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Business Main Event: Entire ATM Machine Stol...
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04-25 Entire ATM Machine Stolen SF Mission
C. 04-25 Alcohol Banned at Frats, Sororities UC Berkeley
3. 04-25 Network Associates to restate earnings Santa Clara
E. 04-25 14 drug gang members indicted San Jose
5. 04-25 CFO retires Sun
6. 04-25 ChevronTexaco has 70% drop in profit San Francisco
7. 04-25 Gates addresses minorities conference San Jose
I. 04-25 Man Dies Rescuing Co-Worker Petaluma
9. 04-25 Flamboyant CEO steps down AMD


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Morning News

Apr.25   SF Mission   Entire ATM Machine Stolen
  3 suspects in custody. They weren't able to get any money out of ATM

  UC Berkeley   Alcohol Banned at Frats, Sororities  Ban was issued because of fights, alcohol-related accidents, violations of drinking restrictions, and fire code

  Santa Clara Network Associates to restate earnings  After uncovering inaccuracies in its own books, network security firm called off its offer for the rest of McAfee

  San Jose 14 drug gang members indicted  Crime ring involved kidnapping, forced copulation and 20,000 pounds of marijuana

  Sun CFO retires  Michael Lehman, 51, announced his retirement after 15 years with company. He will be replaced by Steve McGowan

  San Francisco ChevronTexaco has 70% drop in profit  First-quarter profit plunged more dramatically than gasoline and oil prices

Day News

  San Jose   Gates addresses minorities conference
  Microsoft chairman said the high-tech industry needs to keep the cost of technology low to bring more minorities on board

  Petaluma   Man Dies Rescuing Co-Worker
  They were working on the 12-foot high tank at Spectrum Naturals

  AMD   Flamboyant CEO steps down  W.J. Sanders III will remain chairman but day-to-day operations will now be handled by former Motorola executive de J. Ruiz

  San Jose   JDSU cuts another 2,000 jobs  Optical network equipment maker posted a $4.3 billion loss for its fiscal third quarter

  Coliseum A's 6, NY Yankees 2  Zito tossed 7 solid innings

  Los Altos Hills 5th richest town in US  Worth magazine's survey is based on the median price for single-family homes during 2000 and 2001

  Atherton 2nd richest town in US  Worth magazine's survey is based on the median price for single-family homes during 2000 and 2001

  Pleasanton PeopleSoft sees sluggishness continuing  Business software maker said a jarring first-quarter sales slump likely will continue through June

  UC Berkeley Pro-Palestinian group suspended  After a series of disruptive incidents, officials are cracking down on academic disruptions

  Crockett Fined for releasing pollutants into Strait  C&H Sugar has been fined nearly $400,000 by the Regional Water Quality Control Board

Evening News

  San Quentin San Quentin Giants wins 5-4  

  Mountain View Pedestrian accident  

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