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04-19 Fire Rips Through Storage Building Pacheco
C. 04-19 Boy, 3, abducted by carjacker East Oakland
D. 04-19 Husband of slain photographer to be tried Oakland
E. 04-19 Illegally pharmaceuticals confiscated Richmond
F. 04-19 Anaheim 9, A's 7 Coliseum
G. 04-19 Waitress, nurse arrested for bank fraud South SF
7. 04-19 Alleged arsonist arrested Pacheco


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Morning News

Apr.19   Pacheco   Fire Rips Through Storage Building Map
  Nearly three dozen fire fighters battled a 3-alarm fire. Building was almost completely destroyed

  East Oakland   Boy, 3, abducted by carjacker  The suspect ordered the woman to the ground before jumping in her vehicle and driving away. Boy located safe and unharmed

Day News

  Oakland Husband of slain photographer to be tried  A judge has ruled that Raymond Houston will stand trial on charges he killed 39-year-old Luci, his estranged wife

  Richmond Illegally pharmaceuticals confiscated  County health officials raided two supermarkets. Pharmaceuticals were being sold to the store's Hispanic customers

Evening News

  Coliseum Anaheim 9, A's 7  Washburn tossed 6 1/3 solid innings

  Oakland Port Port to restore wetlands  Environmentalists and volunteers will join Port of Oakland tp celebrate Earth Day at Clinton Basin

  South SF Waitress, nurse arrested for bank fraud  Search of Rowena Gonzales and Josephina Silverio apartment turned up numerous false and stolen identity documents

  Pacheco Alleged arsonist arrested  31-year-old transient man was implicated in the fire by video surveillance and witnesses in the area

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