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U.N.: Cholera in Haiti's capital 'worrying'  The confirmation of five cases in Haiti's capital is a 'very worrying development'. In Port-au-Prince tens of thousands of are still living in tent cities Cholera reaches Haiti's capital  The first cases are detected and isolated in Port-au-Prince, raising fears over an outbreak that has killed more than 200 people   Rubble collapse traps at least one   Teams of rescuers in the capital rushed to the Caribbean Market after a machine used to clear rubble caused a secondary collapse   Haitian survived 4 weeks in rubble Map of Port-au-Prince Haiti  28-year-old Evan Muncie pulled alive from the rubble of a building may have been trapped since the January 12 quake that leveled much of the city Haiti memorial for UN quake victims  The United Nations has held a memorial service in Haiti's capital, to remember dozens of its workers killed in the earthquake   Girl, 16, pulled from rubble Map of Port-au-Prince Haiti
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Anti-U.N. protests erupt in Haitian capital  Haiti's protests against the U.N. spread to Port-au-Prince, as angry people took to the streets demanding the global body get out of their country Tomas aftermath raises cholera concern  In the wake of the hurricane, cholera has reached the congested capital, where 73 people have come down with the potentially deadly infection Haiti tests for cholera in capital  At least 120 people in Port-au-Prince, are being tested for cholera   Haiti capital cholera fears grow Map of Port-au-Prince Haiti
At least 16 dead in Carnival parade accident in Haiti  An 'accident following an electrical shock' happened on a parade float in Port-au-Prince at 2:48 a.m. ET Tuesday Former Haiti president Duvalier dies   Haiti's former ruler Jean-Claude 'Baby Doc' Duvalier has died of a heart attack in the capital Port-au-Prince, reports quoting official sources say 23 dead, 32 injured in Haiti bus accident Map of Petit-Goave Haiti
2015 Feb.17  
2014 Oct.4  
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  The bus went down a ravine after the driver apparently lost control late Tuesday in the coastal town of Petit-Goave
2010 Nov.18  
2010 Nov.9  
2010 Nov.8  
2010 Nov.8  
  A doctor in Haiti's capita has seen cases of suspected cholera, sparking fears that the epidemic has spread to the city
2010 Oct.24  
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2010 Feb.9  
2010 Feb.9  
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2010 Jan.27  
  French rescuers pulled from rubble a girl who they believe could have been trapped since the January 12 earthquake
2010 Jan.26   Man rescued from rubble two weeks after  A man has been pulled alive by US troops from the rubble in the Haitian capital - two weeks after the earthquake that destroyed the city 2010 Jan.25   Haitians torch bodies in plaza  Three bodies trapped in a crushed Toyota taxi. A man, two women. Set ablaze 2010 Jan.24     Haiti capital earthquake toll 150,000 Map of Port-au-Prince Haiti
  The confirmed death toll from Haiti's devastating earthquake has risen above 150,000 in the Port-au-Prince area alone
2010 Jan.23     Rescuers pull man alive after 11 days   A 23-year-old man has been pulled alive from the rubble of a ruined Napoli Inn Hotel in Haiti's capital, 11 days after the earthquake 2010 Jan.23   Funeral held for archbishop  Throngs of mourners turned out for a funeral Mass for the archbishop of Port-au-Prince, whose body was pulled from ruins near the cathedral 2010 Jan.21   Port opening raises hopes  Efforts to rebuild Haiti's main port are being stepped up in an effort to ensure emergency supplies reach millions still needing aid 2010 Jan.21   Police kill man over stolen rice  Haitian police shot and killed a man they suspected of stealing rice, leaving his body on the sidewalk for hours as his family mourned 2010 Jan.18   'A frenzy of looting' seen in capital  With the people hungry, desperate and frustrated nearly a week after a powerful earthquake, sporadic violence and looting are erupting 2010 Jan.16     Outside Port-au-Prince, towns destroyed   All along the coast going west and then down south, towns are absolutely destroyed. Reports have yet to come in from Carrefour, a city of 442,000 2010 Jan.14   Child pulled from rubble after 2 days  A group of men worked throughout the day to free this 11-year-old girl -- one of scores trapped beneath buildings that collapsed 2010 Jan.14   Aid deliveries face logistical nightmares  Roads leading toward the city from a dock normally used for offloading ships were impassable, buckled about 5 feet high by the earthquake 2010 Jan.13     Haiti capital 'flattened,' many feared dead Map of Port-au-Prince Haiti
  Rescue workers struggled to clear rubble and bodies from the streets, where the death toll from 7.0-magnitude earthquake may exceed 100,000
 Thousands of injured waited for care outside damaged hospitals. Unknown number remained trapped inside collapsed buildings. Water and electricity were out, and President Rene Preval said the government needs help clearing streets, so rescuers can reach the hardest-hit areas
2010 Jan.12     'Catastrophic' earthquake slams Haiti Map of Port-au-Prince Haiti
  A 7.0-magnitude earthquake struck southern Haiti, knocking down buildings and power lines. Heavy damage and bodies in the streets of the capital
 Haiti's worst quake in two centuries seriously damaged the HQ of the UN mission and its personnel are missing. The national palace and a hospital are among buildings badly damaged; rescuers are digging under rubble
2008 Nov.12     Kids' dancing causes school collapse Map of Port-au-Prince Haiti
  Children dancing and jumping in a musical at a school in the capital caused the building to partially collapse on its foundation
2008 Nov.7   At least 84 dead in school collapse Map of Petionville Haiti
  100 people have been injured. Rescuers planned to continue working into the night to dig out students and teachers buried in the rubble
 150 people had been injured, but many more remained missing. Fortin Augustin, who owns College La Promesse Evangelique in Petionville, surrendered to authorities As many as 700 children were on the school grounds, celebrating the school's birthday when the building collapsed about 10 a.m.

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B. 2015-02-17 At least 16 dead in Carnival parade accident in Haiti Port-au-Prince, Haiti
C. 2014-10-04 Former Haiti president Duvalier dies Port-au-Prince, Haiti
D. 2010-11-18 Anti-U.N. protests erupt in Haitian capital Port-Au-Prince, Haiti
4. 2010-11-09 Tomas aftermath raises cholera concern Port-au-Prince, Haiti
5. 2010-11-08 Haiti tests for cholera in capital Port-au-Prince, Haiti
2010-11-08 Haiti capital cholera fears grow Port-au-Prince, Haiti
7. 2010-10-24 U.N.: Cholera in Haiti's capital 'worrying' Port-Au-Prince, Haiti
8. 2010-10-23 Cholera reaches Haiti's capital Port-au-Prince, Haiti

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