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SFPD seek five men after home invasion robbery. SF Richmond Mistrial declared in SFPD crime lab scandal  a jury was unable to reach a verdict in the cocaine-fraud trial of Deborah Madden, 62, a former SF police crime laboratory technician SFPD investigates Twin Peaks radio tower break-in SFPD injure two bystanders   North Beach: Officers were attempting to take a wanted person into custody when he pulled out a weapon and ran from police SFPD to act quicker at BART protests. SF City Hall SFPD make arrest in theft of Picasso
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B. 2017-09-26 SFPD officer stabbed the leg in SFO confrontation
C. 2016-08-08 SFPD investigating source of THC-laced candy that sickened 19 Women's Building, SF Mission
2016-05-08 Frisco Five calling for new city-wide protest against SFPD killings SF City Hall
4. 2016-05-07 Frisco 5 end hunger strike against SFPD killings SF City Hall
F. 2016-01-01 SFPD search for suspect who shot cab driver Fillmore and Turk street, Western Addition
6. 2015-12-07 Mayor asks police commission to look at use of force policies SF City Hall
H. 2015-11-25 SFPD searches for shooting suspect in parking garage Fifth and Mission, South of Market
I. 2015-07-26 Suspected carjacker shot and wounded by SFPD officer South Airport Boulevard and San Bruno Avenue, SFO
9. 2015-05-14 Hip-hop artists filing lawsuit against SFPD SF City Hall

SFPD searches for shooting suspect in parking garage. South of Market Suspected carjacker shot and wounded by SFPD officer   SFO: The incident happened when the suspect stole a car belonging to a San Francisco Marathon runner at the airport and lost control, ramming it into... Hip-hop artists filing lawsuit against SFPD. SF City Hall Officers accused of sending racist texts may be immune. SF City Hall Federal agents and SFPD raiding Hells Angels clubhouse. 94107 SFPD SWAT in standoff with shooting suspect. West San Francisco SFPD seek man who gave tip about Lynne Spalding SFPD investigate suspicious death in Pacific Heights SFPD officer shoots at man who rammed squad car. West San Francisco SFPD SWAT in tense standoff in Bayview District   SF Bayview: At least one suspect that police said robbed a medical marijuana dispensary is barricaded inside a building SFPD searches home for remains of Kevin Collins Map of Masonic Avenue and Page Street San Francisco
SFPD officer stabbed the leg in SFO confrontation   The officer was hospitalized on Tuesday afternoon after being stabbed, apparently by a transient SFPD investigating source of THC-laced candy that sickened 19. SF Mission Frisco Five calling for new city-wide protest against SFPD killings   SF City Hall: A hunger strike aimed at getting Greg Suhr fired is over, but the Frisco 5 pledged to continue taking action by calling for a new city-wide protest Frisco 5 end hunger strike against SFPD killings. SF City Hall Missing boy with autism found safe in San Francisco    94110: Police say missing 11-year-old Zachary Jordan-Smith, who went missing Concord, has been found safe in San Francisco. SFPD says he was found SF judge: 7 SFPD officers can't be punished for racist text messages Mayor asks police commission to look at use of force policies. SF City Hall SFPD officer 'Hot Cop of Castro' arrested following hit-and-run accident

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Jan.1  SFPD search for suspect who shot cab driver

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  SFPD arrested Christopher Kohrs, 38, an off-duty officer following a hit-and-run that left two pedestrians injured early Sunday

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Oct.15  Van in Biden motorcade hit SFPD motorcycle
Apr.20  SFPD officer dragged by fleeing suspect in Castro
Feb.21  SFPD finds hundreds of untested rape kits
Jan.29  SFPD fatally shoot dog that attacked two men
Jan.14  Bomb detonated by SFPD causes explosion, fire

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Dec.28  SFPD officer buys shoes for barefoot homeless woman
Oct.1  SFPD hands jet-crash probe findings to prosecutors
Aug.4  SFPD on high alert after State Dept. warning
   94117: Bones have been unearthed at a home on Masonic Avenue possibly connected to missing boy Kevin Collins, who disappeared at age 10 in 1984


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  Mark Lugo, a 31-year-old man from New Jersey, is being accused of ripping off a pencil sketch by Picasso from a Union Square gallery
Apr.26 Greg Suhr named new S.F. police chief  SF City Hall: Capt. Suhr, a 30-year veteran of the SFPD whose roller-coaster career has included an indictment, is Mayor Ed Lee's pick to be police chief Feb.3 SFPD sends drugs to drug crime suspect

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Dec.31 No charges against SFPD crime lab tech
  Deborah Madden who allegedly stole cocaine evidence and threw hundreds of cases into chaos is off the hook Nov.8   'Fajita Gate' SFPD chief Alex Fagan dies
  He had a heart attack while walking his dog in London, where his wife is an official at the American Embassy
Jul.24 SFPD Sting Illegal Muni Transfer Scheme
  Police have broken up an scheme to illegally sell Muni transfers after arresting a Municipal Transportation Agency employee and another man
Jun.19   SFPD Officer-In-Training Shot, 2 Detained Map of 2700 16th Street San Francisco  SF Mission: An officer was shot in the foot after breaking up a fight involving a large group of women outside the El Rincon nightclub Apr.19  SFPD Chief: Serious Crimes Down 13%  SFPD Addresses Supes Over Crime Lab Apr.2  SFPD Chief Making Amends Over Remarks Mar.19  Chief Making SFPD Crime Lab Changes Mar.15 SFPD Waited 2 Months Before Lab Probe Mar.9 Cocaine Stolen From Crime Lab
  SFPD lab will undergo a 'comprehensive audit,' following an investigation into the possible mishandling of narcotic evidence by a lab technician
Feb.19  SFPD Gang Crackdown Nets 28 Arrests Jan.31  SFPD Chief Vows 20% Cut In Violent Crime

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May.16   SFPD Officer Shoots Shooting Suspect   SF Mission: An officer-involved shooting of a 19-year-old man after 2 people were shot. Officers were called to the scene of hip-hop function Feb.10 Off-Duty SFPD Officer Stabbed
. 94117

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Dec.22  Commission Mull SFPD Chief Replacements Apr.26  French police to look into mysterious death Jan.16     SFPD search tiger attack victims' car, cells  Police searched the cell phones and car of 2 men mauled by a zoo tiger, looking for evidence that they may have provoked the attacks

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Aug.13 SFPD Officer Accidentally Kills Self
. San Mateo Mar.28  Criticism Over SFPD Treatment Of Blacks Mar.7 Knife-Wielding Man Killed By SFPD Officers. South of Market Jan.24  Audit Slams SFPD Oversight Agency Jan.8   Yale Choir Assaulted; No Arrests By SFPD
  Members of a renowned choral group were attacked outside a New Year's Eve party

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Aug.1  SFPD Shoots Pit Bull Responding To 911

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Dec.27   SFPD May Have Exceeded OT Budget
  SF City Hall: SFPD spent over $7-million of its $10-million overtime budget. The department blames it on the rising murder rate
Dec.15   All Suspended SFPD Officers Reinstated  SF City Hall: All 24 police officers involved in a controversial video skit are on the job again, including the videomaker Cohen Dec.9 Captain: I Did Not Participate In Video. SF City Hall Dec.7 Video sparked investigation into SFPD
  SF City Hall: Video footage released by Newsom has sparked an investigation into allegations of racism, sexism and corruption.    Mayor Newsom and Police Chief Fong showed and denounced several clips produced by members of SFPD. At least one officer has been suspen...
Dec.1  SFPD patrol car crashes, injuring 2 officers Jul.21     Mayor Says Terror Cells Are In Bay Area
  SF City Hall: The head of the SFPD special investigations unit said that they have several ongoing investigations
Jun.4  Police release dog mauling information May.19   SFPD warns passengers about pickpockets
  The Police Department was increasing uniform and plainclothes police officers on Municipal Railway routes
Apr.15 1 dead, another injured at Wharf shooting. Fishermans Wharf Mar.29  Grand Jury Recommends Examining SFPD

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Aug.24     SFPD assault case gets change of venue
  Judge Kay Tsenin has decided the trial of a police officer and 2 former officers will be moved to another county
Aug.1 SFPD mobilized patrols after terror alert May.12  Police commission calling for changes Apr.28  Web site to contain sex offenders info Apr.16 SFPD to Retire Number of Slain Officer. SF City Hall Apr.7 Police close unsolved Zodiac killer case  SFPD is closing the case of the city's notorious killer, whom inspectors have tried to track down for 35 years Mar.30 Former SFPD chief Fagan Sr. retires  SF City Hall: Alex Fagan Sr. retired as the city's emergency services director as new details surfaced about his actions at an Arizona hotel Feb.6 SFPD Deputy Chief 'Factually Innocent'. SF City Hall Feb.5     Former SFPD chief wants millions from city  SF City Hall: Earl Sanders says the city violated his rights during the investigation into a street brawl involving 3 cops Jan.27  Campaign to crack unsolved murders

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Dec.12   Newsom: Changes Coming to SFPD
  SF City Hall: Newly-elected mayor said the police department will get a lot of his attention. Fagan will make a case to keep his job
Dec.5   Federal Jury wants records of Fagan Jr.
  SF City Hall: A federal grand jury has ordered the SFPD to turn over all internal records on former officer
Nov.22  SFPD: Enforcement of Seatbelt Law Sep.27 SFPD Paying to Get Guns Off the Streets. SF Mission Aug.28  Residents meet with SFPD brass Aug.27 Alex Fagan Sr. named chief of SFPD  SF City Hall: Police commissioners were accepting Mayor Willie Brown's choice as the city's new police Chief Jul.11   SFPD captain ordered omission in report
  SF City Hall: Patricia Jackson directed the Tenderloin station sergeant overseeing the report to leave out any mention of Lankford
Jun.26   Plan to increase SFPD accountability
  A plan to increase police accountability cleared a key committee of the SF Board of Supervisors
Apr.26  Changes recommended for comission Apr.24  Complaint office: SFPD slows investigations Mar.19     Judge unseals jury transcript in SFPD case
  SF City Hall: Ksenia Tsenin has agreed to unseal the transcript of the grand jury proceedings that led to the indictment of police chief
Mar.14 Gag Order Denied in SFPD Indictments. SF City Hall Mar.6   Attorneys Scour SFPD Indictment
  Attorneys have received the transcripts of the grand jury testimony. They hadn't found any 'smoking gun'
Mar.5 Changes at the Top of the SFPD
  SF City Hall: The new team takes over after 10 members of the SFPD were arraigned on criminal charges
Mar.3 Fong in Line to Run SFPD  SF City Hall: The Police Department was on the verge of having its first woman ever in charge Mar.1  City Hall Shaken by SFPD Indictments

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Dec.23  SFPD negotiating with shooter Dec.6  More Charges Against SFPD Rookie Jun.30   SFPD Looking for 80 Officers
  Recruits must be at least 20.5 years old and be prepared for physical and written tests as well as a background check

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