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Supes closed fix in health care loophole  SF Board of Supervisors voted overwhelmingly to shelve a measure to close a business-friendly loophole in the universal health care ordinanc... Richmond votes in favor of issuing city IDs  City leaders are closer to approving an ordinance that would issue city identification cards to people who don't have other forms of photo I... Healthier kids' meals ordinance approved
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B. 2016-06-27 Oakland City Council approves coal ban ordinance Oakland City Hall
2. 2015-10-06 Judge strikes down San Francisco eviction law SF City Hall
3. 2014-10-20 Ordinance require landlords to accept pets Berkeley
4. 2014-03-19 Richmond votes to raise minimum wage to $12.30 by 2017 Richmond
2014-03-06 Sunnyvale's new gun controls take effect Sunnyvale
6. 2011-08-03 Supes closed fix in health care loophole SF City Hall
H. 2011-06-08 Richmond votes in favor of issuing city IDs Richmond
8. 2010-11-23 Healthier kids' meals ordinance approved SF City Hall
J. 2010-11-02 SF voters support sit/lie ban on sidewalks San Francisco

Judge strikes down San Francisco eviction law Ordinance require landlords to accept pets   On Tuesday, a councilman will introduce an ordinance that would require all landlords to accept pets Richmond votes to raise minimum wage to $12.30 by 2017 Sunnyvale's new gun controls take effect
Oakland City Council approves coal ban ordinance

year 2016 Top ^

Jun.27   Oakland City Hall
  The Oakland City Council voted Monday 7-0 to approve a coal ban ordinance, which would keep coal from being exported from the city

year 2015 Top ^

Oct.6   SF City Hall

year 2014 Top ^

Oct.20   Berkeley
Mar.19   Richmond
Mar.6   Sunnyvale  
  A federal judge's last-minute refusal to put s new gun-control ordinance on hold

year 2011 Top ^

Aug.3   SF City Hall
Jun.8   Richmond  

year 2010 Top ^

Nov.23   SF City Hall
  SF lawmakers have voted to pass a law prohibiting restaurants from including toys with children's meals that do not meet nutritional guidelines
Nov.2   San Francisco   SF voters support sit/lie ban on sidewalks  San Francisco voters were deciding on Measure L, an ordinance that makes it illegal to sit or lie on San Francisco sidewalks Jun.26   Sonoma County State Appeals Court Backs Pot Rules  A court order reinstating a county ordinance regulating medical marijuana dispensaries has put the future of at least a half-dozen pot clubs... Jun.15   SF City Hall Cell Phone Radiation Law Gets OK  The supervisors voted to give preliminary approval to the ordinance, which would require stores to provide each phone's measure of radiation Jun.8   SF City Hall Supes Reject Newsom Sit-Lie Proposal Apr.24   SF Mission Day Laborers Protest Sit-Lie Ordinance  Day laborers and domestic workers protested against an ordinance introduced by Newsom that would make it illegal to sit or lie on public sidewalks

year 2009 Top ^

Nov.10   SF City Hall Supes Overturn Veto Of Sanctuary Law
  Supervisors have overturned the mayor's veto of a ordinance involving how the city deals with illegal immigrant minors facing felony charges Aug.24   San Jose City Hall City To Ban On Plastic, Most Paper Bags  A 4-member council committee unanimously recommended approval of an ordinance that would prohibit grocery stores from giving out plastic bag... Aug.19   East Palo Alto City Sued Over Rent Control Ordinance  Page Mill Properties is suing East Palo Alto and County's election officer over a rent control ordinance city voters are expected to vote Jan.1   San Francisco   S.F. minimum wage rises to $9.79  An ordinance approved by city voters in 2003 ties the annual wage increase to the percentage change in the Consumer Price Index

year 2008 Top ^

Jun.27   San Bruno   Fines Increased Over Illegal Fireworks  City Council adopted an ordinance that would increase citation fines for using or selling the illegal items even beyond what city had recomm... Feb.28   SF City Hall Nightclub reforms to make loitering a crime  One ordinance makes it illegal to loiter within 10 feet of a club for more than 3 minutes between 9 p.m. and 3 a.m.

year 2007 Top ^

Nov.19   San Francisco Plastic Bag Ban Takes Effect
  A city ordinance passed in March forbids the use of traditional plastic bags by large grocery stores that can still use biodegradable plastic bags
Oct.23   SF City Hall Supes approve $185M park bond in ballot Oct.9   Belmont   Town Approves Controversial Smoking Ban
  The City Council adopted on a 3-2 vote a landmark ordinance regulating secondhand smoke in the city
Sep.3   San Rafael   City considers fines for underage drinking  The City Council is considering a social host ordinance Sept. 17 and police are holding a public information meeting Jun.19   SF City Hall Supes Approve Renewable Energy Plan Jun.12   Belmont Ban On Smoking Considered Feb.13   San Jose City Hall City Takes Action To Protect Trees

year 2006 Top ^

Feb.24   San Francisco NRA Urges Judge To Overturn Ban

year 2005 Top ^

Nov.15   SF City Hall Pit Bull Ordinance Passes
  SF City Hall Liquor stores ordinance introduced Nov.10   San Francisco NRA Sues To Overturn SF Gun Ban Nov.8   San Mateo County Seeks To Regulate Body Art Oct.27   Napa No Weddings At Wineries In County Jul.12   Oakland City Hall Spectators Will Be Cited At Sideshows  The city council unanimously approved an ordinance that would allow to cite spectators of illegal late night car rallies Jun.30   Oakland City Hall Sideshow Spectator Ordinance Approved Jun.7   SF City Hall   Ordinance Introduced On Corpse Exhibits
  Supervisor Fiona Ma introduced an ordinance that would ban shows such as 'The Universe Within' May.28   Oakland City Hall Ordinance makes sideshows crime
  Mayor Brown is introducing an ordinance that would make attending reckless driving exhibitions a criminal offense May.9   Alameda County   County Approves Hospital Pot Dispensary
  The Board of Supervisors committee approved a ordinance to have medical marijuana at a county-owned hospital
Mar.22   North Beach Approval For North Beach Retail Ban
  Supervisors approved an ordinance that would prevent large chain stores from setting up shop in historic areas
  SF City Hall Board Wants to Halt Marijuana Clubs
  The Supervisors is set to introduce an emergency ordinance to put a 45-day halt on new marijuana clubs
Jan.18   Martinez   Vessel ordinance
  The Contra Costa County voted unanimously to establish vessel sanitation and mooring regulations in waterways
Jan.6   SF City Hall New pet ordinance

year 2004 Top ^

Mar.24   Martinez Supervisors banning sale of sniper rifles
Feb.6   Berkeley   Quarter Meal program shut down
  The program has served dinner to homeless. It closed because of the city's high living-wage ordinance

year 2003 Top ^

Jul.26   SF City Hall Brown signs law slashing cash to homeless Apr.1   SF City Hall Newsom to ban aggressive panhandling Feb.13   Oakland City Hall Ordinance against loitering  Ordinance is allow police officers to issue citations to people loitering for the purpose of drug dealing Jan.13   SF City Hall Dog 'owners' are dog 'guardians' too

year 2002 Top ^

Oct.30   San Jose City Hall   Renters get additional eviction protections
  The ordinance requires landlords to offer arbitration to tenants given a 60-day eviction notice without cause
Oct.29   San Francisco 18-year-olds allowed into night clubs
  Supervisors passed an ordinance that would allow 18-year-olds into after-hours clubs once alcohol is no longer served
Sep.18   Marin County   Financial privacy ordinance  Supervisors have voted to draft a ordinance similar to the financial privacy bill state legislators did not approve in August Sep.12   Daly City Financial privacy ordinance  The ordinance requires local financial institutions to provide customers with notice before selling info with other institutions Aug.13   West San Jose   Card club applied for exemption
  Garden City will have to face a city ordinance banning round-the-clock gambling and bets placed by people online
Aug.6   Los Altos   Day laborers ordinance blocked
  A federal judge temporarily blocked enforcement of a law that prevents day laborers from soliciting work
Jul.28   Napa   Ordinance to protect large oaks
  200-year-old tree was chopped down earlier this month
Jun.25   Oakland Anti-predatory lending ordinance upheld
  The city's home loan ordinance has been upheld by an Alameda County Superior Court judge
Apr.29   San Jose   Home owners to require landscape
  The City Council will consider an ordinance require front yards to be covered with living plants or decorative materials

year 2001 Top ^

Nov.29   SF City Hall   Contractors domestic partner benefits
  City Council has approved an ordinance to require city contractors to provide domestic partner benefits
Nov.20   Richmond Inclusionary Housing Ordinance
  Developers will either have to include affordable housing or pay a fee
Oct.25   Richmond Living wage ordinance
  The ordinance requires to pay employees at least $11.42 an hour with benefits or $12.92 without
Oct.3   Oakland City Hall   Predatory lending banned  City Council has adopted an ordinance to keep shady lenders from exploiting borrowers with exorbitant interest rates Sep.11   SFO   Carriers to recognize domestic partners
  Court upheld a city ordinance demanding airline carriers at SFO offer domestic partner benefits to unmarried workers
Aug.9   Pleasanton   Ordinance on public urination
  Ordinance imposes fines ranging from $100 to $750 and establishes an appeal process
Jul.4   Fremont Crack down on street racing
  Ordinance declared popular strips off-limits and will punish violators with stiff fines
Apr.24   Oakland City Hall   City to hire bilingual workers
  City Council approved an ordinance to require departments that deal with the public to provide translators

year 2000 Top ^

Dec.12   Oakland   Judge upholds banning liquor ads
  Ordinance prohibites liquor billboards in residential areas and within 1,000 feet of schools Jul.30   Concord   Weed ordinance
  Concord City Council passed a weed abatement ordinance.

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