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Accidents Main Event: Intel Introduces Penti...
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11-20 Intel Introduces Pentium 4 Intel
2. 11-20 Hewlett home damaged by fire Palo Alto
D. 11-20 Downtown proposal draws 13 developers San Jose
4. 11-20 Person Killed in Auto Accident San Jose
F. 11-20 Earnings doubled at Agilent Palo Alto
G. 11-20 EBay's stock plunges 20% eBay
7. 11-20 Overturned tanker Half Moon Bay


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Morning News

Nov.20   Intel   Intel Introduces Pentium 4
  1st new desktop processor design since the Pentium Pro processor in 1995

  Palo Alto   Hewlett home damaged by fire  Hewlett was at home at the time of the 3-alarm blaze

  San Jose Downtown proposal draws 13 developers  High-rise condominiums and Sony Metreon-style entertainment centers

  San Jose Person Killed in Auto Accident  Victim's car struck a light pole

Evening News

  Palo Alto Earnings doubled at Agilent  HP spinoff, Agilent Technologies, earned $305 million in the quarter

  eBay EBay's stock plunges 20%  Analyst raised doubts about the company's growth

  Half Moon Bay Overturned tanker  4 vehicles were involved in the accident

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