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  Syria war: US to arm Kurds in battle for Raqqa Map of Raqqa Syria
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  Raqqa: US-backed forces advance in IS 'capital' Map of Raqqa Syria
Battle to free Raqqa puts coalition up against booby-traps, car bombs  The operation to liberate the ISIS Syrian stronghold has entered its third month, and the U.S. and its partners have largely depleted the enemy ranks US-backed forces 'surround IS in Raqqa'  US-backed forces say they have fully encircled Islamic State fighters in the capital of the group's self-proclaimed caliphate US coalition downs Syrian army plane in Raqqa Map of Raqqa Syria  The US said it acted in self-defence after the Syrian regime dropped bombs near US-backed fighters
2017 Aug.11  
2017 Jun.29  
2017 Jun.18  
  The Syrian army said its warplane was on a mission against the Islamic State (IS) group when it came under fire on Sunday
2017 Jun.10    
  The Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) have advanced into the western part of so-called Islamic State's 'capital' of Raqqa, they and a monitor report
2017 May.9    
  US President Donald Trump has approved supplying weapons to SDF, Kurdish forces fighting so-called Islamic State (IS) in Syria, the Pentagon says
2016 Nov.6     Syria conflict: Rebel force targets IS 'capital' Raqqa Map of Raqqa Syria
  A US-backed Kurdish and Arab force says it has begun an operation to capture Raqqa, so-called Islamic State's 'capita' in Syria
2016 Jun.4       Troops 'cross into IS-held Raqqa province' Map of Raqqa Syria
  Syrian troops have crossed into Raqqa province, nearing the capital of so-called Islamic State, activists say
2016 May.24     Kurds launch campaign north of IS-held Raqqa Map of Raqqa Syria
  A US-backed alliance of Syrian Kurdish and Arab fighters has begun a campaign to expel Islamic State (IS) militants from land north of Raqqa
2015 Dec.6       Syria conflict: Raqqa air strikes 'kill 32 IS militants' Map of Raqqa Syria
  Air strikes on the Syrian city of Raqqa have killed at least 32 Islamic State (IS) militants and wounded 40 more, an activist group says
2015 Nov.12       'Jihadi John': US air strike targets Islamic State militant Map of Raqqa Syria
  US forces have carried out an air strike targeting the Islamic State group militant known as 'Jihadi John', the Pentagon has said
2015 Jul.5       ISIS crisis: Air strikes target Syria stronghold Map of Raqqa Syria
  The US-led coalition against the Islamic State group says it has carried out a series of air strikes in Syria on its main stronghold, Raqqa
2014 Dec.24     IS captures Jordanian pilot after warplane crashes in Syria Map of Raqqa Syria
  Islamic State (IS) militants have captured Moaz al-Kasaesbeh, the pilot of a Jordanian warplane that crashed in northern Syria
 ISIS claimed it had shot down the jet with a heat-seeking missile near the city of Raqqa
2014 Nov.30       Airstrikes mark shift in coalition focus to ISIS 'capital' Map of Raqqa Syria
  The U.S.-led coalition fighting ISIS has stepped up its attacks on the Islamist group's de facto capital, with 30 airstrikes targeting Raqqa overnight
2014 Nov.26       Syria airstrikes kill 95 in ISIS stronghold, report says Map of Raqqa Syria
  At least 95 people have been killed and 120 injured in airstrikes by Syrian government forces on the northern city of Raqqa, a stronghold for ISIS
2014 Sep.22     U.S. airstrikes hit ISIS inside Syria for first time Map of Raqqa Syria
  U.S. jets began airstrikes in the ISIS stronghold, the first strikes against the terror group inside the country since Obama's announcement
2014 Aug.9       Women stoned to death in Syria for adultery Map of Raqqa Syria
  None in the crowd stepped forward. So the jihadi fighters, mostly foreign extremists, did it themselves, pelting Faddah Ahmad with stones
2014 Jul.25       Syria conflict: Isis 'overruns' Raqqa military base Map of Raqqa Syria
  Fighters from the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant say they have overrun a large Syrian military base on the outskirts of the city of Raqqa
2014 Feb.27     Syria Christians get jihadist rules Map of Raqqa Syria
  The Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant has demanded that Christians in the northern city of Raqqa pay a levy in gold, or face death
2013 Mar.2       Fierce clashes in provincial capital Raqqa Map of Raqqa Syria
  Ferocious fighting has erupted around the northern provincial capital of Raqqa in Syria - one of several clashes between government and rebels forces
2012 Sep.20       Syrian warplanes pound gas station Map of Raqqa Syria
  Syrian government warplanes targeted a northern town Thursday, hitting a gas station and triggering an explosion that killed at least 55 people

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