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Imran Khan calls for civil disobedience at anti-government rally Map of ISLAMABAD Pakistan
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Pakistan Islamabad Map Pakistan Islamabad from Space
Mumtaz Qadri (2)
Pakistan protesters in police clash Map of Islamabad Pakistan
Mumtaz Qadri case: Pakistan police warn supporters to leave Map of Islamabad Pakistan
2016 Mar.30    
  Pakistani security forces are on standby to remove more than 1,000 hardline Islamist protesters from central Islamabad
2014 Aug.30    
  Pakistan police have fired tear gas at anti-government protesters marching on the official Islamabad residence of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif
2014 Aug.17    
  A Pakistani cricketer-turned-politician has called upon protesters at an anti-government rally to practice civil disobedience
2014 Apr.8     Blast strikes Pakistan market Map of Islamabad Pakistan
  A deadly blast has struck a busy fruit and vegetable market on the outskirts of Pakistan's capital, Islamabad, killing at least 18 people, police say
2014 Mar.2       Deadly attack on Pakistan court Map of Islamabad Pakistan
  At least 11 people have died in an attack on a district court complex in the Pakistani capital Islamabad, officials say
2014 Feb.4       Taliban criticise peace talks delay Map of Islamabad Pakistan
  Pakistani Taliban negotiators condemn the failure of government representatives to meet them in Islamabad, as peace efforts get off to a chaotic start
2013 Aug.25   Karzai in Pakistan for key talks  Afghan President Hamid Karzai is due to meet Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif for talks on restarting a peace process with the Taliban 2013 Jul.31   Kerry begins key Pakistan visit  The US Secretary of State, John Kerry, has arrived in Pakistan for talks with the newly-elected government of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif 2013 May.12     Sharif closes in on Pakistan majority Map of Islamabad Pakistan
  Nawaz Sharif is hoping to secure a majority in Pakistan's parliament and form the next government after claiming election victory
2013 May.12     Nawaz Sharif in talks on new government Map of Islamabad Pakistan
  Pakistani ex-PM has been holding talks with party colleagues on forming a government, after claiming victory in parliamentary elections
2013 May.2     Bhutto murder prosecutor shot dead Map of Islamabad Pakistan  Gunmen have shot dead the prosecutor investigating the murder of Pakistan's ex-leader Benazir Bhutto, police say 2013 Apr.19     Pakistani police arrest Pervez Musharraf Map of Islamabad Pakistan
  Pakistan's former military ruler Pervez Musharraf has been arrested on charges relating to the unlawful detention of judges in 2007
2013 Apr.18   Musharraf placed under house arrest  Former Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf has been placed under house arrest 2013 Mar.16       Pakistan government makes history Map of Islamabad Pakistan
  Pakistan's government has become the first elected administration in the country's history to complete a five-year term of office
2013 Jan.14     Clashes at Pakistan protest march Map of Islamabad Pakistan
  Police in Islamabad have fired warning shots in the air and used tear gas against anti-corruption protesters on a march led by cleric Tahirul Qadri
2012 Sep.20     Pakistan anti-film protest ends Map of Islamabad Pakistan
  Demonstrators who gathered outside the US embassy to protest against an amateur video mocking Islam have begun to disperse peacefully
2012 Sep.11     Pakistan family 'fear for lives' Map of Islamabad Pakistan
  The family of a young Christian girl, known as Rimsha, who faces blasphemy charges, say their Muslim neighbours threatened to burn them alive
2012 Apr.26   Bin Laden wives deported to Saudi Arabia  The three widows and children of Osama Bin Laden have been deported to Saudi Arabia from the Pakistani capital, Islamabad, officials say 2012 Apr.21     120 bodies recovered after plane crash Map of Islamabad Pakistan
  The grisly search for remains at the scene of a commercial plane crash in Pakistan continued , with officials doubting anyone on board survived
2012 Apr.21     Deadly Pakistan air crash probed Map of Islamabad Pakistan
  Air crash investigators are combing the wreckage of a passenger plane that crashed near the Pakistani capital Islamabad, killing all 127 on board
2012 Apr.20   No survivors from Pakistan plane crash Map of Islamabad Pakistan
  A commercial airplane carrying 127 people crashed in Islamabad just before it was to land at a nearby airport. Poor weather is a possible factor
 The Bhoja Air Boeing 737-200 had been making its first evening flight from Karachi to Islamabad. The crash occurred near the Chaklala airbase adjacent to the Benazir Bhutto International Airport
2011 Dec.26     India and Pakistan hold arms talks Map of Islamabad Pakistan
  Representatives of India and Pakistan on Tuesday will hold the second day of two-day talks on conventional and nuclear weapons
2011 Apr.4   Cameron to renew links with Pakistan  David Cameron will call for a 'fresh start' in Anglo-Pakistan relations on a visit to Islamabad aimed at patching up differences 2011 Mar.1   Pakistan minorities minister 'shot dead' Map of Islamabad Pakistan
  Minister for Minority Affairs, Shahbaz Bhatti, a Christian, has died after gunmen opened fire on his car in the capital, Islamabad
 He was travelling to work when through his vehicle was sprayed with bullets. He is a leader of the ruling Pakistan People's Party
2011 Jan.4   Governor Taseer assassinated Map of Islamabad Pakistan
  There has been international condemnation of the assassination of one of Pakistan's best-known liberal politicians, governor of Punjab province
2010 Oct.3   Nato oil tankers hit in Pakistan   Suspected militants have attacked a depot where dozens of tankers were being filled with fuel for Nato troops in Afghanistan
 Militants stormed the depot where dozens of tankers were being prepared for a Nato convoy near Rawat. The Taliban in Pakistan said it was behind the assault on a depot which left three people dead
2010 Jul.27     Plane crashes in Pakistan capital
Map of Islamabad Pakistan
  An Airbus A321 crashed as it was about to land, in heavy monsoon rain and poor visibility, killing all 152 people on board
 The domestic flight from the southern city of Karachi was operated by the private Pakistani airline Airblue
2010 Jun.8   Gunman kill six in attack on Nato convoy  Gunmen have opened fire on a Nato convoy near the Pakistani capita, killing at least six people and setting vehicles on fire 2010 May.15     'D.C. Five' appear in court in Pakistan Map of Islamabad Pakistan
  Five Americans on trial in Pakistan on terrorism charges appeared at a brief hearing, but did not face the detailed questioning they had expected
2009 Oct.20     Suicide blasts at university kill at least 5 Map of ISLAMABAD Pakistan
  Back-to-back suicide bombings killed at least five people at the International Islamic University here and wounded nearly two dozen
2009 Jun.1     Alleged terrorist detained Map of Islamabad Pakistan
  One of the three suspects detained in Islamabad has been identified as Fida Ullah, a terrorist who recruited suicide bombers here
2009 May.29     Security net thrown around Islamabad Map of Islamabad Pakistan
  Pakistani authorities increased security throughout the capital after deadly bombings in Lahore and Peshawar
2009 Apr.17     Radical cleric backs bloodshed Map of Islamabad Pakistan
  Maulana Abdul Aziz imprisoned for his role in a deadly mosque siege has vowed to continue his campaign to impose hardline Islamic law
2009 Apr.4     Bomb hits Islamabad police base Map of Islamabad Pakistan
  A suicide bomber slipped into the base and has killed at least five paramilitary police in an attack on a security base in the capital
2009 Feb.26     Blaze erupts at Marriott Hotel Map of Islamabad Pakistan
  A fire broke out at a major international hotel in the capita, five months after it was hit by a deadly suicide bombing
2009 Jan.7     Pakistan sacks security advisor   Pakistan has sacked Mehmood Ali Durrani as tensions continue between Islamabad and India over November's attacks in Mumbai 2008 Dec.3     Rice urges tough Pakistan action   US Secretary of State has called on the Pakistani government to take a 'tough line' on terrorism after arriving in Islamabad for talks 2008 Sep.21     Video shows Pakistan hotel truck bomb Map of Islamabad Pakistan
  More than 1,300 pounds of explosives were packed into a construction truck, killing 57 people, including two Americans and a diplomat
 Rescuers are continuing to search for bodies and survivors of a suicide bombing at a hotel. Some 266 others were hurt in the blast
2008 Sep.20   Deadly blast targets Marriott Hotel Map of Islamabad Pakistan
  A suicide truck bomb detonated in the heart of Islamabad, killing at least 40 people and wounding another 200
 Most of the fatalities appeared to be drivers who were waiting with their cars outside the Hotel, and hotel staff, most of them security guards. The blast created a 20ft (6m) deep crater, and destroyed the entire front section of the hotel
2008 Jul.6     Suicide bomb hits police Map of Islamabad Pakistan
  At least 8 policemen have been killed and more than 20 people injured in a suicide bomb attack in Pakistan's capital
2008 Jun.13     Thousands march for fired judges Map of ISLAMABAD Pakistan
  Tens of thousands of protesters from across Pakistan poured into the capital to press the new government to restore judges ousted under Musharraf
2008 Mar.15     2 die in 'foreigner' restaurant blast Map of Islamabad Pakistan
  A bomb exploded in the back garden of an Italian restaurant popular with foreigners in Islamabad, killing two people and wounding 9
2007 Nov.28     Musharraf sworn in for second term Map of Islamabad Pakistan
  President Musharraf was given the oath of office by newly-installed chief justice at a ceremony in the presidential palace
2007 Sep.13     Blast hits army unit, leaves 15 dead Map of Islamabad Pakistan
  More than 25 other soldiers were wounded in the bombing at the Terbella Ghazi military base, about 63 miles northeast of Islamabad
 Most of the victims were officers from an elite counter-terrorism force,
2007 Jul.27     13 dead in blast near Red Mosque Map of ISLAMABAD Pakistan
  A suicide bomber killed 13 people at a hotel as the government reopened the complex for the first time since an army raid
2007 Jul.13     Mosque protests across Pakistan Map of Islamabad Pakistan
  Protests have taken place against the government's military operation against radicals in Islamabad's radical Red Mosque
2007 Jul.12     Burnt bodies found at Red Mosque Map of Islamabad Pakistan
  The bodies of 19 people, charred beyond recognition, are among the 75 bodies that have been found at a radical mosque
2007 Jul.11     Bodies found at Red Mosque Map of Islamabad Pakistan
  The army has found 73 bodies inside a compound in Islamabad, after fierce battles between soldiers and gunmen inside
2007 Jul.11     Red Mosque 'cleared' of militants Map of ISLAMABAD Pakistan
  All remaining militants involved in a bloody weeklong siege at Islamabad's compound have been cleared following a sweep by security forces
2007 Jul.10     Red Mosque operation 'nears end' Map of Islamabad Pakistan
  Army says an operation to flush out militants from a mosque in Islamabad is in its final stages. The few remaining militants are holed up
2007 Jul.10   Red Mosque rebel cleric killed in crossfire Map of ISLAMABAD Pakistan
  Cleric Abdul Rashid Ghazi, the leader at the center of the week-long siege in Islamabad, has been killed
 His body was found in the Red Mosque basemen. 8 soldiers were also killed in the military operation
2007 Jul.9   Soldiers storm mosque Map of Islamabad Pakistan
  Troops in Islamabad have stormed the Red Mosque compound, minutes after talks with radicals broke down
 Three Pakistan commandos and 40 student militants were killed. Heavy black smoke rose above the mosque. As fighting started, 20 children escaped from the Lal Masjid. The week-long standoff between security forces and the students has left more than 2 dozen people dead
2007 Jul.8     Wanted men 'control Red Mosque' Map of Islamabad Pakistan
  Religious affairs minister has said wanted Islamic militants were holding women and children hostage inside the Lal Masjid
2007 Jul.7     Army commander dies in clash Map of Islamabad Pakistan
  Lt. Col. Haroon-ul-Islam has been killed and 3 officers were wounded during the operation to free women and children holed up inside the Lal Masjid
2007 Jul.6     Explosion rocks besieged mosque Map of Islamabad Pakistan
  Pakistani forces fired at a fuel tank inside Lal Masjid, causing an explosion heard across the capital
2007 Jul.6     Fighting erupted at Red Mosque Map of Islamabad Pakistan
  Fresh fighting has erupted at the mosque in Islamabad, where a government siege of radical Islamists is in its fourth day
2007 Jul.6   Guns fired near president's plane  Police seized munitions at a house near Islamabad's airport after reports of rooftop gunfire around the same time Musharraf's plane was taking off 2007 Jul.5   Musharraf orders mosque pause  The President has told security forces to be patient to allow women to leave the Red Mosque complex in Islamabad 2007 Jul.4     'Mass exodus' at mosque Map of Islamabad Pakistan
  More than 1,000 students holed up inside Lal Masjid in Islamabad have surrendered to security forces
2007 Jul.4     Explosions rock mosque Map of Islamabad Pakistan
  Several loud explosions have been heard at a mosque in Islamabad where Islamic students have been resisting a siege by security forces
2007 Jul.3     Troops besiege mosque Map of Islamabad Pakistan
  Pakistani troops have sealed off the area around the Lal Masjid mosque in Islamabad
2007 Jul.3     Students given ultimatum Map of Islamabad Pakistan
  The government: Armed militants holed up at a radical mosque in Islamabad must surrender or face punitive action from security forces
2007 Jan.26       Suicide attack kills two Map of Islamabad Pakistan
  A bomber killed a security guard and himself in an attack outside the Marriott Hotel in the Pakistani capital
2006 Oct.30     Rally condemns air raid Map of Islamabad Pakistan
  Tribesmen have rallied against Islamabad's alliance with the US after a strike on an al-Qaeda camp at an Islamic school
2006 Feb.19     Arrests, tear gas halt cartoon protests Map of Islamabad Pakistan
  Police arrested 400 including 10 lawmakers and dispersed several hundred demonstrators in Islamabad
2006 Feb.14     2 dead in cartoon rioting   1,000 protesters stormed into Islamabad's diplomatic district while thousands vandalized Western businesses 2005 Oct.7   Major quake kills thousands Map of Islamabad Pakistan
  A magnitude 7.6 earthquake epicenter was 60 miles north-northeast of Islamabad and 6 miles below the surface
 Most of the dead were in the Pakistani-controlled part of Kashmir, followed by the North-West Province. Entire villages and many roads have been wiped out by landslides. Indian Prime Minister Singh called President Musharraf and offered help
2004 Feb.16       Rivals pursue 'cordial' dialogue Map of Islamabad Pakistan
  Kashmir is high on the agenda in the 3 days of landmark discussions in Islamabad
2003 Oct.6     Sunni politician dies in shootout Map of Islamabad Pakistan
  Gunmen opened fire on 5 people in a government car in Islamabad, killing them all, including Maulana Azam Tariq
2003 Mar.2   Sheikh Mohammed interrogated  The 37-year-old planner of 9/11 was arrested with 2 other people in a joint Pakistani-CIA operation near Islamabad 2002 Nov.3     Earthquake kills seven Map of Islamabad Pakistan
  The magnitude-4.5 quake hit near Gilgit, about 125 miles north of Islamabad, also injures 30, many of them critically
2002 Aug.8     Grenade attack at hospital Map of Islamabad Pakistan
  4 people, including 3 nurses, have been killed in a attack on a Christian missionary hospital near the capital of Islamabad
2002 Aug.5     6 killed in attack on school Map of Islamabad Pakistan
  Gunmen attacked a Christian school near the town of Murree, east of Islamabad
2002 Mar.16     5 dead in church blast Map of Islamabad Pakistan
  45 people had been injured in the grenade attack on a Protestant church in the capital, Islamabad
2001 Apr.23     Bomb tears through market Map of Islamabad Pakistan
  20 people wounded as crude homemade bomb, hidden in a crate of vegetables, exploded in the capital of Islamabad

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