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Business Main Event: Sharpton Rails Against ...
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08-25 Sharpton Rails Against Recall and Prop 54 East Oakland
C. 08-25 Woman strangled to death West Oakland
D. 08-25 Record heat Oakland Downtown
4. 08-25 Gallon of unleaded gasoline is $2.13 San Francisco
F. 08-25 Jumped into Bay after chase SF Downtown
G. 08-25 49ers Return to Kezar Stadium San Francisco
7. 08-25 Optimism Premature After Forecast Intel
8. 08-25 Yahoo, Entertainment Tonight Partner Yahoo
J. 08-25 Temperature reached 102 degrees Antioch


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Morning News

Aug.25   East Oakland   Sharpton Rails Against Recall and Prop 54
  Sharpton took the pulpit at Allen Temple Baptist Church and urged voters to reject Schwarzenegger's candidacy

  West Oakland   Woman strangled to death  42-year-old Bridghett Devonia Townsend was strangled by her husband in a family member's apartment

  Oakland Downtown   Record heat  Downtown Oakland's 91 degrees beat a 1993 record; Richmond's 91 broke the 1959 record of 87

Day News

  San Francisco   Gallon of unleaded gasoline is $2.13
  The gallon going as high as $1.95 in San Jose and $2.02 in Oakland

  SF Downtown     Jumped into Bay after chase  Stanley Porter, 32, led law enforcement officers on a midday chase. A police boat crew arrested him

  San Francisco 49ers Return to Kezar Stadium  49ers return to their old stomping grounds in the Haight-Ashbury for a public practice

  Intel Optimism Premature After Forecast  Since its surprise announcement, executives have twice tried to dampen expectations for a strong recovery

  Yahoo Yahoo, Entertainment Tonight Partner  Internet media company has teamed up on a new Web site with syndicated TV show

  Antioch Temperature reached 102 degrees  101 in Napa, 99 in Petaluma, 100 in San Jose

  South San Jose Several trailers caught fire  Firefighters have the upper hand on 2-alarm fire

null News

  East Oakland   Fatally shot in a robbery  A worker at Seminary Gas was in critical condition and is not expected to survive

Evening News

  SFO Airport awarded $15 million in grants  The U.S. Transportation Department grants will be used to rehabilitate the airport

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