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Business Main Event: PG&E suffers first-quar...
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05-13 PG&E suffers first-quarter loss of $354m PG&E
C. 05-13 22-year-old killed in drive-by-shooting Oakland
D. 05-13 Two died in wrong-lane crash San Leandro
4. 05-13 Nvidia Rolls Out Update for Chipset Santa Clara
5. 05-13 Vivace Networks Acquired by Tellabs San Jose
G. 05-13 Multiple motorcycle crash West Oakland
H. 05-13 Body Found in Lagoon Fremont
8. 05-13 eBay to pay janitors' health insurance eBay
J. 05-13 Care not Cash reintroduced at board SF City Hall


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Morning News

May.13   PG&E   PG&E suffers first-quarter loss of $354m
  Utility-holding company continued to be hurt by the downfall of a energy trading business

  Oakland   22-year-old killed in drive-by-shooting  

  San Leandro   Two died in wrong-lane crash  Toyota was traveling in the wrong lane when it crashed head-on into another Toyota sedan that was turning left

  Santa Clara Nvidia Rolls Out Update for Chipset  Chip designer rolled out an upgrade to the nForce2 group of microchips

  San Jose Vivace Networks Acquired by Tellabs  A maker of telecommunications equipmen would buy network switch maker for about $135 million in cash

  West Oakland Multiple motorcycle crash  6 or 7 motorcycles have crashed after driving over a downed line from the damaged pole

Day News

  Fremont   Body Found in Lagoon
  Passer-by spotted the decomposed body floating in Stivers Lagoon

  eBay     eBay to pay janitors' health insurance  Janitors threatening to strike over soaring health care costs. eBay agreed to pay 95% of the health care costs

  SF City Hall     Care not Cash reintroduced at board  Supervisor Newsom is saying he's garnered close to majority support already

  Oakland Law firm to remove founder's name  Feds say Victor Van Bourg conspired with union bosses in a series of illegal finance schemes

  Woodside Three students injured in bus crash  Driver fell asleep at the wheel, causing the bus to careen off the roadway down a 60-foot embankment

  San Jose 68-year-old woman missing  Joan Wilcox was reported missing for more than a week

  East Oakland Fire Uproots 15 People  The blaze broke out inside a 6-unit building. Some people jumped out of windows to escape

Evening News

  San Jose   Sharks hire Doug Wilson as new GM  New general manager will replace Dean Lombardi

  Oakland Zoo celebrating birth of giraffe  Bititi measures 5 feet 9 inches tall and 175 pounds. She was standing and nursing in less than an hour

  Cisco Dennis Powel named CFO  Chief financial officer wants to maintain the conservative financial reputation

  Pac Bell Park Expos 6, Giants 4  Guerrero is going 3-for-4 with a tiebreaking, 2-run homer

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