hands

  San Jose City Hall City Asks for Federal Help with Deficit  City is facing a budget deficit that could soar as high as $120 million over the next 5 years

  HP Server, Storage Business be Restructured  Hewlett-Packard would reorganize and streamline its business group that makes computer servers and storage systems

  Apple Music Store Starts Strong  250,000 songs purchased and downloaded -- at 99 cents a pop -- on the first day of operation of Apple's online music store

Evening News

  Moffett Field   Historic air hangar may face demolition  The Hangar One may face demolition over oncerns about toxic chemicals, polychlorinated biphenyls

  Pac Bell Park Reds 5, Giants 1  Graves pitched a career-best 7 scoreless innings

  San Jose Charity ball cancelled  Tough economic times have forced the Silicon Valley Charity Ball to be canceled

  Wells Fargo Mortgage license revoked  California revokes Wells Fargo's state mortgage license

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