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10-13 Crews pumping out flooded houses San Francisco
2. 10-13 $1.5 million fundraising for AIDS Memorial Golden Gate Park
3. 10-13 Fired HUD official alleges coverup San Francisco
E. 10-13 Giants Lead Series 3 -1 Pac Bell Park
F. 10-13 Car crashes through church, 4 injured San Francisco


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Morning News

Oct.13   San Francisco   Crews pumping out flooded houses
  Underground 44-inch line broke at about 6:57 a.m. and began spraying a fountain. 50 to 100 houses have been affected

  Golden Gate Park   $1.5 million fundraising for AIDS Memorial
  200 people gathered to celebrate their successful fundraising effort to create a seven-acre memorial

  San Francisco Fired HUD official alleges coverup  Richard W. Mallory wrote he was fired as part of a coverup to keep him from exposing misuse of federal funding

Evening News

  Pac Bell Park   Giants Lead Series 3 -1
  Giants beat the St. Louis Cardinals 4 to 3 in Game 4 of the National League Championship Series

  San Francisco   Car crashes through church, 4 injured  Haddie Ridley, a fellow member, drove through the front doors of the Cosmopolitan Baptist Church following services

  Oakland Downtown 36-story highrise apartments  Camden Property Trust is negotiating with Oakland to put up the tallest building in the city

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