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Accidents Main Event: Bonds sent to hospital...
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1. 08-31 Police Officer Critically Injured in Accident Spartan Stadium
C. 08-31 3 people wounded in shooting East Oakland
D. 08-31 Man fatally shot East Oakland
E. 08-31 Man shot and killed Rohnert Park
F. 08-31 Kidnapped Mother and Toddler Found OK Pleasanton
6. 08-31 Girl killed by freight train Antioch
7. 08-31 Belmont woman died at Burn. Man festival Belmont
I. 08-31 Athletics 4, Devil Rays 3 Coliseum
08-31 Bonds sent to hospital for exhaustion Giants


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Morning News

Aug.31   Spartan Stadium   Police Officer Critically Injured in Accident
  Driver ignored the cone pattern, struck the officer and knocked him about 30 feet

  East Oakland   3 people wounded in shooting  Two men and a woman were caught in the gunfire

  East Oakland   Man fatally shot  Marco Bautista, 27, was gunned down as he stood in a parking lot on International Boulevard

  Rohnert Park   Man shot and killed  An argument at a Safeway may have sparked a vehicle theft, a foot chase, and the murder

  Pleasanton   Kidnapped Mother and Toddler Found OK  A 2 year old girl and her mother who were the subjects of an Amber Alert. The suspect was still being sought

  Antioch Girl killed by freight train  A 16-year-old Nicole Ritter, was struck after she walked out to the tracks and sat down

Day News

  Belmont   Belmont woman died at Burn. Man festival  Katherine Lampman, 21, died beneath the wheels of an 'art car'

  Coliseum Athletics 4, Devil Rays 3  Tejada homered and Harden got his first win in 5 starts

Evening News

  Giants     Bonds sent to hospital for exhaustion
  Bonds drained by the emotions that followed his father's death, scratched from lineup and was hospitalized

  Hayward   Dead after shooting in hotel room  Officers found a man suffering from multiple gunshot wounds at the Hampton Inn

  OAK Landed safely after engine trouble  Southwest Airlines Boeing 737 jet, flight 1407, reported engine vibration problems shortly before landing

  Highway 80 Fatal accident  A vehicle sideswiped a truck on I-80 causing the truck to hit another vehicle as it crossed several lanes

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