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B. 04-22 115-mile high-speed freeway chase Sunnyvale
04-22 5-alarm fire engulfs vacant market San Jose
3. 04-22 Explosion rocks street Berkeley
E. 04-22 Riders's trial to stay Oakland
F. 04-22 Nation's largest solar energy system Dublin
G. 04-22 Former Priest Faces Abuse Accusations Benicia
7. 04-22 Killed on I-880 connector ramp


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Morning News

Apr.22   Sunnyvale 115-mile high-speed freeway chase  Man has been arrested after leading officers on a chase that raced through San Francisco, the Peninsula and the East Bay

Day News

  San Jose   5-alarm fire engulfs vacant market
  More than 100 firefighters battled a blaze that started just before 5 p.m. in a building near a residential neighborhood

  Berkeley   Explosion rocks street  3 construction workers taken to the hospital after an explosion at a 5-unit house when sparks from drilling hit diesel fuel

  Oakland Riders's trial to stay  A judge refused to move the trial of former police officers accused of misconduct to another venue

  Dublin Nation's largest solar energy system  The Alameda County Jail now boasts $8.3 million system, taking up about three acres of the jail's roof

  Benicia Former Priest Faces Abuse Accusations  A prison inmate has filed a suit against Father Jerome Henson, claiming the cleric sexually abused him 20 years ago

Evening News

  Highway 880 Killed on I-880 connector ramp  Vehicle is striking a pedestrian at 8:24 p.m. in a hit-and-run incident

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