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B. 08-19 New associate director of engineering Livermore Lab
C. 08-19 2 teens beaten in gang fight Union City
08-19 3rd-quarter earnings miss expectations HP
E. 08-19 Giants acquire Young from Brewers Giants
5. 08-19 Muni Fares Going Up San Francisco
6. 08-19 Military Post Transforms to Movie HQ SF Presidio
7. 08-19 Operator of Clift Hotel filed for bankruptcy San Francisco
I. 08-19 Exhibition Surf Culture San Jose Downtown
9. 08-19 Intuit reports lower quarterly losses Mountain View


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Morning News

Aug.19   Livermore Lab New associate director of engineering  Steven Patterson will lead more than 2200 engineers, designers, technicians and other workers

  Union City 2 teens beaten in gang fight  10 men armed with a club attacked 2 boys outside of the In-n-Out Burger

Day News

  HP   3rd-quarter earnings miss expectations
  Personal systems unit posted a $56 million loss after 2 quarters of profits

  Giants   Giants acquire Young from Brewers  The struggling Giants are acquiring veteran second baseman from the Milwaukee for minor league pitcher Greg Bruso

  San Francisco   Muni Fares Going Up  A regular one-way bus or train ride will cost $1.25. A monthly 'fast pass' will cost $45 instead of $35

  SF Presidio   Military Post Transforms to Movie HQ  The Letterman Digital Arts Center should be finished in summer of 2005

  San Francisco Operator of Clift Hotel filed for bankruptcy  Ian Schrager Hotels of New York is facing a $350 million in debt. The hotel itself has $64 million in outstanding debt

  San Jose Downtown Exhibition Surf Culture  The exhibition 'Surf Culture: The Art History of Surfing' had been opened at the San Jose Museum of Art

  Mountain View Intuit reports lower quarterly losses  Financial software maker warned its financial strides during the next few months probably won't be as great

Evening News

  Pac Bell Park     Bonds ends Giants' 6-game losing streak
  In his first game back since taking off the weekend series Bonds hit his 651st home run as SF wins 5-4 over the Atlanta

  San Carlos City Council candidate pleaded innocent  Edward Israel Schutzman, 59, pleaded innocent to domestic violence charges and is accused of indecent exposure

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