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B. 04-14 In critical condition after shooting San Francisco
2. 04-14 Fire at Chemical plant Richmond
3. 04-14 Girl scooter collided with taxicab San Francisco
4. 04-14 Passenger tumbled 50 feet from off-ramp SF Downtown
04-14 500 gather on lawn of burned church Los Altos Hills
G. 04-14 Man killed in homeless encampment San Jose Downtown
H. 04-14 53-year-old killed San Leandro
I. 04-14 Rally to support Israel Golden Gate Park
J. 04-14 Milwaukee 4, Giants 3 Pac Bell Park


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Morning News

Apr.14   San Francisco In critical condition after shooting  Police found one man with bullet wounds in the chest and leg

  Richmond Fire at Chemical plant  

  San Francisco Girl scooter collided with taxicab  Teen-age girl was critical condition

  SF Downtown Passenger tumbled 50 feet from off-ramp  Man pitched off the elevated freeway has died. CHP has arrested another man on drunken driving charges

Evening News

  Los Altos Hills   500 gather on lawn of burned church
  people from various faiths gathered at the Antiochian Orthodox Church of the Redeemer for the divine liturgy

  San Jose Downtown   Man killed in homeless encampment  Police found the body of a homeless man who had been beaten to death floating in Los Gatos Creek

  San Leandro   53-year-old killed  Lawrence Blackshere was found dead inside his home; there were signs of a struggle

  Golden Gate Park Rally to support Israel  1,000 other Russian Jews gathered. They listened to speakers telling stories in Russian about anti-Semitism in the Soviet Union

  Pac Bell Park Milwaukee 4, Giants 3  Sanchez's RBI single in the eighth inning snapped a tie

  UC Berkeley Slavery reparations symposium  Lawyers and activists discussed how USA can heal lingering wounds of slavery through reparations

  SF Sunset 400 Palestinian supporters held rally  Protesters banged Arab drums called Doumbeks, raised Palestinian flags

  San Jose Power outage  Pockets of the city are without power and some transformers in the area have been blown

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