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Accidents Main Event: 4 found dead in home, ...
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B. 10-07 Cisco Eyes Veritas as Partner Cisco
C. 10-07 Car plant resumed production Fremont
3. 10-07 Man found dead inside burning home Santa Rosa
4. 10-07 Blaze on third floor Novato
10-07 4 found dead in home, including 2 children East San Jose
G. 10-07 Prosecutor argues for Stayner's execution San Jose
H. 10-07 Zire, first handheld computer under $100 Palm
I. 10-07 Giants win 3-1 over Braves in Game 5 Giants
9. 10-07 Elephant's fetus dies Vallejo


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Morning News

Oct.7   Cisco Cisco Eyes Veritas as Partner  Cisco Systems seeks to increase its presence in the data storage business

  Fremont Car plant resumed production  New United Motor Manufacturing Inc. plant flies in parts to overcome port lockout

  Santa Rosa Man found dead inside burning home  Firefighters after extinguishing a small fire in the interior of a room located an unresponsive man

  Novato Blaze on third floor  5 families were displaced from their apartments after a two-alarm blaze erupted at a four-story complex

Day News

  East San Jose   4 found dead in home, including 2 children
  Police are investigating whether the slayings of man, a woman and two boys ages 2 and 4, are the result of a murder-suicide

  San Jose   Prosecutor argues for Stayner's execution  George Williamson urged jurors to return a death verdict and remove from society forever a sexual predator

  Palm   Zire, first handheld computer under $100  Zire has a sleek housing look differing from previous Palms, but doesn't boast any new software features

Evening News

  Giants     Giants win 3-1 over Braves in Game 5
  Bonds hit his third homer of the Division Series. San Francicso heads to an NLCS showdown with St. Louis

  Vallejo     Elephant's fetus dies
  The calf of a 24-year-old African elephant Tika at Six Flags Marine World died in the womb.

  East Oakland   Man stabbed to death Map of 1200 62nd Oakland  The murder happened at about 8:30 p.m. in the 1200 block of 62nd Avenue

  Santa Clara University hopes to raise $350 million  University hopes to raise money by 2006 for new buildings, scholarships, technology and new faculty members

  Saratoga Ex-49er faces 75 days for hit-and-run  Former kick return specialist Vinny Sutherland pleaded no contest to felony to hit-and-run and drunk driving charges

  Alviso Tivo raises $25 million in stock offering  Maker of digital video recorders has signed a definitive agreement to sell $25 million of common stock to institutional investors

  San Mateo Bridge Man jumped off bridge after truck stalls  A man whose pickup truck stalled jumped off in order to avoid being hit by oncoming traffic. He was pulled uninjured

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