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Fatah gunmen storm parliament Map of Ramallah Israel
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Palestinian boy killed during protest Map of Ramallah Israel
Kerry to meet Palestinian president  US Secretary of State John Kerry is to meet Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas in Ramallah to try to revive peace talks with Israel Obama vows Palestinian state support  President Barack Obama has said on a visit to the West Bank that the US is 'deeply committed' to creating a sovereign state of Palestine Barack Obama travels to West Bank for talks  Barack Obama is due to arrive in the West Bank city of Ramallah for talks with Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas Abbas calls for Palestinian unity after 'birth certificate'  Palestinian Authority President called for an end to the division among Palestinians in the wake of the United Nations upgrading the authority's status   Yasser Arafat's remains exhumed Map of Ramallah Israel  The remains of Yasser Arafat have been exhumed, Palestinian officials say, as part of an investigation into how the Palestinian leader died Workers begin exhuming Arafat's body  Work began Tuesday to exhume the body of Palestine Liberation Organization leader Yasser Arafat amid an investigation of his 2004 death Abbas returns to hero's welcome  Palestinian President stood before a cheering crowd upon his return from the U.N., where he had launched a bid for Palestinian statehood   Abbas: Stop talks if no settlement freeze   Palestinian leaders meeting in the West Bank backed a halt to peace talks with Israel if it does not stop settlement construction Abbas: Temporary borders would be trap  Palestinian Authority President said that he would not accept a Palestinian state with temporary borders Palestinians say farewell to poet Map of Ramallah Israel
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  Mahmoud Abbas described Mahmoud Darwish as a hero for all Palestinians
2008 Jul.29    
  Israeli soldiers fired shots near a group of Palestinian youths during a demonstration, killing a 9-year-old
2007 Jun.16    
  The gunmen raided parliament buildings controlled by rivals as factional fighting continued to spread
2006 Dec.15   Palestinian factions clash  More than a dozen people were injured when fighting broke out in the city of Ramallah 2006 Aug.18       Israelis detain Hamas deputy PM Map of Ramallah Israel
  The forces have seized Nasser al-Shaer in a raid on his home in the town of Ramallah
2006 Jun.28     Settler's body believed found Map of Ramallah Israel
  A body found near Ramallah is that of an 18-year-old Eliyahu Yitzhak Asheri, abducted by Palestinian militants
2006 May.22       Hamas leader 'captured' in raid Map of Ramallah Israel
  Israeli forces have captured a leader of the militant Islamic group Ibrahim Hammad, 41, in the town of Ramallah
2005 Jan.30     Israel to leave 4 West Bank cities Map of Ramallah Israel
  Palestinians: Israel will hand over security in Ramallah, Tulkarem, Qalqilya and Jericho to the Palestinian Authority
2004 Nov.12     Chaos as Arafat is buried Map of Ramallah Israel
  Amid chaotic and highly emotional scenes, Palestinian leader has been buried at the Ramallah compound
2004 Nov.10       Israel agrees Arafat burial plans Map of Ramallah Israel
  Israel has approved Palestinian plans to bury their leader in the West Bank city of Ramallah
2004 Nov.9     Aide: Arafat suffers brain hemorrhage   Al-Tayyeb Abdel Raheem said that Palestinian officials in Ramallah are in close contact with colleagues in Paris 2004 Oct.27   Officials deny Arafat's condition critical  A team of doctors was evaluating Palestinian leader at at his Ramallah compound. He was too weak to walk 2003 Dec.1     4 Palestinians killed during Israeli raid Map of Ramallah Israel
  A 9-year-old boy is among killed during the large-scale incursion in Ramallah. 30 suspected militants were arrested
2003 Aug.15     Israel to release cities to Palestinians Map of Ramallah Israel
  Israel has agreed to hand over security control of Jericho, Qalqilya, Tulkarem and Ramallah
2003 Aug.2   Palestinians arrest Arafat HQ militants  Palestinian security forces have arrested about 20 militants at the Palestinian leader's Ramallah compound 2003 Jun.1     'Little change' after Israel lifts ban Map of Ramallah Israel
  But residents of Ramallah said there had been no improvement at checkpoints
2002 Sep.20     Israel army wrecks Arafat compound   Israeli forces have destroyed all buildings in Ramallah compound that immediately surround the Palestinian leader's main office 2002 Jun.10   Israeli tanks surround Arafat  The army launched 'pinpoint incursion' into Ramallah, arresting at least 27 Palestinians, including policemen 2002 Jun.5     Israel attacks Arafat's HQ   Gunfire has broken out near the headquarters of Palestinian leader in the city of Ramallah 2002 Apr.25   Palestinians 'jailed' for minister's killing  A military tribunal inside Arafat's headquarters in Ramallah has handed down prison sentences to four militants 2002 Apr.15   Israeli forces seize leading Palestinian  Barghouti, 41, one of Israel's most wanted men, was arrested in the city of Ramallah 2002 Apr.1   Israeli forces moved into Bethlehem  Intensive gun battle is going on in the city centre. Troops are storming the Palestinian security HQ in Ramallah 2002 Feb.24   Palestinians cancelled security meetings  Sharon's government voted to keep Arafat confined to Ramallah. The Palestinians denounced this as an insult 2002 Feb.19   Israel attacks Arafat headquarters  Helicopters have attacked Arafat's compound in Ramallah while the Palestinian leader was inside 2002 Jan.18     Israel silences Voice of Palestine Map of Ramallah Israel
  Army has destroyed the television and radio station in the town of Ramallah
2002 Jan.18   Tanks close in on Arafat HQ  Israeli forces have tightened their encirclement around the Ramallah within 30 metres of Arafat's offices 2001 Dec.25     Israel to lift Jericho blockade Map of Ramallah Israel
  Troops remain deployed in several towns, including Ramallah
2001 Dec.20       Tanks pull back Map of Ramallah Israel
  Tanks and soldiers have pulled out of Palestinian areas near Ramallah
2001 Nov.17       Arafat, Europeans discuss peace Map of Ramallah Israel
  Senior European officials met with Palestinian leader at his Ramallah headquarters
2001 Oct.24     13 Palestinians killed Map of Ramallah Israel
  10 of Palestinians have been killed during an incursion into a of Beit Rima village near Ramallah
2001 Sep.8     Israel rockets Fatah building Map of Ramallah Israel
  2 helicopters hit Fatah's regional headquarters in Ramallah
2001 Aug.28     Palestinians called for revenge Map of Ramallah Israel
  In Ramallah, 5000 gathered for the burial of Mustafa Zabri, the leader of PFLP. Troops remained in Beit Jala
2001 Aug.4     Missile attack injures Arafat guard Map of Ramallah Israel
  2 missiles were fired at a car belonging to Fatah movement in city of Ramallah, West Bank
2001 Mar.12     Palestinian killed in blockade clash Map of Ramallah Israel
  Clashes were over tightened blockades around the West Bank town of Ramallah
2000 Nov.22     Israel launches rocket attacks Map of Ramallah Israel
  West Bank town of Ramallah

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G. 2012-11-13 Workers begin exhuming Arafat's body Ramallah, West Bank
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I. 2010-10-02 Abbas: Stop talks if no settlement freeze Ramallah, West Bank
J. 2010-04-24 Abbas: Temporary borders would be trap Ramallah, West Bank

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