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Business Main Event: City Asks for More Park...
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B. 05-12 Man wounded Santa Rosa
05-12 City Asks for More Parking Tickets SF City Hall
D. 05-12 Arrested for stepmother's death San Francisco
E. 05-12 Prisoner killed Dublin
5. 05-12 Arthritis drug fails key experiment Genentech
G. 05-12 Firefighters Hurt in Eruption of Flame Alameda
7. 05-12 E*Trade Pays Fiserv $23 Million in Suit Menlo Park
8. 05-12 Flaw discovered in Itanium 2 processors Intel
9. 05-12 $16 million in girl's candy-related death San Jose


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Morning News

May.12   Santa Rosa Man wounded  Man is suspected of shooting at two men, wounding one. Attacker fled the scene

Day News

  SF City Hall   City Asks for More Parking Tickets
  Supervisors have been told to write an additional 40,000 tickets in the next 45 days

  San Francisco   Arrested for stepmother's death  Police arrested a 20-year-old Casey Billingham in connection with 60-year-old woman's death in Hayes Valley

  Dublin   Prisoner killed  An inmate at Santa Rita Jail is under psychological evaluation after the prisoner with whom he shared a cell was killed

  Genentech   Arthritis drug fails key experiment  The biologically engineered Raptiva failed to effectively treat patients in a key experiment

  Alameda   Firefighters Hurt in Eruption of Flame  2 firefighters were in the hospital, after being burned while working on a house fire

  Menlo Park E*Trade Pays Fiserv $23 Million in Suit  Online bank has paid a data processing provider to settle litigation tied to the collapse of GenesisIntermedia

  Intel Flaw discovered in Itanium 2 processors  A flaw in some microprocessors could cause systems running the high-end chip to shut down or crash

  San Jose $16 million in girl's candy-related death  A jury awarded money to a couple whose daughter died after choking on a gel candy that's now banned

Evening News

  Oakland Port     Anti-war protesters picketing  300 to 400 protesters are picketing in front of 2 shipping companies they say are linked to the war on Iraq

  Pac Bell Park Expos 4, Giants 3  Bonds doubled off the wall

  East San Jose Stepfather arrested for 2-year-old's death  Coroner has concluded that a girl did not choke on food as originally believed, but instead was the victim of a homicide

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