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Airstrikes wound three in Gaza Map of Gaza City Israel
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Israel Gaza City Map Israel Gaza City from Space

Militants killed in Gaza strikes Map of Gaza City Israel
  Hamas kills 18 suspected Israel informants Map of Gaza City Israel  Hamas carried out a deadly purge of suspected informants, killing people suspected of providing information to the Israel Defense Forces Gaza conflict: Israel to investigate school shelling  Israel says it will investigate the shelling of a school housing displaced civilians in Gaza, and apologise if Israeli fire was responsible Hamas political leader makes historic Gaza visit  Exiled Hamas leader Khaled Meshaal arrived in Gaza Friday to a hero's welcome, two weeks after a bloody fight with Israel   Hamas military leader killed by Israeli strike Map of Gaza City Israel
2014 Aug.22  
2014 Jul.30  
2012 Dec.7  
2012 Nov.14  
  Ahmed Jabr, the head of Hamas' military wing, was killed Wednesday in Gaza by an Israeli "surgical" strike, the Israeli military announced
 U.N. Security Council held an emergency meeting. Hamas' military wing warned that Israelis had opened 'the gates of hell on themselves' with the move
2012 Oct.24    
  The Israel Defence Forces (IDF) have carried out air strikes over Gaza City, killing at least four Hamas militants and injuring several other people
2011 Aug.15    
  All three injuries occurred in a strike east of Gaza City, where a group of Palestinian militants had gathered
2011 Apr.15       Hamas condemns activist murder Map of Gaza City Israel
  Hamas condemns the murder of Italian pro-Palestinian activist Vittorio Arrigoni after he is found murdered in Gaza City hours after his abduction
2009 Jan.15   U.N. condemns shelling of aid complex  Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon condemned an attack on a relief agency's compound in Gaza City, which he says was committed by Israeli forces 2009 Jan.14     Israel pursues its Gaza offensive   The heavy machine-gun fire heard as Israeli troops fought Hamas gunmen near Gaza City 2009 Jan.10     Hamas rocket team leader killed   Amir Mansi, the commander in charge of launching rockets into Israel from the Gaza City area was killed by Israeli ground fire 2008 Nov.13     Gaza City in darkness Map of Gaza City Israel
  Residents of Gaza City were without power after the Israeli military halted some fuel shipments because of ongoing rocket attacks on Israel
2008 Nov.10     Fuel shortages close plant Map of Gaza City Israel
  Gaza City was plunged into darkness as the main power plant in the Strip has been forced to shut down because of a fuel shortage
2008 Aug.2   Fleeing Fatah supporters enter Israel  About 180 pro-Fatah Palestinians seeking refuge from a Hamas crackdown in Gaza City were allowed into Israel
 The Fatah supporters ran to a border crossing after a day of bloody fighting with their bitter rivals Hamas, who control the territory. Some laid down their weapons as they approached the crossing. The injured were sent to Israeli hospitals
2008 Mar.1   Israeli airstrike hits Hamas premier's office  Israeli aircraft hit the Gaza City building housing the office of Ismail Haniyeh, heavily damaging it. No one was in the building
 Israeli aircraft also struck a metal workshop and a house belonging to a member of the military wing of Hamas
2008 Jan.15   Israeli Gaza City raid kills 16  Hamas leaders have declared a 3-day mourning period after an Israeli raid on eastern Gaza City left at least 17 dead 2007 Jun.24     Isl. Jihad member killed in Israeli airstrike
Map of Gaza City Israel
  A member of the Islamic Jihad was killed and three others wounded on the north side of Gaza City
2007 May.25   Israeli warplanes strike Hamas target  Israel Defense Forces carried out an aerial attack south of Gaza City, wounding three Palestinians 2007 May.20   Hamas leader's house hit by Israeli missile  Air force fired a missile at a house of Hamas lawmaker Khalil al-Hayya in Gaza City, killing at least 8 people 2007 May.19     Israeli jets strike Hamas Map of Gaza City Israel
  The aircraft have fired missiles at a car in Gaza City, killing 3 people, at least 2 of them were Hamas fighters
2006 Jul.8     Israel launches new strikes Map of Gaza City Israel
  An aerial attack against a group of armed gunmen in Gaza City and attack on a Fatah post near Khan Yunis
2006 Mar.1     Palestinian militant commander killed Map of Gaza City Israel
  Khaled Dahdoh, a senior commander for Palestinian Islamic Jihad, was killed in a blast in the heart of Gaza City
2005 Sep.27       Israelis launch air strikes Map of Gaza City Israel
  The strikes in central Gaza and Gaza City are in retaliation for dozens of Qassam rocket attacks by Palestinian militants
2005 Sep.24       Palestinians say 4 militants dead Map of Gaza City Israel
  The missiles struck the 2 vehicles in which members of the Hamas militant group were riding east of Gaza City
2005 Jul.15       Israel launches more air strikes Map of Gaza City Israel
  Aircraft have launched fresh strikes against industrial targets in Gaza City and southern Gaza
2004 May.11   6 Israeli troops die in blast Map of Gaza City Israel
  An armoured personnel carrier was blown up during a Gaza City raid. A helicopter fired a missile at a Palestinian car
2004 May.2   Gunmen killed pregnant and 4 children Map of Gaza City Israel
  Israeli helicopters have fired missiles into Gaza City hours after Palestinian gunmen killed a Jewish family
2004 Apr.17     Hamas leader killed in Israeli airstrike   Abdel Aziz Rantisi was killed Saturday in Gaza City by an Israeli missile. The helicopter strike also killing 2 others 2003 Feb.19     11 killed in Israeli operation in Gaza City Map of Gaza City Israel
  Troops entered Gaza City, in what military sources called a targeted mission against the 'terror infrastructure'
2003 Feb.18     Israeli tanks, helicopters end incursion Map of Gaza City Israel
  30 Israeli tanks and at least 2 Apache helicopters have ended an operation in and around Gaza City
2003 Jan.27     4 killed in explosion Map of Gaza City Israel
  An explosion in a house in Gaza City killed 4 Palestinians and injured 8. One of the victims was a young girl
2003 Jan.25   12 Palestinians killed Map of Gaza City Israel
  45 others wounded, according to Palestinian sources, as Israeli military operating in Gaza City
2003 Jan.24     Israeli military blows up bridge Map of Gaza City Israel
  After Palestinians fired rockets at Israel, tanks and troops sealed off a village, blowing up a bridge connecting it to Gaza City
2002 Sep.26       Hamas members killed in attacks Map of Gaza City Israel
  2 Palestinians were killed when an Israeli helicopter fired missiles, striking a car in Gaza City
2002 Sep.23   9 dead in clashes  Israeli troops moved into Gaza City. Among the Palestinians killed was a member of Hamas, involved in attacks on Israelis 2002 Aug.28     Navy targets smugglers Map of Gaza City Israel
  Ships on the Mediterranean shot cannons toward southern Gaza City to stop gun smugglers from entering by sea
2002 Jul.22   12 dead in airstrike Map of Gaza City Israel
  The Israeli military launched an airstrike at night in a residential area of Gaza City. About 150 people were wounded
2001 Oct.2     Israel hits back after raid Map of Gaza City Israel
  2 Israeli teenagers killed in a raid on a Jewish settlement. Israelis have attacked Gaza City with tanks and helicopters
2001 Apr.30     5 killed in home blasts Map of Gaza City Israel
  3 people, including a child, were killed in an explosion in Ramallah. 2 Palestinians were killed in Gaza City

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