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Richmond to sue Chevron over 2012 refinery fire EPA launches criminal probe over refinery fire Shell investigates flaring incident at Martinez refinery Gasoline tops $4 a gallon in the Bay Area Chevron to open claims center after refinery fire   'Flare up' causes more alarm at Chevron refinery   Wednesday's fire flare-up made an already on-edge community even more nervous, prompting Chevron officials to come out and explain what happ... Gasoline prices to spike in Bay Area after refinery fire Refinery fire out, shelter order lifted Map of 841 Chevron Way Richmond
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2017-05-05 Refinery power failure causes flaring, smoke, evacuations Valero Refinery, Benicia
C. 2016-03-30 Visible flaring at Chevron refinery in Richmond Chevron refinery, Richmond
3. 2015-08-11 Chevron fined for air pollution at Richmond refinery Richmond
E. 2015-08-02 Health alert lifted after refinery fire 1380 San Pablo Ave, Rodeo
5. 2015-01-25 Plan to allow oil trains to pass through SJ facing opposition San Jose City Hall
G. 2014-12-18 Large flames visible at Chevron refinery Chevron refinery, Richmond
H. 2014-07-16 Early morning fire at Chevron refinery Chevron refinery, Richmond
I. 2014-03-10 Two workers hospitalized after acid spill at Tesoro refinery Tesoro refinery, Martinez
9. 2014-02-21 Tesoro bars federal safety agency from East Bay refinery 150 Solano Way, Pacheco

Visible flaring at Chevron refinery in Richmond Chevron fined for air pollution at Richmond refinery Health alert lifted after refinery fire Plan to allow oil trains to pass through SJ facing opposition   Phillips 66 would build a rail terminal at its Santa Maria refinery that would send trains with up to 80 cars of crude oil through California...   Large flames visible at Chevron refinery   Large flames this evening are the result of normal flaring and not an emergency, according to fire and police officials Early morning fire at Chevron refinery Two workers hospitalized after acid spill at Tesoro refinery Tesoro bars federal safety agency from East Bay refinery Two workers hurt at Tesoro refinery in Martinez Oil refineries, environmentalists clash over plans Brush fire near Tesoro Refinery in Martinez Chevron to pay $2 million for refinery fire   210 arrested at Chevron refinery protest
  Refinery power failure causes flaring, smoke, evacuations Map of Valero Refinery Benicia

year 2017 Top ^

May.5   Benicia
  Plumes of black smoke are prompting the evacuation of a nearby industrial park and shelter-in-place orders at two elementary schools

year 2016 Top ^

Mar.30   Richmond

year 2015 Top ^

Aug.11   Richmond
Aug.2   Rodeo
Jan.25   San Jose City Hall

year 2014 Top ^

Dec.18   Richmond  
Jul.16   Richmond
Mar.10   Martinez
Feb.21   Pacheco
Feb.12   Martinez

year 2013 Top ^

Dec.4   Benicia
Oct.4   Martinez
Aug.5   Richmond
Aug.3   Richmond
  More than 200 people were arrested outside the refinery during a protest over safety issues at the plant and the company's environmental practices

Aug.1   Richmond

year 2012 Top ^

Sep.23   Richmond
Aug.15   Martinez
Aug.10   Bay Area
Aug.9   Richmond
Aug.8   Richmond
Aug.7   Bay Area
  Fire crews allowed a 'small controlled burn' to continue as a way of reducing pressure within the damaged unit
Aug.6   Richmond   Massive fire at Chevron refinery fully contained   The fire sent thick black smoke wafting across the Bay Area sky and prompted officials to warn more than 160,000 people to stay inside   Richmond   Fire at Chevron refinery in Richmond Map of 841 Chevron Way Richmond
  The fire is spewing thick black smoke into the sky. A shelter-in-place order was put in place for Richmond, North Richmond and San Pablo
 The sirens alerted residents to stay indoors and turn off air conditioner and vents to prevent breathing in tainted air
Jun.15   Rodeo   Refinery leak at ConocoPhillips Map of 1380 San Pablo Ave Rodeo
  County health workers continued to pump nitrogen and water into a ruptured tank at the refinery, and health concerns were easing
Jan.28   Chevron Chevron fourth-quarter profit slips

year 2011 Top ^

Jan.28   Chevron Chevron 4Q profit jumps 72%  Rising fuel demand lifted oil prices and produced a turnaround in its refinery business. Refining and marketing business earned $742 million

year 2010 Top ^

Nov.10   Martinez   Refinery sending thick smoke into air
  People in parts of Martinez and Concord were being told to stay indoors after a power outage at the Tesoro's Golden Eagle caused excessive flaring Oct.23   Rodeo   ConocoPhillips tries to shut down refinery
  An ominous-looking flame shot out an the refinery. Officials are trying to shut down operations and they say the flame is just part of a process Oct.22   Rodeo Residents warned of incident at refinery
Apr.26   Richmond Court Rejects Chevron Expansion Appeal Feb.3   Richmond Brown's Chevron EIR plan gets support

year 2009 Top ^

Dec.24   Richmond Judge strikes down tax on Chevron plant
Jul.8   Richmond   Chevron to appeal ruling on refinery  Chevron Corp. will appeal a judge's order that it halt an upgrade to its refinery and revise its environmental review Jun.9   Richmond Judge deals setback to Chevron refinery Apr.30   Martinez   Shell Refinery Worker Found Dead In Tank Map of 1800 Marina Vista Avenue Martinez
  Police were investigating the death of a Shell Refinery worker whose body was found inside a water-holding tank

year 2008 Top ^

Jul.17   Richmond City approves upgrade at refinery
  The City Council has approved a controversial plan by Chevron to upgrade equipment at its Richmond refinery Jul.14   Richmond City Holding Hearing On Refinery Plans
Jun.10   Martinez   Fire Near Shell Refinery Contained Map of Mococo Road and Bridgehead Road Martinez
  The grass fire, which was reported at 5:33 p.m. near the Shell Martinez Refinery, burned along train tracks. Several Amtrak trains were delayed
Jun.7   Richmond City caps 'drty' crude at Chevron refinery  Richmond officials have approved new restrictions on the amount and type of crude oil Chevron can process at its refinery

year 2007 Top ^

Apr.17   Richmond Chevron Flares Increase In Bay Area
Jan.16   Richmond Leaking Pump Triggers Refinery Blaze Jan.15   Richmond Oil Fire Injures 1; Shelter-In-Place Map of 841 Chevron Way Richmond
  A fire broke out at Chevron’s refinery, injuring one employee, prompting an order for residents to stay indoors.    1,200 employees were in the refinery when the fire broke out. Toll booth workers on th...

year 2006 Top ^

May.1   Rodeo   Refinery Mishap Causes Level 3 Warning
  A community warning for Rodeo, Tormey, and Crockett was following a power outage at the ConocoPhillips refinery
Mar.24   Martinez   Fire At Refinery Under Control  A fire broke out inside a furnace at the Tesoro refinery before 4 p.m. A diesel-like material was burning Feb.15   Martinez   Refinery Fined More Than $1 Million  Air quality regulators fined the Tesoro Refining and Marketing more than $1 million for a series of pollution violations Jan.7   Martinez   Oil spill at Boat Marina  The spill appears to have resulted from an oil leak at the Shell Oil Products U.S. Martinez Refinery

year 2005 Top ^

Nov.10   Martinez   Residents warned of oil residue
  In the wake of an oil release at the Shell refinery, outdoor play equipment recommended be washed
Oct.27   Martinez   Refinery 'All Clear' After Power Outage
  The outage at the Tesoro Refinery could have affected residents with existing breathing conditions
Aug.26   Martinez   Refinery Fire Could Push Up Gas Prices  The Tesoro Refinery is once again producing gasoline -- but not at full capacity Aug.24   Martinez   Firefighters Douse Refinery Blaze  The Tesoro Refinery issued a stage-two emergency, which does not bring a shelter-in-place warning

year 2004 Top ^

Oct.31   Crockett   Uncontrolled hydrocarbon release  The discharge at the Conoco-Phillips refinery resulted in a 3 hour shelter in place warning for Crockett and Rodeo Oct.30   Martinez   Plume Escapes from Refinery  Steam and smoke from the Tesoro Refinery was caused by the restarting of one of the facility’s units Sep.16   Martinez   Refinery Fire
  The blaze broke out at an acid tank at Tesoro's refinery and burned for more than 7 hours
Jul.5   Martinez   Burn Off from Refinery Clouds Skies
  The smoke-filled skies around the Tesoro Golden Eagle Refinery resulted from a boiler shut down Feb.21   Martinez Billowed smoke after power outage
  A Tesoro Golden Eagle Refinery that caused a community warning may be facing up to a $50,000 fine

year 2003 Top ^

Dec.29   Benicia Jet fuel fire burning at Valero Refining
  Some fuel ignited while being processed in a unit near the center of the refinery property Dec.23   Martinez   Refinery May Have Contaminated Ponds
  The US Environmental Protection Agency is calling on the Tesoro refinery to study contamination in 2 ponds
Dec.13   Benicia   Refinery Reports Oil Leak from Pipeline
  Valero refinery cleaned up a small oil leak at an above ground pipeline
Sep.17   Richmond   Fire breaks out near refinery
  A fire near Chevron refinery sent smoke into the air but was quickly extinguished by firefighters
Sep.9   Richmond Hundreds protest Chevron for using Iraq
Aug.10   Richmond   Shelter in Place Order After Refinery Leak  A hydrogen sulfide was leaked into the air as a result of a flare compression problem Feb.5   Richmond Higher rates of childhood asthma  Residents are meeting with health officials to examine links between asthma and refinery pollution, dust Jan.29   Benicia   Crude Oil Leak at Refinery
  Valero Refinery activated its emergency operations center. 2 contractors were treated for minor injuries
Jan.24   Rodeo   Diesel spill at refinery
  Less than one barrel of hydrocarbon fluid was released in the spill
Jan.11   Martinez Alert Sounded After Fire At Refinery
  The fire was quickly extinguished

year 2002 Top ^

Oct.21   Richmond Power outage at Chevron Refinery
  Refinery is in the process of shutting down all major units after a refinery-wide electrical power outage
Oct.16   Martinez     Hunting license enough to access refinery
  Tesoro Golden Eagle refinery is concerned that hunters and fishermen access on its site poses a safety threat Aug.3   Benicia State settled complaint against refinery  Hazardous waste regulators have settled a complaint against Valero Refining Co. for $115,000 Jul.15   Benicia   Refinery to pay $143,000 for pollution  Valero Refining Co. has agreed to pay fines for violating pollution standards at 2 refineries during the past 3 years Jul.10   Rodeo   Refinery release  Residents near the Phillips Petroleum were ordered to stay in their homes after black smoke billowed from the facility Apr.6  Martinez  City to sue Shell refinery Feb.20   Martinez   Oil workers OK new contract
  Those at the ChevronTexaco refinery in Richmond have rejected Chevron's latest offer
Feb.6   Martinez   Tesoro to buy oil refinery  Tesoro Petroleum Corp. is spending $1 billion to buy the Golden Eagle refinery Jan.31   Richmond   Shelter-in-place warning  There was an upset at the sulfur-recovery unit at the Chevron Refinery. Hydrogen sulfide and sulfur dioxide were released Jan.26   Martinez   Sulfur gas release  Gas release at the Ultramar Diamond Shamrock Refinery is a level 3, the highest priority, and affecting Concord

year 2001 Top ^

Dec.2   Martinez Illness increased near refinery
  Kids Against Environmental Pollution released the results of a study
Oct.14   Martinez   Shelter-in-place order lifted  Flammable substance began leaking from a processing unitl at the Equilon refinery Sep.10   Martinez   Tosco pay $8 million for injuries
  Neal Jones, 47, was burned in 2000. He accused the company of not eliminating safety hazards at a refinery
Jul.10   Richmond Refinery fined $300,000  Chevron has agreed to pay fines for failing to meet air quality standards. 52 violations from 1998 Jun.5   Richmond Power plant plan yanked  City officials rejected 500-megawatt power plant to be built next to the Chevron refinery Mar.28   Martinez   Refinery fire could be prevented
  Federal review said better management could have prevented an explosion that killed 4 workers at the Tosco in 1999

year 2000 Top ^

Jul.5   Martinez   Tosco sells refinery
  Tosco will sell oil refinery to Ultramar Diamond Shamrock for $800 million.
Jan.7   Martinez Tosco to Pay $2 Million in Fatal Flash Fire  Firm pleads no contest to '99 refinery blaze last year that killed four workers at its refinery

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