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Science & Education Main Event: B. Gates giv...
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B. 11-09 26 Displaced in Fire Walnut Creek
11-09 B. Gates gives $15M to Oakland schools Oakland
3. 11-09 Isotopic researcher dies UC Berkeley
E. 11-09 Pier 45 to be renovated San Francisco
F. 11-09 Proposition L is tie San Francisco
G. 11-09 Accused of smuggling prostitutes San Francisco


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Morning News

Nov.9   Walnut Creek 26 Displaced in Fire  3-alarm apartment building fire

Evening News

  Oakland   B. Gates gives $15M to Oakland schools
  The biggest donation ever granted to the city's schools

  UC Berkeley Isotopic researcher dies  John H. Reynolds, professor of physics at UC Berkeley dies at 77

  San Francisco Pier 45 to be renovated  $1.6 million to rehabilitate Pier 45 for the fishing industry

  San Francisco Proposition L is tie  To limit growth in the city neighborhoods

  San Francisco Accused of smuggling prostitutes  Man charged he helped smuggle 10 woman and 2 girls from Tailand into USA

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