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Sports Main Event: 20 thousands show up for ...
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B. 04-20 FBI Director addresses terrorism San Francisco
C. 04-20 Arrested with bags of stolen mail Pacifica
04-20 20 thousands show up for anti-war rally SF Downtown
E. 04-20 Fight, evacuation at Great America Santa Clara
5. 04-20 Phoenix 3, Sharks 1 SJ Arena
6. 04-20 A's 8, Anaheim 7 Coliseum
7. 04-20 Colorado 0, Quakes 2 Spartan Stadium
I. 04-20 Ellison wins 'Big Brother Award' Oracle


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Morning News

Apr.20   San Francisco   FBI Director addresses terrorism  Speaking at a Commonwealth Club function Mueller said terrorists are willing to go to great lengths further their agendas

  Pacifica Arrested with bags of stolen mail  Shawn Fitzgerald of San Francisco arrested with several large duffel bags full of mail, credit cards and checks

Day News

  SF Downtown   20 thousands show up for anti-war rally
  Predominantly pro-Palestinians gathered for a march and rally protesting war, racism and poverty

  Santa Clara     Fight, evacuation at Great America
  Paramount's theme park was evacuated and closed several hours after a fight broke out that left several parkgoers injured

  SJ Arena   Phoenix 3, Sharks 1  Briere and Doan scored third-period goals at Western Conference quarterfinal series

  Coliseum A's 8, Anaheim 7  Hatteberg's RBI single snapped an eighth-inning tie

  Spartan Stadium Colorado 0, Quakes 2  Graziani registered a goal and an assist

Evening News

  Oracle     Ellison wins 'Big Brother Award'  CEO has been named 'worst corprate invader' for his proposal to boost national security with a national identity card system

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