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Residents flee Fallujah amid blitz  Thousands of residents are fleeing the Iraqi city of Fallujah, amid artillery fire and air strikes by government forces Iraq government 'loses Fallujah' Map of Fallujah Iraq
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Iraq Fallujah Map Iraq Fallujah from Space

  ISIS thug suspected of killing 150 girls, women Map of Fallujah Iraq
Iraqi soldiers 'killed by friendly fire'   An air strike by the US-led coalition during an offensive against so-called Islamic State (IS) may have killed Iraqi soldiers   Iraqi forces take strategic positions in Fallujah Map of Fallujah Iraq
2015 Dec.18  
2015 Jul.15    
  A coalition of Iraqi security forces and tribal fighters killed a top ISIS commander and took control of important positions in and around Fallujah
2014 Dec.17    
  Abu Anas Al-Libi is responsible for killing 150 women, including pregnant and teen, because they refused to marry members of the militant army
2014 Jan.5  
2014 Jan.4  
  The Iraqi government has lost control of the strategic city of Fallujah. Al-Qaeda-linked militants now control the south of the city
2014 Jan.2   Security forces fight Iraq militants   Special forces in Iraq are fighting al-Qaeda jihadist militants who have reportedly taken over swathes of two cities, Fallujah and Ramadi 2013 Nov.13   Mayor gunned down, 24 others killed across Iraq  The mayor of the Iraqi city of Falluja was shot to death while bombings there, in Baghdad and in another city killed 24 more people 2013 Jan.25   Iraq troops kill five protesters  Iraqi soldiers have opened fire on protesters in the city of Fallujah, killing at least five and wounding 60 2009 Aug.7     Boy survives al Qaeda kidnapping, torture Map of Fallujah Iraq
  Terrorists kidnap, torture 6 years old Khidir to bully Iraqi policeman
2009 Jul.18     Bombing kills 3 near city of Falluja Map of Fallujah Iraq
  The bomb, which targeted a local Sons of Iraq leader in Karma, struck his vehicle, wounding Naim al-Halbousi and killing his son
2008 May.16     Police beat news photographer Map of Fallujah Iraq
  An Iraqi photographer working for Reuters was hospitalized after police beat him at the scene of a bombing. 7 people were killed in the suicide bombing
2004 Nov.9   U.S., Iraqis enter Falluja's center Map of Fallujah Iraq
  10 U.S. troops and 2 Iraqi soldiers had been killed, 22 others wounded
2004 Jun.24   Multiple attacks kill 90   Attackers detonated bombs and launched ambushes in Baghdad, Mosul, Ba'qubah, Ramadi and Fallujah 2004 Jun.19   Airstrike on al-Zarqawi safe house kills 18  Coalition forces launched a missile strike against what they said was a house in Fallujah linked to wanted insurgent 2004 Apr.29   Former Iraqi generals offer Fallujah plan   A group of former generals offered to build a force that would move into Fallujah, allowing Marines to pull back 2004 Apr.26     Blast kills 2 U.S. soldiers Map of Fallujah Iraq
  U.S. soldiers were looking for a shop-owner suspected of producing chemical munitions. New fighting erupts in Fallujah
2004 Apr.11     Toll rises on both sides Map of Fallujah Iraq
  Volunteers are helping to bury the dead in Fallujah, where at least 480 Iraqis have been killed over the last week
2004 Apr.7   Coalition battled Shiite, Sunni insurgents  U.S. Defense Secretary Rumsfeld said the coalition faced 'a test of will'. Fighting particularly heavy in Fallujah 2004 Apr.5     Marines, Iraqis join forces in Fallujah Map of Fallujah Iraq
  U.S. Marines fought skirmishes with Iraqi fighters in and around Fallujah, closing off the city
2004 Apr.5     Marines lock down Fallujah Map of Fallujah Iraq
  Troops seize cleric's Baghdad office. They are facing resistance on 2 fronts: Sunni in Fallujah and Shiite protesters
2004 Mar.31   Iraqis hang U.S. bodies off bridge Map of Fallujah Iraq
  U.S. officials said they expect more attacks like the one that killed 4 U.S. civilian contractors in Fallujah
2004 Mar.31     Roadside bomb kills 5 U.S. soldiers Map of Fallujah Iraq
  In a 2nd strike in nearby Fallujah, at least 4 civilian contractors died in a grenade attack on 2 cars
2004 Jan.24       5 U.S. soldiers, 4 Iraqis killed in attacks Map of Fallujah Iraq
  A car bomb killed 3 U.S. soldiers and wounded 6 others in Khaldiyah. West of Fallujah, a roadside bomb exploded
2004 Jan.8       Black Hawk crash kills 9 Map of Fallujah Iraq
  A U.S. helicopter made an emergency landing just south of Fallujah, killing all soldiers on board
2004 Jan.2     Copter shot down Map of Fallujah Iraq
  Insurgent fire shot down a U.S. Army helicopter near Fallujah, killing an American soldier and wounding another
2003 Sep.29     U.S. soldier dies in convoy attack Map of Fallujah Iraq
  At least 6 U.S. soldiers were wounded in an improvised explosive device attack in Fallujah
2003 Sep.27     2 Iraqis killed in U.S. checkpoint shooting Map of Fallujah Iraq
  U.S. soldiers fired on a vehicle carrying at least 6 Iraqis after it ran a American checkpoint in Fallujah
2003 Sep.13   Anti-U.S. chants, gunshots mark funerals  On the streets of Fallujah, Iraqis marked the funerals of slain police officers as the U.S. military apologized 2003 Jul.18     U.S. soldier killed in blast Map of Fallujah Iraq
  Soldier's vehicle drove over 'an improvised explosive device' west of Fallujah
2003 Apr.29   Shootout kills 'at least 15'  At least another 53 injured during a gunfight with U.S. troops in the town of Fallujah

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