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Business Main Event: Sun posts $111M loss, t...
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B. 10-17 Principal stepped down San Francisco
C. 10-17 Malfunction Causes BART Delays SF Mission
D. 10-17 4th attempt at settling baseball case San Francisco
4. 10-17 New Operating System to Teachers Apple
10-17 Sun posts $111M loss, to cut 4,400 jobs Sun
6. 10-17 Record quarterly earnings of $61 million eBay
H. 10-17 SF unveils Cesar Chavez stamp San Francisco
I. 10-17 Heard stepping into 49ers starting lineup 49ers
J. 10-17 2 to hospital after helicopter crash Hayward


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Morning News

Oct.17   San Francisco   Principal stepped down  Juliet Montevirgen has stepped down in the wake of criticism over a melee that closed down Thurgood Marshall High School

  SF Mission   Malfunction Causes BART Delays  A gate malfunction caused 30-minute BART delays from SF to all East Bay locations

  San Francisco 4th attempt at settling baseball case  Opening statements in a lawsuit over ownership of Barry Bonds' 73rd home run baseball were delayed

  Apple New Operating System to Teachers  Apple Computer will provide its new operating system, Jaguar, free to U.S kindergarten through 12th grade teachers

Day News

  Sun   Sun posts $111M loss, to cut 4,400 jobs
  Sun Microsystems will cut 11% of its work force to bring its expenses in line with sales, despite results that beat expectations

  eBay   Record quarterly earnings of $61 million  Fueled by skyrocketing transaction revenue, online auction giant earned $61 million, or 21 cents per share

  San Francisco SF unveils Cesar Chavez stamp  A stamp honoring farm labor leader was unveiled as part of the ceremonies during Hispanic Heritage month

  49ers Heard stepping into 49ers starting lineup  He's replacing free safety Bronson, one of the stars of the 49ers' strong start

Evening News

  Hayward   2 to hospital after helicopter crash  A helicopter was virtually destroyed when the aircraft landed hard and rolled over at Hayward Airport

  Napa Approval for resort and spa  Plans for a four-star $60-$80 million hotel got a favorable response from the City Council

  San Carlos DNA led to arrest in 1996 rape case  State prison inmate Charles Bracey, 39, will be brought to face charges of rape, robbery, burglary and attempted sodomy

  SJ Arena Sharks 4, Edmonton 3  Damphousse scored his 400th career goal

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