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  Taliban jailbreak frees hundreds   Taliban militants have freed 248 prisoners in an assault on a prison in north-west Pakistan, officials say Militants attack Pakistani prison  Taliban militants wearing police uniform have launched an assault on a prison in north-west Pakistan Bomb strikes Shia procession  A roadside bomb has killed at least seven people near a Shia Muslim procession. The attack took place in the stronghold of Sunni Muslims Suspect's sister apologizes for attack on Malala  The sister of Attah Ullah Khan, 23, a man suspected in the shooting of Pakistani teenager Malala Yousufzai has apologized to the victim Darra Adam Khel market bombing 'kills 15'  At least 15 people have been killed and up to 30 wounded in a car bomb attack on a market in north-west Pakistan   Girl who spoke out against Taliban shot in Pakistan Map of Swat Valley Pakistan
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2016-01-19 Pakistan Charsadda: Gun battle rages at university Bacha Khan university, Charsadda, Tribal Areas
2. 2015-09-17 Gunmen attack Pakistan air force base in Peshawar
D. 2015-04-06 Family of 10 killed after dad refuses to let daughter marry Charsadda, Peshawar
4. 2013-11-20 Suspected US drone kills five in Pakistan Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa, NW Pakistan
F. 2013-07-30 Taliban jailbreak frees hundreds Dera Ismail Khan, NW Pakistan
6. 2013-07-29 Militants attack Pakistani prison Dera Ismail Khan, NW Pakistan
H. 2012-11-23 Bomb strikes Shia procession Dera Ismail Khan, NW Pakistan
I. 2012-11-05 Suspect's sister apologizes for attack on Malala Swat Valley, NW Pakistan
J. 2012-10-13 Darra Adam Khel market bombing 'kills 15' Darra Adam Khel, NW Pakistan

Gunmen attack Pakistan air force base in Peshawar   At least six militants have been killed during an attack on a Pakistani air force base in Peshawar, officials say Family of 10 killed after dad refuses to let daughter marry   Gul Ahmed Said killed his uncle, aunt and their eight children after the uncle refused to let him marry his daughter Suspected US drone kills five in Pakistan Map of Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa Pakistan
Pakistan Charsadda: Gun battle rages at university Map of Bacha Khan university Charsadda Pakistan
2016 Jan.19  
  Security forces in north-west Pakistan are battling militants inside a university in the town of Charsadda, with two gunmen reportedly killed
2015 Sep.17  
2015 Apr.6  
2013 Nov.20    
  A suspected US drone attack has killed at least five people in an Islamic seminary in Pakistan's north-western Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa province
2013 Jul.30  
2013 Jul.29  
2012 Nov.23  
2012 Nov.5  
2012 Oct.13  
2012 Oct.9  
  14-year-old Malala Yousufzai was awarded Pakistan's first National Peace Prize for her online diary reporting on the Taliban's ban on education
 Gunmen sought her out and opened fire on her school van, leaving her seriously wounded along with two other classmates
2011 Aug.27       Pakistan border raid 'kills 25' Map of Chitral Pakistan
  At least 200 Taliban fighters crossed from Afghanistan at seven military checkpoints and killed more than 25 soldiers and police
2011 Aug.25   Flood victims stranded  Floods in northwest Pakistan have claimed more than 30 lives, as a riverbank overflowed during recent heavy rains 2011 Jul.18     Taliban video: Execution of Pakistani men Map of Upper Dir Pakistan
  Graphic video footage shows the execution of at least 16 men believed to be Pakistani police officers -- a new escalation in the fight
2010 Dec.24   40 killed near World Food Program office Map of Khar Pakistan  a suicide bomber blew himself. 70 others injured. all staff members of the World Food Programme and its partner organizations are safe 2010 Nov.5   55 killed in mosque bombing  The Pakistani Taliban claimed responsibility for a deadly mosque attack in Pakistan Friday and said it was targeting a local anti-Taliban group 2010 Mar.12       Suicide bomber in rickshaw hits checkpoint Map of Swat Valley Pakistan
  At least 10 people have been killed by a suicide bomber in a rickshaw at a security checkpoint. At least 34 people were wounded
2009 Oct.12   41 dead in Swat Valley blast   About 45 people were injured in the explosion in the Shangla district at a security forces checkpoint 2009 Aug.9       Reporter escapes Taliban death sentence Map of Swat Valley Pakistan
  Zarghon Shah came face-to-face with the feared fighters, was ordered to be executed and gained a chilling insight into the mind of a militant
2009 May.25     Residents of Swat Valley continue to flee Map of Swat Valley Pakistan
  Residents of the valley continue to flee the violence that has erupted there as the military clashes with the Taliban
2009 May.14   Pakistan lifts Swat valley curfew  Army has temporarily lifted the curfew in large parts of the valley, to allow civilians to flee the intense fighting against the Taliban 2009 May.9   Pakistan urging residents to flee  The government has lifted a curfew in the to allow residents to escape an intense battle between the army and Taleban militants 2009 May.8   Tens of thousands flee war-torn region   The United Nations' refugee agency warned of a 'massive displacement' of civilians as military broadens its offensive against Taliban
 Authorities say they are mobilising to receive as many as half a million people displaced by fighting. The president has promised all-out war against militants
2009 May.7   Troops killed in clashes  At least 10 soldiers have been killed and nine wounded in clashes with Taliban militants 2009 May.6   Pakistani forces, Taliban clash   Military is pounding Taliban targets in the Swat Valley, trying to clear militants who control parts of the district's main city
 Taliban had laid siege to Mingora, looting banks, attacking army headquarters, the police station, and the power grid station. They are occupying civilian houses and government buildings in the city center
2009 Feb.23       Kidnapped official swapped for militants
Map of Swat Valley Pakistan
  Taliban militants released a kidnapped Pakistani official in exchange for two of their men
2009 Feb.15   Taleban announces Swat ceasefire  After local officials signed a deal, Taliban fighters in north-west Pakistan's restive Swat valley have announced a 10-day ceasefire 2009 Feb.1     43 civilians die in Taliban crossfire Map of Swat Valley Pakistan
  The incident happened in Charbagh in Pakistan's North West Frontier Province
2008 Aug.12   2nd assembly urges Musharraf to resign  Resolution by the North West Frontier Province passed by a vote of 107-4. following a similar measure that Punjab's assembly passed earlier 2008 Jun.16     Bombs rips through mosque Map of Dera Ismail Khan Pakistan
  A bomb exploded near the outer wall of the Shiite mosque, killing at least four people and wounding five others
2006 Nov.8   Suicide blast kills 42  A bomber has blown himself up at an army parade ground at a training ground in the town of Dargai in north-west Pakistan

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