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B. 08-04 2 hospitalized following crash
08-04 Possible kickboxer shooter kills himself South SF
3. 08-04 Janitors' Strike Averted For Now SF Downtown
E. 08-04 Aurilia has emergency appendectomy Giants
F. 08-04 Standoff Ends Peacefully Fremont
6. 08-04 Lexar Media introduces flash memory card Fremont
7. 08-04 FDA scrubs review of novel heart drug Palo Alto
8. 08-04 Board of directors expanded Siebel
J. 08-04 Fund-raiser planned for Polly Klaas center Petaluma


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Morning News

Aug.4   Highway 101 2 hospitalized following crash  A motorist who cut off another vehicle on I-101 is responsible for a crash

Day News

  South SF   Possible kickboxer shooter kills himself
  A man killed himself in a motel room where he had been holed up for nearly 12 hours

  SF Downtown     Janitors' Strike Averted For Now  Building owners and the union agreed to continue negotiations for one more day. A strike would affect 250 buildings

  Giants   Aurilia has emergency appendectomy  Shortstop, hitting .269 with nine homers and 42 RBIs this season, will be out for at least 3 weeks

  Fremont Standoff Ends Peacefully  36-year-old man pistol-whipped his 18-year-old girlfriend. She escaped

  Fremont Lexar Media introduces flash memory card  Card for cameras packs 4 gigabytes of storage space to hold thousands of digital photos

  Palo Alto FDA scrubs review of novel heart drug  Shares of CV Therapeutics plummeted after feds said a panel of experts wouldn't review drug to treat chest pain

  Siebel Board of directors expanded  Slumping business software maker named C. Scott Hartz, 57, to its board of directors

  Petaluma Fund-raiser planned for Polly Klaas center  The city renamed a historic building after 12-year-old girl who was abducted and killed from her home

  Palo Alto Woman Drowns in Pool  A 49-year-old drowned at YMCA pool

Evening News

  San Francisco   Old mint transferred to city  A signing ceremony at the 130-year-old historic building officially transferred the title from the feds to the city

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