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Accidents Main Event: Chronicle leaders named
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B. 11-16 Killer Gets Death Orinda
2. 11-16 Man Killed by Caltrain Millbrae
11-16 Chronicle leaders named SF Chronicle
E. 11-16 Police Officer Missing Oakland
F. 11-16 Sun on Target Sun
6. 11-16 3-alarm fire at apt. building Oakland


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Morning News

Nov.16   Orinda Killer Gets Death  Judge sentenced him to death, convict insults victims' family

  Millbrae Man Killed by Caltrain  An elderly man was struck while standing on the wrong platform

Evening News

  SF Chronicle   Chronicle leaders named
  J. Oppedahl was appointed as publisher and P. Bronstein as executive editor of SF Chronicle

  Oakland Police Officer Missing  Officer wanted on corruption charges and may have fled the state or even the country

  Sun Sun on Target  Shares fell

  Oakland 3-alarm fire at apt. building  250 Fairmount Ave.

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