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Business Main Event: Police Say Wife Shot Hu...
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B. 04-05 Sexually suggestive letters to minors San Leandro
2. 04-05 Fiorina Set for Pay Hike on Compaq Deal HP
04-05 Police Say Wife Shot Husband, Daughters Santa Clara
E. 04-05 Bonds hit two-run, beat San Diego 3-1 Pac Bell Park
F. 04-05 Communications satellite pioneer dead San Jose
6. 04-05 Big-box retail projects restriction vetoed SF City Hall
H. 04-05 Thousands $ stolen from 94-year-old Millbrae
I. 04-05 Warriors 108, Denver 104 Oracle Arena
9. 04-05 Stock falls Genentech


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Morning News

Apr.5   San Leandro Sexually suggestive letters to minors  Couple has been arrested on suspicion of sending sexually suggestive letters to living in an adolescent care facility

  HP Fiorina Set for Pay Hike on Compaq Deal  Hewlett-Packard Co. has promised certain executives, including CEO, a pay rise after the completion of its merger

Day News

  Santa Clara   Police Say Wife Shot Husband, Daughters
  The victims are Uli Schiefer, his wife Tae, their daughter Jessica, 4, and Elsa, 12, Tae's daughter from a previous relationship

  Pac Bell Park     Bonds hit two-run, beat San Diego 3-1
  Bonds hit a two-run homer in the 10th inning, his 5th home run in 4 games. Sanders also homered

  San Jose Communications satellite pioneer dead  John Robinson Pierce pioneered satellite communications and coined the word 'transistor'. He was 92

  SF City Hall Big-box retail projects restriction vetoed  Mayor Willie Brown vetoed legislation despite supervisor support for the bill

Evening News

  Millbrae Thousands $ stolen from 94-year-old  Police have arrested a woman they say wrote checks from the account of a woman she was caring for

  Oracle Arena Warriors 108, Denver 104  Arenas scored 25 points and Richardson added 22

  Genentech Stock falls  Biotechnology titan warned it is not ready to apply for federal approval to sell the psoriasis drug Xanelim

  San Carlos Second alarm fire  At 1000 Commercial St.

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