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Accidents Main Event: 6-alarm wildfire
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08-10 6-alarm wildfire Woodside
C. 08-10 DNA didn't match, rape charges dropped Palo Alto
3. 08-10 94 degrees, new record Oakland
4. 08-10 2 alarm blaze in building San Francisco
5. 08-10 Fire Leaves Dozen Homeless 600 third, SF Richmond
G. 08-10 Low-end Linux machine Sun
H. 08-10 Giants 8, Pittsburgh 3 Pac Bell Park
I. 08-10 Kansas City 17, 49rs 14 (ot) Candlestick
J. 08-10 Assets up for auction Napster


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Morning News

Aug.10   Woodside   6-alarm wildfire
  A tree limb fell into a power line. The fire spread into a grove of redwood and approached homes

  Palo Alto   DNA didn't match, rape charges dropped  Prosecutors have dropped charges against Jorge Eduardo Hernandez, 18, accused of raping a 94-year-old woman in January

  Oakland   94 degrees, new record  A forecast for continuing high temperatures has resulted in another 'Spare the Air Day' being called

  San Francisco 2 alarm blaze in building  Near the intersection of Third Avenue and Cabrillo Streets

Evening News

  SF Richmond   Fire Leaves Dozen Homeless Map of 600 third San Francisco  2-alarm fire in three story apartment building on the 600 block of Third Avenue spread to the building next door

  Sun Low-end Linux machine  Sun is expected to unveil its first general-purpose Linux machine, and its own version of Linux, on the eve of Linuxworld

  Pac Bell Park Giants 8, Pittsburgh 3  Kent doubled twice and drove in 3 runs

  Candlestick Kansas City 17, 49rs 14 (ot)  Quinn tossed a five-yard TD pass to Roth

  Napster Assets up for auction  The asking price is $25 million and a deadline only eight business days away

  Oakland Tattoo festival  International tattoo artists gathered for Tattoo the Earth 2002 to promote the art organizers and aficionados proudly don

  Richmond Mercury hit 92, 10 degrees above record  Quality officials have declared a Spare the Air day because of concerns over air quality

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