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04-17 Independent: investors approve vote HP
C. 04-17 Man, 43, killed by crossbow South San Jose
3. 04-17 Apple beats expectations that beat wall street, Apple
E. 04-17 Ex-Mayor settled lawsuit vs. city San Jose City Hall
5. 04-17 First-quarter loss AMD
G. 04-17 Former executive on run Cisco
7. 04-17 PG&E chairman sparred with shareholders PG&E
8. 04-17 PayPal reports first quarterly profit Palo Alto
J. 04-17 Diffie named to chief security officer Sun


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Morning News

Apr.17   HP   Independent: investors approve vote
  51.4% of those cast, were voted in favor of acquisition of Compaq, though the result still is not final

  South San Jose   Man, 43, killed by crossbow
  Duane Simmons had been found dead, the bolt still in his body. Police arrested McPherson at the hospital on suspicion of killing

  Apple   Apple beats expectations Map of that beat wall street Cupertino  Thanks to brisk demand for its new iMac, company reported second-quarter profits that beat Wall Street estimates

  San Jose City Hall Ex-Mayor settled lawsuit vs. city  Al Ruffo today settled his lawsuit over the proposed construction of a new downtown City Hall

  AMD First-quarter loss  Propelled by strong microprocessor sales, Advanced Micro Devices beats analysts' expectations

  Cisco Former executive on run  Authorities searching for Robert Gordon, 42, accused of diverting about $10 million into personal accounts in Bahamas

  PG&E PG&E chairman sparred with shareholders  Annual meeting peppered with more about the integrity of the company's management than worries about the bankruptcy

  Palo Alto PayPal reports first quarterly profit  The 3-year-old online payment provider earned $1.2 million, or 2 cents per share

  Sun Diffie named to chief security officer  Whitfield Diffie is a Sun Microsystems security expert and inventor of one of the field's leading concepts

Evening News

  SJ Arena   Sharks 2, Phoenix 1. Playoff opener  Marleau scored into a vacated net early in the second period

  Coliseum Seattle 7, A's 4  Olerud and Suzuki each drove in three runs

  Oracle Arena Warriors 107, LA Clippers 103  Jamison poured in a season-high 35 point

  San Francisco Mexican foreign minister made visit  Jorge Castaneda stood in for his grounded president and spoke about immigration

  SF Downtown Man waving handgun surrrenders  A man pacing in front of the Federal Building, threatening to kill himself held police at bay for more than two hours

  SFO Disability group sues airport  Groups are accusing International Airport of failing to provide adequate access to deaf and hard-of-hearing travelers

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