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Crime Main Event: Mayor Fires City Manager
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1. 07-01 Shot at and stabbed in carjacking San Francisco
C. 07-01 Named president of national society UC Berkeley
D. 07-01 New schools chief nixes free cell phones Oakland
07-01 Mayor Fires City Manager Oakland City Hall
5. 07-01 Judge refuses mistrial in Riders trial Oakland
6. 07-01 Suspect in kidnapping may be incompetent San Jose
7. 07-01 Protective order denied in murder-suicide SF Sunset
I. 07-01 Unlimited Online Games Subscription Yahoo
9. 07-01 Man robbed of $30,000 in bank parking lot Millbrae


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Morning News

Jul.1   San Francisco Shot at and stabbed in carjacking  The victim was exiting his car when 4 males got out of a nearby car and approached the lone man

  UC Berkeley Named president of national society  A psychology professor Robert W. Levenson has been named president of the American Psychological Society

  Oakland New schools chief nixes free cell phones  Randy Ward, the state's administrator, moved to stop service to 500 district employee cell phones

Day News

  Oakland City Hall   Mayor Fires City Manager
  Jerry Brown fired Robert Bobb from $225,000 a year job

  Oakland   Judge refuses mistrial in Riders trial  Leo Dorado refused a defense request to declare a mistrial in the case of three former police officers

  San Jose   Suspect in kidnapping may be incompetent  Enrique Sosa Alvarez's attorney says the suspect doesn't comprehend the charges against him

  SF Sunset Protective order denied in murder-suicide  Elley Shannon whose husband killed their son was denied a protective order she had requested against the man

  Yahoo Unlimited Online Games Subscription  Internet media company will offer an unlimited subscription package for its video games-on-demand Web site

Evening News

  Millbrae Man robbed of $30,000 in bank parking lot  Manager of a gas station was about to make a deposit on the west side of Peninsula Bank

  Coliseum Athletics 3, Mariners 2, 11 innings  Durazo started the rally with a leadoff single

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