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Baseball Main Event: Bobby Bonds dies at 57
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08-23 Bobby Bonds dies at 57 San Francisco
C. 08-23 Cal ranks 21st, was 20th last year UC Berkeley
3. 08-23 Giants 3, Marlins 2 Pac Bell Park
E. 08-23 49ers' win 27-12 over Saints Candlestick


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Morning News

Aug.23   San Francisco     Bobby Bonds dies at 57
  He was one of the first major leaguers to blend home-run power with base-stealing speed and the father of Barry Bonds

  UC Berkeley Cal ranks 21st, was 20th last year  UC Berkeley, dropped out of the prestigious 'top 20' in annual college survey by U.S. News and World Report

Day News

  Pac Bell Park   Giants 3, Marlins 2  The teams and fans observed a moment of silence before the game for Bobby Bonds

Evening News

  Contra Costa County Sexual predator may have place to live  State officials may have found a place to live for Cary Verse set to be released in Contra Costa County

  Candlestick 49ers' win 27-12 over Saints  Garcia passed for 44 yards and Rattay had 147 more in a 27-12 exhibition victory over New Orleans

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