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Crime Main Event: Bay to Breakers Draws Thou...
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1. 05-18 Fatal stabbing outside liquor store West Oakland
2. 05-18 Triple stabbing. 1 dead Vallejo
D. 05-18 Traffic delays as result of construction South San Jose
4. 05-18 Shot in apartment building SF Mission
05-18 Bay to Breakers Draws Thousands SF Downtown
6. 05-18 Killing of Man in Jail Prompts Inquiry Berkeley
H. 05-18 Mets 5, Giants 1 Pac Bell Park
I. 05-18 American Psychiatric Association's meeting San Francisco
9. 05-18 Arrested for robbery Pleasant Hill


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Morning News

May.18   West Oakland   Fatal stabbing outside liquor store  50-year-old man was found outside State Market Liquor

  Vallejo   Triple stabbing. 1 dead  Romelo Tosoc Caceres, 30, allegedly stabbed Marianne Caceres, 18, Wilfredo Caceres, 48, and Angela Ramos, 32

  South San Jose Traffic delays as result of construction  Monterey Road commuters may see a delay as result of pipeline construction that will last at least through the fall

  SF Mission Shot in apartment building  An argument ended with the victim being shot

Day News

  SF Downtown   Bay to Breakers Draws Thousands
  Runners were wearing clothes and costumes and some not. Winners were from Kenya and Russia

  Berkeley   Killing of Man in Jail Prompts Inquiry  Kevin Lee Freeman was well-known Berkeley homeless man. He was in Santa Rita jail for public drunkeness

  Pac Bell Park Mets 5, Giants 1  Glavine took a shutout into the 9th inning

  San Francisco American Psychiatric Association's meeting  At 2 booths psychiatrists take virtual tour through schizophrenic experience

  Pleasant Hill Arrested for robbery  Scott Lachlan Szuggar, 38, suspected of robbery and attempted carjacking after leading police on a foot chase

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