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Crime Main Event: 3-alarm fire involved 4 bu...
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04-13 3-alarm fire involved 4 buildings SF Mission
2. 04-13 Lawyer in dog attack trial admits mistakes San Francisco
3. 04-13 School vandalism Petaluma
E. 04-13 Senator proposes bullet tax Oakland
5. 04-13 Man fatally shot in vehicle San Francisco
G. 04-13 Toddler killed in hit and run. 3 injured San Pablo
H. 04-13 Sharks 3, LA 1 SJ Arena
I. 04-13 Utah 109, Warriors 101 Oracle Arena
J. 04-13 Giants 3, Milwaukee 2 Pac Bell Park


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Morning News

Apr.13   SF Mission   3-alarm fire involved 4 buildings
  Fire is concentrated at the house located at 768 Treat St.; 764, 766 and 770 are also involved

  San Francisco     Lawyer in dog attack trial admits mistakes  Nedra Ruiz has acknowledged in court that she might have made mistakes during the trial

  Petaluma School vandalism  Broken windows, doorknobs that had been removed and a desk had been rifled at McNear Elementary School

  Oakland Senator proposes bullet tax  State Sen. Don Perata announced a proposed constitutional amendment to add a 5-cent tax to every bullet sold

Evening News

  San Francisco   Man fatally shot in vehicle  Tyson Williams, 21, allegedly walked up to the victim who was parked outside Beep's Burgers. Shooter fled the scene

  San Pablo   Toddler killed in hit and run. 3 injured  Suspect went off the road and on to the sidewalk killed a 1 1/2 year old girl and injured three other people

  SJ Arena Sharks 3, LA 1  Thornton scored his 26th goal of the season

  Oracle Arena Utah 109, Warriors 101  Stockton scored 12 of his season-high 26 points in the final four minutes

  Pac Bell Park Giants 3, Milwaukee 2  Bonds had 574th career home run

  Belmont 2 men charged with drugging, raping  Women, aged 24 and 42, reported the alleged rape

  Dublin Inmate dies after found lying on cell floor  Blood was found spattered on the wall and on the body and clothing

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