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Somali presidential palace attacked  A huge car bomb has exploded at the gate of Somalia's presidential palace, followed by a fierce gun battle inside, officials say   'Suicide attack' at Mogadishu hotel Map of Mogadishu Somalia
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Deadly bomb blast in Somali capital Map of Mogadishu Somalia
Somalia mosque collapses kills 15 in Mogadishu  A mosque under refurbishment has collapsed in Somalia, killing at least 15 people and injuring 40 Somali plane 'was holed by bomb' after Mogadishu take-off  A blast that punched a large hole in the fuselage of a passenger plane at Somalia's Mogadishu airport on Tuesday was caused by a bomb, officials say Fire forces plane to make emergency landing in Somalia  A passenger jet has made an emergency landing at Mogadishu's international airport after a fire broke out on board the commercial flight At least 50 dead after drinking from contaminated well  At least 50 people have died in Somalia after drinking contaminated water from a well in northern Mogadishu Top Somali anti-terrorism officer shot dead Map of Mogadishu Somalia
2016 Apr.30  
2016 Feb.6  
2016 Feb.2  
2014 Dec.11  
2014 Sep.13    
  Al-Shabaab militants on Saturday shot dead the deputy chief of Somalia's anti-terrorism unit, Mohamed Qanuni, in a drive-by shooting
2014 Feb.27    
  A suicide car bomb has exploded in Mogadishu, killing at least 12 people and wounding eight others near the security service headquarters
2014 Feb.21  
2013 Nov.8    
  At least six people have been killed after a suspected suicide attack at the Hotel Maka
2013 Sep.7       Deadly blast in Mogadishu restaurant Map of Mogadishu Somalia
  Explosions at a popular restaurant near the parliament building in Somalia's capital Mogadishu have killed 15 people, police say
2013 Aug.9       Military plane crashes in Mogadishu Map of Mogadishu Somalia
  An Ethiopian Air Force cargo plane has crashed and caught fire on landing at Mogadishu airport in Somalia
2013 Jun.29     Top Islamist flown to Mogadishu Map of Mogadishu Somalia
  Sheikh Hassan Dahir Aweys, has arrived in the capital Mogadishu amid reports of a split in the al-Shabab group.
2013 Jun.19       At least 14 killed in attack on U.N. headquarters in Somalia Map of Mogadishu Somalia
  At least 14 people died and 15 others were wounded in an attack on the U.N. headquarters in the Somali capital of Mogadishu
2013 Apr.14     Deadly attack on Somali courthouse Map of Mogadishu Somalia
  At least 20 people have been killed in a series of bomb and gun attacks in the Somali capital, Mogadishu
2013 Mar.26     Somalia refugees 'abused and raped' Map of Mogadishu Somalia
  Internally displaced people in Somalia are suffering sexual violence and other forms of abuse, reports the Human Rights Watch (HRW) campaign group
2013 Mar.3     Somali 'false rape victim' cleared Map of Mogadishu Somalia
  A court in Somalia has dropped charges against a woman who was given a jail sentence after alleging she was raped by security forces
2012 Sep.20   Suicide bombers strike Mogadishu  Two suicide bombers have blown themselves up in a restaurant in the city centre, near the presidential palace 2012 Apr.4     Bomb kills Somali sport officials Map of Mogadishu Somalia
  Members of Somalia's Olympic committee and football heads are among seven people killed by a bomb in Mogadishu
2011 Oct.4   More than 30 dead in Somalia bombing  A truck filled with explosives barreled into a government complex, a brazen strike killing students registering for an education program 2011 Aug.17     UK minister visits Mogadishu Map of Mogadishu Somalia
  International Development Secretary Andrew Mitchell has become the first British cabinet minister to visit war-torn capital in 18 years
2011 Aug.9   Amnesty offered to Somalia insurgents  Transitional government has offered a general amnesty to insurgent fighters in Mogadishu who surrender and promise to renounce violence 2011 Aug.6   Al-Shabab rebels leave Mogadishu  Islamist rebels have pulled out of all positions in the Somali capital. President Sheikh Sharif Ahmed declared the rebels defeated 2011 Aug.3     Somalia's famine reaches into Mogadishu   Three more regions of Somalia have now been struck by famine, including the capital, Mogadishu, the United Nations announced 2011 Jul.12   CIA aiding Somalia suspect interrogations  CIA operatives have secretly traveled to Mogadishu to help interrogate terrorism suspects about operations in East Africa and Yemen 2011 Jun.19     Despite supporting rallies, PM steps down Map of Mogadishu Somalia
  Despite days of rallies supporting him in the capital city of Mogadishu, Somali Prime Minister Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo resigned
2011 Jun.11   'African US embassy bomber dead'  Fazul Abdullah Mohammed, suspected of in the 1998 embassy bombings, has been killed by Somali government forces 2011 Jun.10   Somali minister killed by niece  Interior Minister Abdi Shakur Sheikh Hassan has been killed in a suicide attack at his home in the capital, Mogadishu 2010 Oct.3     9 killed as AU advances on Somali militants Map of Mogadishu Somalia
  At least nine civilians were killed and 42 wounded as peacekeepers from the African Union forces advanced on militant strongholds in Mogadishu
2010 Sep.16     12 die as Islamists, AU forces fire shells Map of Mogadishu Somalia
  7 others were wounded in Somalia's capital city, Mogadishu, after Islamists and African Union forces exchanged shells
2010 Sep.15     Battle measure success in meters Map of Mogadishu Somalia
  Soldiers from the African Union peacekeeping mission AMISOM are pushing deeper into the city
2010 Jul.11     Fans pour into capital to watch World Cup   Thousands of fans poured into the government-controlled Somali capital of Mogadishu to watch the final match in defiance of a ban by Islamist groups 2010 Jul.5       Anti-government protesters march Map of Mogadishu Somalia
  Demonstrators, including women dressed in full hijabs brandishing AK-47 automatic rifles, marched through the streets of Somali capital
2010 May.16     Rebels attack Somali parliament Map of Mogadishu Somalia
  At least 20 people were killed and 60 others wounded. Most of those killed were civilians who died inside the Bakara Market
2010 May.2     At least 45 dead in mosque attack Map of Mogadishu Somalia
  The mosque is in the heart of Bakara Market, a stronghold of Al-Shabaab, the militant group waging a war against the government
2010 Apr.13       Stations air animal noises to protest Map of Mogadishu Somalia
  Roars, growls and galloping hooves replaced music on some of radio stations in a protest of a ban on music imposed by Islamic extremists
2010 Mar.11   Heavy fighting flared in the Somali capital  A battle between government forces and Al-Shabaab rebels left 29 dead and scores injured 2009 Dec.3   Blast kills 19 at graduation ceremony  A male suicide bomber dressed in women's clothing killed 3 members of interim government and 16 others at a medical school graduation ceremony 2009 Jul.16     Somali PM speaks with French hostage Map of Mogadishu Somalia
  Interim prime minister said that he has spoken to one of two French hostages seized earlier this week by gunmen who stormed their hotel in Mogadishu
 Two security advisers seized this week have been split up and are now being held by two different hard-line groups
2009 Jul.14       Foreigners seized from Mogadishu hotel Map of Mogadishu Somalia
  Two French advisers helping the Somali government with security were kidnapped
2009 Jul.12       Fresh fighting erupts Map of Mogadishu Somalia
  The fighting erupted between transitional government forces and Islamist rebels in a district north of the capital, Mogadishu
2009 May.26     More Somalis flee heavy fighting in capital Map of Mogadishu Somalia
  As the largest gathering of displaced residents in the world, tens of thousands of civilians are seeking shelter along the Afgooye corridor
2009 May.24       Blast kills seven Map of Mogadishu Somalia
  A suicide bomber has killed a civilian and six government guards in the capital, where Islamists and pro-government forces are fighting
2009 May.23     Civilians caught in fighting, dozens dead Map of Mogadishu Somalia
  39 civilians caught in the crossfire of fighting between government forces and rebels in the county's capital have been killed
2009 May.22   Fierce battle in Somali capital   Pro-government forces have launched a major attack against Islamist militants controlling parts of the capital. At least 36 people were killed 2009 Apr.15       Parliament member killed Map of Mogadishu Somalia
  Abdulahi Ise Abtidon who was politically aligned with new President Sheikh Sharif Ahmed was killed in the capital city
2009 Apr.13       US politician targeted Map of Mogadishu Somalia
  Congressman Donald Payne has had a narrow escape on a visit to Mogadishu after insurgents fired mortars towards his plane
2009 Feb.22     Peacekeepers attacked Map of Mogadishu Somalia
  A group of African Union peacekeepers came under attack by an Islamist militia: a car loaded with explosives targeted the troops
2009 Jan.24     'Cowardly' suicide bombing kills 15 Map of Mogadishu Somalia
  A car bomb went off before it reached the African Union Mission
2009 Jan.15       'Terror group' joins capital takeover Map of Mogadishu Somalia
  Islamist militants took almost full control of Mogadishu, less than 24 hours after Ethiopian troops withdrew from Somalia's capital
2008 Aug.3     Bomb kills 21 women street cleaners Map of Mogadishu Somalia
  A roadside bombing in the capital killed 21 women who were cleaning rubbish from a southern Mogadishu street
2008 Jul.12   Gunmen targeting aid workers  3 aid workers have been shot over the last day, 2 of them fatally, including Mohamed Mohamud Qeyre, the deputy director of DBG 2008 Jul.6     Gunmen kill U.N. official, wound 2 others Map of Mogadishu Somalia
  Gunmen opened fire on people leaving a mosque, killing Osman Ali Ahmed, the head of the U.N. Development Program for Somalia
2008 Jun.8     Clashes leave at least 10 dead Map of Mogadishu Somalia
  Fresh fighting between Ethiopian-backed government forces and Islamic insurgents in capital city of Mogadishu
2008 May.17     Jordan aid vessel hijacked Map of Mogadishu Somalia
  Pirates have hijacked the Victoria, sailing from India with 4,000 tonnes of sugar donated by Denmark on board, off the coast of Somalia
2008 May.5   Two die in currency riot  Troops killed at least two people in Mogadishu, when they opened fire to halt riots over rising costs and counterfeit money 2008 Apr.21     Somalia clashes 'the worst since 1991' Map of Mogadishu Somalia
  The main opposition group accused Ethiopian troops of killing 6 leaders of a Muslim sect during weekend street battles in Mogadishu
2008 Apr.19   82 reported killed in Mogadishu  At least 27 people, including 9 Ethiopian soldiers and 7 Islamic militants, were killed in fierce fighting in the Somalian capital 2007 Nov.11     Children die in violence Map of Mogadishu Somalia
  Neighborhoods in Mogadishu were deserted, after 17 civilians were brutally killed in the wake of fighting between Somali troops and Islamic insurgents
2007 Oct.17   Aid stopped after kidnap  The UN has stopped distributing food in Mogadishu, after government troops abducted the local head of the World Food Program 2007 Jul.6     5 children killed playing with land mine Map of Mogadishu Somalia
  Children walking to prayers in Mogadishu were killed when one of them picked up a land mine and threw it against a wall
2007 Jun.25     Shooting at food aid crush Map of Mogadishu Somalia
  At least 3 people have died after security forces opened fire at a crowd demanding food aid in Mogadishu
2007 May.14     Aid 'not reaching needy' Map of Mogadishu Somalia
  UN official: Humanitarian aid is failing to reach almost two-thirds of those affected by the fighting in Mogadishu
2007 May.12     3 killed in bombings as U.N. official visits Map of Mogadishu Somalia
  2 bombs go off in in Mogadishu, cutting short a visit by John Holmes, the U.N. undersecretary-general for humanitarian affairs
2007 Apr.26     PM claims 'victory' Map of Mogadishu Somalia
  Ali Mohamed Ghedi: Ethiopian and government troops are in control of the capital, Mogadishu
2007 Mar.30     Helicopter shot down in Mogadishu Map of Mogadishu Somalia
  Shells rained down on Mogadishu as Ethiopian and Somali troops sought to flush out militant Islamist insurgents
2007 Mar.29     Ethiopian helicopters fire on market Map of Mogadishu Somalia
  Ethiopian helicopter gunships have fired at a market near an insurgent stronghold in Mogadishu
2007 Mar.23     Supply plane for peacekeepers shot down Map of Mogadishu Somalia
  A cargo plane that had delivered equipment for Ugandan peacekeepers in Mogadishu was shot down by a missile during takeoff
2007 Feb.25     Hundreds hurt in crossfire of fierce battles Map of Mogadishu Somalia
  Hundreds of civilians have been wounded in recent fighting in Mogadishu between Ethiopian-backed government and Islamic insurgents
2007 Feb.20       Heavy shelling in Somali capital Map of Mogadishu Somalia
  Somali government forces and Ethiopian troops have shelled areas of Mogadishu after their positions came under fire
2007 Jan.19     Presidential palace in Mogadishu attacked Map of Mogadishu Somalia
  At least 2 mortars slammed into the palace as explosions and gunfire rocked Mogadishu
2007 Jan.14     Talks begin on peacekeepers Map of Mogadishu Somalia
  An African Union delegation traveled to Mogadishu to discuss the deployment of international peacekeepers
2007 Jan.7     Ethiopian forces under attack in Somalia Map of Mogadishu Somalia
  Gunmen attacked Ethiopian troops supporting, sparking a firefight in the second straight day of violence in Mogadishu
2007 Jan.6   Fighters: We'll heed al Qaeda's call  The interim government indefinitely postponed plans to disarm Mogadishu, as hundreds of people burned tires 2006 Dec.28   Government seeks control  The government is making moves to assert its authority over Mogadishu 2006 Dec.28   Mogadishu falls to government troops  Triumphant government fighters backed by Ethiopian tanks and jets enter Mogadishu 2006 Jul.25       President agrees to talks Map of Mogadishu Somalia
  The interim government has agreed to hold talks with the Islamic courts that control Mogadishu
2006 Jul.10     Fighting intensifies in Mogadishu Map of Mogadishu Somalia
  Islamic militia battled a pocket of resistance in the capital for a 2nd day, pounding Mogadishu with machine-gun fire
2006 Jun.23   Swedish cameraman shot dead  Martin Adler shot during a huge rally in Mogadishu, held to support Thursday's peace agreement 2006 Jun.6     Militia 'faces opposition' Map of Mogadishu Somalia
  The Islamists that has claimed control of Mogadishu is unlikely to be able to form a new government
2006 May.15     Shaky truce holds Map of Mogadishu Somalia
  Militias picked through Mogadishu's streets to retrieve corpses as angry clan elders deployed their own fighters
2005 Nov.6     PM escapes convoy attack Map of Mogadishu Somalia
  3 people have been killed in an apparent assassination attempt on Ali Mohamed Gedi in the capital Mogadishu
2005 May.3     PM escapes bomb as 7 die Map of Mogadishu Somalia
  Ali Mohamed Gedi has escaped a bombing at a government rally in Mogadishu's stadium

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B. 2016-04-30 Somalia mosque collapses kills 15 in Mogadishu Mogadishu, Somalia
2. 2016-02-06 Somali plane 'was holed by bomb' after Mogadishu take-off Mogadishu, Somalia
D. 2016-02-02 Fire forces plane to make emergency landing in Somalia Mogadishu, Somalia
E. 2014-12-11 At least 50 dead after drinking from contaminated well Mogadishu, Somalia
F. 2014-09-13 Top Somali anti-terrorism officer shot dead Mogadishu, Somalia
6. 2014-02-27 Deadly bomb blast in Somali capital Mogadishu, Somalia
2014-02-21 Somali presidential palace attacked Mogadishu, Somalia
8. 2013-11-08 'Suicide attack' at Mogadishu hotel Mogadishu, Somalia
9. 2013-09-07 Deadly blast in Mogadishu restaurant Mogadishu, Somalia

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