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Jackie Peterson Begs for Son's Life   Laci's mother: She wanted to be a mother  Laci Peterson's mother took the witness stand in the penalty phase, screaming at her former son-in-law Court Denies Peterson Appeal   Judge rules out new jury  The judge delayed the start of penalty phase, citing discovery issues between attorneys in exchanging evidence Peterson convicted of murder
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B. 2017-06-09 Contra Costa County DA is under criminal investigation Martinez
C. 2009-02-16 Leipheimer Leads In Tour Of California San Francisco
D. 2008-03-16 Memorial ride to remember fallen cyclists Cupertino
2008-02-27 Judge who sentenced Peterson dies Oakland
F. 2007-07-06 6-Year-Old Boy In Stolen SUV Found Safe San Rafael
G. 2005-03-17 Scott Peterson Moved To Death Row San Quentin
7. 2004-12-16 Peterson Jurors Discuss Penalty Decision San Francisco
8. 2004-11-23 Court Denies Peterson Appeal San Francisco
J. 2003-09-20 New Peterson Search in Bay El Cerrito

  Peterson Sentencing Postponed  A judge sealed a defense motion requesting a new trial for convicted murderer during a brief court hearing Peterson remains cheerful, enjoys mail Peterson Jurors Discuss Penalty Decision Jury Recommends Death for Peterson
Judge who sentenced Peterson dies 6-Year-Old Boy In Stolen SUV Found Safe Scott Peterson Moved To Death Row   Judge Sentences Peterson To Death

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Jun.9  Martinez  Contra Costa County DA is under criminal investigation

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Feb.16  San Francisco  Leipheimer Leads In Tour Of California

year 2008 Top ^

Mar.16  Cupertino  Memorial ride to remember fallen cyclists
Feb.27   Oakland

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Jul.6   San Rafael

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Mar.17   San Quentin
Mar.16   Redwood City
  Scott remained impassive for the hearing, despite the emotional words from the family of his wife
Mar.14  Redwood City  Peterson Attorneys Seek New Trial
Feb.25   Redwood City  
Jan.25  Redwood City  Peterson Sentencing Delayed

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Dec.17   Redwood City
Dec.16   San Francisco
Dec.14   Redwood City
  The jurors deliberated for 12 hours before deciding that he should die for killing his pregnant wife and unborn son.    The jury deliberated for 12 hours before reaching its recommendation. A crowd outside the court ...

Dec.13  Redwood City  Peterson Jurors Request Exhibits
Dec.8   Redwood City
Dec.2  Redwood City  Tears as Wedding Photos Shown at Trial
Nov.30   Redwood City  
Nov.23   San Francisco
Nov.22   Redwood City  
Nov.17  Redwood City  Defense seeks new jury, different venue
Nov.12  Redwood City  Local papers rush out banner after verdict
  Redwood City
  Scott Peterson, 32, was convicted of 1st-degree murder for killing his wife and of 2nd-degree in the death of the son
 Geragos told jurors that he would prove that the baby was older when he died than the prosecution said. The prosecution's most compelling evidence was the fact that the bodies of Laci and the baby had washed ashore 4 months after she vanished. The tide shifted toward the prosecution when Peterson's former girlfriend, Amber Frey took the stand
Nov.10   Redwood City   Peterson judge removes jury's foreman  The judge dismissed the man in his mid-40s who has medical and law degrees. He was replaced by an alternate Nov.9   Redwood City   Judge removes juror in Peterson case  A juror was replaced with an alternate. Judge Delucchi ordered the panel to start all over again with their deliberations Nov.8  Redwood City  Jurors divided; judge denies mistrial Nov.6  Redwood City  Peterson jurors asking to review evidence Nov.5   Redwood City   Peterson Jury Sequestered for Weekend  The jurors finished their third day of deliberations, and faced their first weekend sequestered in a hotel Nov.4  Redwood City  No cameras for Peterson verdict   Redwood City   Peterson jury resumes deliberations
  After deliberating for 4 hours, jurors were set to resume in the morning
Nov.3  Redwood City  Jury begins deliberation in Peterson trial Nov.2   Redwood City Hating Scott not enough to convict Nov.1   Redwood City   Closing arguments in Peterson trial  Prosecutor Rick Distaso says Scott killed wife to be free to live a freewheeling bachelor's life Oct.30   Redwood City Cameras Banned When Verdict Announced Oct.29   Redwood City   Jury will be able consider 2nd-degree  The judge ruled the jury will be allowed to consider a lesser murder charge that would spare Scott Peterson Oct.27   Redwood City   Testimony ends in Peterson trial  Jurors were sent home with orders to return Monday for closing arguments Oct.26  Redwood City  Peterson's defense team rests Oct.25   Redwood City Scott's parents take witness stand Oct.22   Redwood City   Peterson Jury to be Sequestered
  The jury could be sent for deliberations to some hotels along Highway 101 in Burlingam
Oct.21  Redwood City  Prosecutors deliver blow to defense case Oct.20  Redwood City  Peterson trial turns to evidence collection Oct.19  Redwood City  Expert: Petersons in good financial shape  Redwood City  Scott prepared to take witness stand? Oct.18  Redwood City  Peterson defense begins case Oct.12  Redwood City  Peterson trial delayed Oct.5   Redwood City Prosecutors rested Peterson case Oct.4  Redwood City  Tidal expert tesifies about bodies Sep.30   Redwood City   Defense points to detective inconstancies
  Defense lawyers are noting Scott Peterson regularly checked in with police and family
Sep.29   Redwood City   Defense: doubt with multiple theories
  Peterson's lawyers are accusing police of narrowly focussing on their client while ignoring other possible leads
Sep.28   Redwood City   Peterson Defense Admits to More Affairs
  Geragos is saying that Amber Frey was only one of the other women in Scott's life
Sep.27  Redwood City  Defense explains Scot suspicious behavior Sep.23   Redwood City   Detective Lists Reasons to Arrest Scott
  The jury in the Peterson case heard that police had 5 reasons to arrest Scott Peterson in San Diego on April 18, 2003
Sep.22   Redwood City Peterson Case Focuses on Baby's Body Sep.20   Redwood City   Scott had own theory of wife's murder
  Peterson offered his own theory of what happened to his wife within 24 hours of her disappearance
Sep.17   Redwood City   Expert: fetus expelled after her death  Scott wept and jurors squirmed in their seats, as autopsy photographs were displayed Sep.15   Redwood City   Peterson jurors shown autopsy photos  Jurors winced and glanced away as they looked at photos of Laci's badly decomposed body cast in larger-than-life images Sep.14   Redwood City   Trial testimony turns to blood and tracking  No blood was found on the tattered clothing from Laci Peterson's remains, a prosecution witness testified Sep.13   Redwood City   Peterson Families become confrontational
  Flare-ups and apparent gestures inside and outside the courtroom
Sep.9   Redwood City Dad Questioned About Scott's Fishing Sep.8  Redwood City  Hair found in boat consistent with wife's Sep.7   Redwood City   Peterson testimony turns to tips, behavior  Prosecutors sought to counter defense claims that they ignored other credible tips Sep.2   Redwood City Peterson testimony turns to surveillance Sep.1   Redwood City   Search Dog Evidence Under Attack  Geragos is cross-examining a search dog handler who says one of her dogs picked up Laci's scent at the Berkeley Marin Aug.30   Redwood City Defense try to poke holes in timeline Aug.26   Redwood City   Peterson wiretaps not fully functional
  A prosecution investigator acknowledged that wiretaps did not capture all of telephone calls in after his wife vanished
Aug.25   Redwood City   Witness once believed coconspirators
  A prosecution investigator once suspected there was more than one person involved in Laci Peterson's disappearance
Aug.18   Redwood City Peterson jury dismissed for week Aug.17  Redwood City  Tapes: Peterson was aware of wiretaps Aug.16  Redwood City  Tapes: Peterson evasive about wife Aug.12   Redwood City   Frey confronts Peterson in recorded calls  Scott Peterson was evasive and apologetic as he tried to answer questions from his mistress about his missing wife Aug.11   Redwood City Scott's favorite movie featured wife killing Aug.10   Redwood City Frey: she and Peterson got serious sex Aug.5   Redwood City   Trial delayed, while defense investigates  Peterson's trial will be delayed so the defense can investigate recently discovered evidence Aug.4   Redwood City   Prosecutors work to show premeditation
  Scott looked for used boats on the Internet after a friend of his mistress confronted him about being married
Aug.3  Redwood City  Jurors hear Scott ordered pornography Aug.2   Redwood City   Scott's debts rose before Laci's death
  Prosecution witnesses: Scott Peterson was going broke in the months before his wife was killed
Jul.29  Redwood City  Judge denies requests for mistrial   Redwood City   Defense seeking mistrial or dismissal
  Scott Peterson's lawyers want to dismiss the charges, in part based on allegations a detective lied on the witness stand
Jul.26  Redwood City  Jury hears about how to fish on SF Bay Jul.22   Redwood City   DNA Expert Testifies About Remains
  A criminalist explained how investigators determined the remains were in fact those of Laci Peterson and her unborn son
Jul.20   Redwood City   Detective details Scott's affair
  Prosecutors are portraying the former fertilizer salesman as a lying philanderer who didn't act as a grieving husband
Jul.19  Redwood City  Defense Hammers on Cement Weights   Redwood City   Detective: Suspicious stains not blood
  Tests showed that many of the suspicious stains in Scott's truck were not blood
Jul.15   Redwood City   Defense Pokes More Holes in Case
  A cement expert concluded the homemade weight did not come from the pitcher
Jul.14   Redwood City   Lawyers spar over police testimony  The trial veered to whether charges should be dropped because a detective allegedly lied on the stand Jul.13   Redwood City   Officer: Scott showed no signs of struggle
  An evidence technician who examined Peterson's body for scratches or bruises testified he found nothing unusual
Jul.12   Redwood City   Testimony turns to search for remains  A comforter stained with blood was among evidence seized from Peterson's home after his pregnant wife vanished Jul.8   Redwood City   Prosecutors: Peterson hid body in toolbox
  Prosecutors believe he might have transported his pregnant wife's body nearly 100 miles to San Francisco Bay
Jul.7   Redwood City   Jurors see pictures of remain
  Prosecution's strategy is to focus more on the murder than on Peterson's odd behavior in the days before
Jul.6   Redwood City Witnesses tell of discovering Laci's remains Jul.1   Redwood City   Matchmaker: Scot never said he married
  Scott Peterson talked incessantly about sex and never mentioned he was married, according to Shawn Sibley
  Redwood City   Detective misstated key detail
  A detective who testified that Scott talked about how he would dispose of a body misstated a key detail about the tip
Jun.30   Redwood City   Scott's Sex Life takes Centerstage
  Shawn Sibley took the witness stand and described how she met the defendant at an agriculture convention
Jun.29  Redwood City  Prosecution gets boost from detective Jun.28  Redwood City  Defense shows explanations for murder Jun.24   Redwood City Detective admits he ignored witness Jun.23   Redwood City   Juror removed from Scott Peterson trial  Justin Falconer who was spotted talking to Laci brother was removed, but the judge denied a defense request for a mistrial Jun.22   Redwood City   Jurors hear Scott Peterson's own account
  A detective described a man seemingly void of emotions who would never be ruled out as a suspect
Jun.21   Redwood City   Juror allowed to stay on Peterson trial  The judge decided that a juror captured on a videotape briefly speaking with Laci's brother can stay Jun.17   Redwood City Prosecutors: monetary motive for murder  Redwood City  Juror Speaks to Laci's Brother -- On Tape Jun.16   Redwood City   Officer describes search for Laci Peterson
  A police officer described how quickly search moved from her neighborhood to San Francisco Bay
Jun.14   Redwood City   Defense Attorney Has Outburst  Geragos demanded a mistrial after finding out that the DA did not tell him about new information from a witness Jun.11   Redwood City   Officer: home quickly deemed crime scene
  Police were immediately suspicious after Scott Peterson reported his pregnant wife missing
Jun.10   Redwood City   Defense hones on witness discrepancies
  Scott Peterson assured some of his in-laws he was fishing though he told others that he had been golfing
Jun.9   Redwood City   Relative was disturbed by Scott behavior
  A relative of Laci testified that he was disturbed by her husband's behavior in the days after her disappearance
Jun.8   Redwood City   Prosecution, defense trade fishing stories
  Laci Peterson's stepfather acknowledged that he, too, went fishing that morning
Jun.7   Redwood City Testimony from Laci Peterson's mother Jun.4   Redwood City   Prosecutors try to establish when Laci died
  Her sister, Amy Rocha, spent part of testifying for the prosecution against Laci's husband, Scott
Jun.2   Redwood City Peterson defense attacks case as flimsy Jun.1   Redwood City   Peterson trial opens
  Prosecutors: Within a day of reporting his pregnant wife missing, Scott lied about his extramarital affair
May.27   Redwood City Jurors seated in Peterson murder trial   Redwood City   Final Phase of Jury Selection Starts
  Attorneys will begin to whittle down the 76 prospective jurors who qualified for the pool into the final 12 jurors
May.24   Redwood City   Evidence points away from Peterson?  Defense attorney Geragos claims prosecutors withheld important information that could clear his client May.20   Redwood City   Jury selection moves to next phase
  The nearly 9-week process of selecting a pool of potential jurors in Peterson's trial came to a close
May.12  Redwood City  Peterson trial delayed May.11   Redwood City Judge denies 2nd request to move trial May.10   Redwood City   Judge Considers Change of Venue  Prosecutors are fighting to keep the Peterson trial in Redwood City. Geragos wants to move the trial to county of LA May.3   Redwood City   Peterson defense seeks move trail to LA  The motion argues that an impartial jury cannot be seated in Bay Area as potential panelists have been exposed to news Apr.29   Redwood City   Peterson trial delayed
  Opening statements in double-murder trial will be delayed a week because jury selection is behind schedule
Apr.28   Redwood City   Peterson jury selection behind schedule
  Opening statements may be delayed. 62 potential jurors remained to be questioned
Apr.22   Redwood City   Judge seals anonymous letter  A judge in Peterson's trial sealed a letter while defense investigate its claims someone else may have killed the pregnant wife Apr.15  Redwood City  Argument Over 'Stealth Jurors' Apr.13   Redwood City   Judge excuses accused stealth juror  A retired woman accused of lying to get on the jury for Peterson's trial was excused Mar.30  Redwood City  Defense accuses retiree of lying Mar.22   Redwood City   Peterson TV interviews to be evidence
  The jury will be allowed to hear interviews he did in the weeks after his wife's disappearance
Mar.15   Redwood City   Businesses Not Seeing Increase in Traffic  Merchants in downtown have not seen more customers that were predicted when the Peterson case came to town Mar.11   Redwood City Two-thirds of potential jurors dismissed Mar.9   Redwood City   Defense may seek change of venue again  Mark Geragos believes too many prospective jurors already have concluded Scott Peterson is guilty Mar.8   Redwood City   Jury selection continues in Peterson trial
  200 potential jurors filed into a courtroom to answer questions ranging from the death penalty to extramarital affairs
Mar.4   Redwood City   Jury selection begins in Peterson trial  The slow-motion process of choosing the people began when 200 potential jurors answered extensive questionnaires Mar.2   Redwood City Judge: jurors will hear wiretap evidence Mar.1   Redwood City   Defense challenges jurors hear wiretap  Peterson's attorneys haggled over what evidence jurors will be allowed Feb.26  Redwood City  Peterson jury will not be sequestered Feb.25   Redwood City Laci Peterson's scent tracked to boat, pier   Redwood City   Judge: Peterson trial will last five months
  200 potential jurors due in court next Thursday for a long selection process
Feb.24   Redwood City   Prosecutors: motive for slaying is an affair
  Prosecutors alleged that Scott Peterson's affair with another woman drove him to murder his pregnant wife Laci
Feb.23   Redwood City   Defense loses bid to put judge on stand
  Peterson's lawyers lost a bid to put a judge on the stand to testify about his decision to let investigators tap phones
  Redwood City   Peterson trial resumes for 15 minutes  The parties returned to the confidence of Judge chambers for further closed hearings Feb.20   Redwood City   Documents Detail Peterson's Marina Visits
  New court documents and testimony show Peterson visited the Berkeley Marina 5 times after his wife disappeared
Feb.19   Redwood City   Day behind closed doors at Peterson trial
  Defense team discussed evidence investigators gained by bugging Peterson's phones
Feb.18   Redwood City   Wiretaps Under Attack in Peterson Case
  Lawyers haggle whether a judge should accept wiretapped phone conversations Peterson had after his wife's disappearance
Feb.17   Redwood City   Judge allows electronic tracking evidence
  Evidence police gathered using electronic devices that tracked Peterson's movements will be allowed in his murder trial
Feb.10   Redwood City   Defense objects to use GPS technology  Mark Geragos is convincing a judge in the Peterson case that the technology is inaccurate and unreliable   Redwood City   Media fees for Peterson trial reduced
  After media backlash, County officials have significantly reduced the cost for sidewalk space available to news outlets
Feb.9   Redwood City Judge orders witness, jurors lists sealed Feb.6  Redwood City  Peterson's defense team ready for trial Feb.4   Redwood City   Peterson Defense Team Polling Jury Pool  After hearing Geragos suggested that he could seek a second change of venue Feb.2   Redwood City Judge bans cameras, delays trial Jan.27   Redwood City   Judge Delucchi chosen for Peterson trial  A retired 72-year-old judge has handled 22 death penalty trials, including one involving the slaying of former Black Panther Jan.23   Redwood City   Peterson Moved to Redwood City  The double-murder suspect was moved from Modesto to the San Mateo County Jail. He had a new mugshot taken Jan.22   Redwood City   Search for Peterson Judge Delays Trial
  Another hearing in the case was set, to try to determine future scheduling
Jan.21   Redwood City Arnason to preside over Peterson's trial

year 2003 Top ^

Sep.20   El Cerrito New Peterson Search in Bay
  Contra Costa County authorities and the Modesto police returned to the waters off of Point Isabel
May.17   Richmond Search continue for Peterson's evidence  Police divers combed the waters for evidence in the death of 27-year-old Laci in a follow-up investigation May.16   Richmond   Bay Search Has 'Certain Objectives'
  Divers wrapped up an underwater search
Apr.27   Richmond Laci's body located weeks before retrieved Apr.17   Richmond   Prosecutor thinks body is Laci Peterson
  District Attorney James Brazelton feels 'pretty strongly' that the body that washed up on shore is the missing Laci Peterson
Apr.16   Richmond Identification focused solely on Peterson Apr.15   Richmond Modesto Police Arrive on Richmond Shore Apr.14   Richmond   Laci Peterson, infant bodies found
Map of Point Isabel Regional Shoreline Richmond
  A woman's badly decomposed body was discovered on a beach, one day after an infant boy's body was found along a trail
 The deteriorating body of the fetus was discovered at 4 p.m. Sunday by a dog walker on the rocky shore of the Point Isabel Regional Shoreline. The bodies were discovered about a mile apart. Modesto police were summoned to the East Bay
Mar.17   Richmond   Peterson Search Continues
  Search crews used a boat fitted with sonar equipment off Point Richmond to look for the missing Modesto woman
Mar.12   Richmond   Police searching bay for Laci Peterson
  Detective confirmed the offshore search, but called it a routine event
Jan.11  Berkeley  Divers Find A Boat Anchor Jan.8   Berkeley Police Search Marina Again
  Police searching for a missing Modesto woman Laci Peterson, 27

year 2001 Top ^

Jul.20   Milpitas   Disabled worker gets $14.8 million
  Peterson, 41, an air conditioning repairman, remains in a semicomatose state after a fall off a ladder

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