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Business Main Event: Revenue shortfall warni...
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B. 10-02 40 mph gusts Bay Bridge
2. 10-02 sfGirl site shuts its doors San Francisco
3. 10-02 'Networks in motion': New wireless gear Cisco
10-02 Revenue shortfall warning AMD
F. 10-02 A's beat Minnesota Twins 9-1 in Game 2 Coliseum
G. 10-02 Giants past Braves 8-5 in Game 1 Giants
7. 10-02 Auto plant might close to port shutdown Fremont
I. 10-02 Fire Warning Closes East Bay Parks Mount Diablo Park
J. 10-02 Flames Threaten Homes Blackhawk


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Morning News

Oct.2   Bay Bridge   40 mph gusts  CHP is urging rush-hour commuters to slow down as they cross bridges

  San Francisco sfGirl site shuts its doors  The public relations firms had to triple check their R.S.V.P. lists from 1999 to 2002

  Cisco 'Networks in motion': New wireless gear  Cisco Systems aims at equipping trucker drivers, police patrols, even tank commanders, with constant data access

Day News

  AMD   Revenue shortfall warning
  Chip-maker Advanced Micro Devices warned its 3rd-quarter sales will fall about $100 million short of expectations

  Coliseum   A's beat Minnesota Twins 9-1 in Game 2
  Eric Chavez hit a three-run homerun. Only 32,000 fans came out

  Giants   Giants past Braves 8-5 in Game 1
  Russ Ortiz threw seven strong innings. Bonds was limited to a meaningless single in the third

  Fremont   Auto plant might close to port shutdown  The NUMMI plant makes Toyota and GM cars and trucks with some Japanese parts

  Mount Diablo Park Fire Warning Closes East Bay Parks  Firefighters were on alert all over the Bay Area because of the offshore winds

  Blackhawk Flames Threaten Homes  An unpredictable grassfire threatened homes in the community of Blackhawk

Evening News

  Pittsburg   Suspected car thief shot to death  Officer on patrol was fired upon, then returned gunfire and killed a suspected car thief at a Deluxe Inn

  San Jose   2 pedestrians killed by autos  13-year-old boy was struck by a vehicle. A pedestrian in his 40s was struck by a vehicle on Capitol Expressway

  Pleasant Hill Robbery at Bank of America  A man entered the bank and passed a note to one of the tellers demanding money

  San Francisco INS ex-worker sentenced in money scam  Ruben Banda took unauthorized fee payments from those seeking citizenship. He sentenced to six months

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