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City count identified 6,377 homeless. SF City Hall Board Votes To Eliminate Junior ROTC  The School Board voted to cut the 90-year-old Junior ROTC program $1 million for homeless housing facilities  SF City Hall: The pilot program plans through HUD's are 'Housing for People who are Homeless and Addicted to Alcohol' Homeless Pair Hailed As Heroes  South of Market: 2 homeless men are being hailed as heroes after subduing a suspected killer in South of Market district Study Shows Fewer Homeless in city  Mayor Newsom says the city's count shows the total number is just over 2600, a drop of 41% over the last 3 years   Newsom: 'State of Homelessness' Address  SF City Hall: Mayor gave the address to 200 bureaucrats, providers, clients, and critics Winter homeless shelters open earlier 10-years plan to eliminate homelessness  SF City Hall: 33-person council headed by Angela Alioto unveiled their blueprints for eliminating chronic homelessness in the city Care not Cash initiative go into effect
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B. 2016-02-03 San Francisco homeless advocates protest taxpayer money spent on Super Bowl City Embarcadero, SF Downtown
C. 2015-05-21 Twitter opens $3 million tech skills center for poor, homeless Market st, SF Downtown
3. 2014-12-12 Google kicks in $2 million to tackle SF homelessness SF City Hall
4. 2014-02-10 Cops reach into own wallets to help homeless family 7th and Market street, SF Downtown
F. 2011-10-11 Homeless advocates occupy buildings Geary and Van Ness, SF Downtown
G. 2010-09-15 Newsom: S.F. has cut homeless by 12,000 SF City Hall
H. 2010-04-05 Protesters Cited In Duplex Takeover SF Mission
I. 2010-02-20 Library Hires Social Worker For Homeless SF Downtown
2009-04-26 Dalai Lama serves hope to SF homeless San Francisco

Homeless Groups Protest Over Cuts  SF City Hall: Homeless advocate groups marched on City Hall to protest policies that are threatening to reduce funding to some homeless services programs City seeks to evict squatters
San Francisco homeless advocates protest taxpayer money spent on Super Bowl City Map of Embarcadero San Francisco  SF Downtown: A protest was held on the Embarcadero across from Super Bowl City early Wednesday evening. Police lined up to monitor Twitter opens $3 million tech skills center for poor, homeless   SF Downtown: Twitter NeighborNest, the 4,000-square-foot Twitter-funded learning center offer child care next to its computer lab Google kicks in $2 million to tackle SF homelessness  SF City Hall: The tech giant announced Thursday it was donating a combined $2 million to organizations fighting homelessness in the city Cops reach into own wallets to help homeless family. SF Downtown Homeless advocates occupy buildings Map of Geary and Van Ness San Francisco  SF Downtown: Homes Not Jails have occupied several vacant buildings, including Cathedral Hill Hotel, to call for more housing for the homeless   Newsom: S.F. has cut homeless by 12,000  SF City Hall: Mayor Gavin Newsom said his administration has moved 12,000 homeless people off the streets since he took office in 2004 Protesters Cited In Duplex Takeover  SF Mission: 4 men have been cited for trespassing at a duplex taken over by homeless activists demanding the city open vacant houses to the needy Library Hires Social Worker For Homeless  SF Downtown: The main branch, where hundreds of homeless people spend every day, is the first in the country to keep a full-time social worker on hand   Dalai Lama serves hope to SF homeless

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  His Holiness was trying very hard to make the homeless guests at Martin's soup kitchen relax. He is telling stories and making fun of his English

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  Golden Gate Park: City officials have launched a campaign to evict dozens of people who have made the Park their home


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  SF City Hall: A shelter bed or a permanent room will be offered to a homeless person. The welfare check will be cut to as low as $59
Apr.4 $900,000 award to aid homeless. SF City Hall Mar.19 5 homeless people have sued city. SF City Hall Mar.12 10-Year Plan Council to end homelessness. SF City Hall

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Nov.5 New Pandhandling Law Tough to Enforce  Voters, frustrated by the homeless problem and frightened by aggressive panhandlers, passed Proposition M Sep.16   Care not Cash turned down
  SF City Hall: Supervisor Newsom failed to muster the 6 votes needed to revive his Care not Cash homeless plan Jul.26 Brown signs law slashing cash to homeless
. SF City Hall May.13 Care not Cash reintroduced at board. SF City Hall May.8 Judge Throws out 'Care Not Cash' Plan
  Superior Court Judge Ronald Quidachay ruled that the city's Proposition N violates state law
May.2 Ad puts squeeze on panhandlers Apr.30 30 millionth free meal Apr.1 Newsom to ban aggressive panhandling. SF City Hall

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Nov.5 Voters stripping homeless of monthly cash
  The tough-love 'Care Not Cash' initiative passed with 59% of the vote. It would reduce cash allowances to $59 a month
Jun.15 Measure to cut homeless checks. SF City Hall May.16 City has no plan to help homeless. SF City Hall Jan.15 SF Labeled 'Mean' for Homeless Policy Jan.7 Proposal to crack down panhandlers. SF City Hall

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Dec.29   To widen ban on street begging  SF Downtown: Supervisor Newsom wants to make it a crime to stand on median strips and freeway ramps to beg for money Dec.5 Huge Homeless Camp Dismantled  Work crews are dismantling a camp underneath I-101 on Cesar Chavez Circle, forcing 100 people to find a new place Mar.16 Man Run Over by Train

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Dec.22 155 homeless died this year
. SF City Hall

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