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Egypt protesters flee 'tear gas' Map of Tahrir Square Egypt
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Egypt Tahrir Square Map Egypt Tahrir Square from Space

Opposition rally on revolution anniversary  Police have clashed with protesters gathering in Tahrir Square in the capital, ahead of the second anniversary of the uprising Anti-Morsi crowds gather in Cairo  Protesters opposed to Egypt's president and the sweeping new powers he assumed last week have gathered in Cairo's Tahrir Square   Crowd to Morsi: Ditch decree or leave Map of Tahrir Square Egypt
  Egypt anger as Mubarak cleared   Egyptian police have used tear gas to disperse protesters angry that charges against ex-President over killings during the uprising Violent clashes between supporters of Morsi, military  Egyptian military vehicles fired live rounds at supporters of Morsi near Tahrir Square, as hundreds of protestors marched in cities Crowds gather for anti-Morsi rally Map of Tahrir Square Egypt
2014 Nov.29  
2013 Oct.4  
2013 Jun.29    
  Crowds are gathering in Cairo's Tahrir Square ahead of a mass rally to demand the resignation of Egypt's Islamist President Mohammed Morsi
2013 Jan.24  
2012 Nov.30  
2012 Nov.27  
  Egyptians swarmed Tahrir Square to demand that their first freely elected leader respect their wishes, hoping to revive a democratic groundswell
2012 Nov.23    
  Crowds of anti-government protesters dispersed from Cairo's Tahrir Square overnight after apparently being targeted with tear gas
2012 Jun.29   Egypt's Morsi hails Tahrir crowds  President-elect Mohamed Morsi has praised crowds in Cairo's Tahrir Square, the focal point of protests that overthrew President Hosni Mubarak 2012 Jun.22       Egypt protest over military rule Map of Tahrir Square Egypt
  Tens of thousands of protesters have filled Cairo's Tahrir Square to denounce a move by Egypt's ruling generals to seize sweeping powers
2012 Jun.2     Protests erupt over Mubarak trial   Angry crowds have gathered in Tahrir Square, hours after ex-President was jailed for life for his part in the killing of protesters during 2011 revolution 2012 Jan.24   Thousands on revolution anniversary  Thousands of people gathered under rainy skies in Tahrir Square early, one year after the start of the revolution that ousted Hosni Mubarak 2011 Nov.30       Cairo calm as voters await results Map of Tahrir Square Egypt
  Tahrir Square was peaceful as Egyptians awaited initial results of parliamentary elections, a break from the clashes that have gripped Cairo
2011 Nov.23       3 American students will be held 4 days Map of Tahrir Square Egypt
  College students suspected of throwing Molotov cocktails in Tahrir Square will be detained another four days as an investigation continues
2011 Nov.22     Egypt protest rejects army offer Map of Tahrir Square Egypt
  Thousands of Egyptians have continued to occupy Cairo's Tahrir Square despite an offer from the military for a speedier handover to civilian rule
2011 Nov.22   Egyptian elections will be held on time  Egypt's military rulers agree to hold presidential elections by next July, as protesters continue to pack Cairo's Tahrir Square.
 Military-led government denied using violence against protesters and said the resignation of the country's Cabinet has been accepted
2011 Nov.21       Activists call for mass demonstrations
Map of Tahrir Square Egypt
  Egyptian activists have called for mass demonstrations after an overnight standoff between security forces and protesters in Tahrir Square
2011 Nov.21     Cabinet submits resignation Map of Tahrir Square Egypt
  Fresh violence broke out in and around Tahrir Square, after Egypt's Cabinet submitted its resignation to the nation's military-led government
2011 Nov.21   Casualties mount from protests in Egypt  Chaos reigned Monday in Cairo's Tahrir Square as demonstrators battled security forces, marking three days of bloody violence in the capital 2011 Nov.20     Egyptian protests enter third day Map of Tahrir Square Egypt
  Protesters against military rulers remain camped in Tahrir Square, after the deaths of at least 13 people in violence over the weekend
2011 Nov.20     Death toll rises in Cairo clashes Map of Tahrir Square Egypt
  Thousands of Egyptian protesters remain in Tahrir Square after two days of clashes in which at least 13 people were killed and hundreds injured
2011 Aug.13       Protesters call for end to military rule Map of Tahrir Square Egypt
  A few hundred protesters gathered Friday in Cairo's Tahrir Square, calling for a civil state and an end to military rule
2011 Jul.23       Protesters, residents clash in Cairo Map of Tahrir Square Egypt
  Clashes broke out in Abbasiya as protesters, who have been camped out at Tahrir Square, marched to the defense ministry
2011 Apr.13     Hosni Mubarak's detention ordered Map of Tahrir Square Egypt
  A probe is exploring the killing of protesters in Cairo's Tahrir Square, the center of the country's dramatic uprising earlier this year
2011 Apr.9   Army crackdown in Cairo's Tahrir Square  Egypt's army has cracked down on protests in Cairo's symbolic Tahrir Square, leaving at least one person dead and dozens injured 2011 Feb.13       Protesters leave Tahrir Square Map of Tahrir Square Egypt
  Thousands of demonstrators have left Cairo's Tahrir Square after military rulers dissolved parliament and suspended the constitution
2011 Feb.12       Army clears protesters from Tahrir Square Map of Tahrir Square Egypt
  Egypt's army is clearing Tahrir Square of protesters who have been camped there for 20 days, vowing not to move until reforms are implemented
2011 Feb.12     New normal: Egyptians return to work Map of Tahrir Square Egypt
  Egyptians cleared burned cars, garbage accumulated over 18 days at Tahrir Square. Cairo and the rest of the country were ready to rebuild
2011 Feb.8   Mubarak reform pledge rejected  Galvanized by the emotional words of a freed Google executive, thousands of Egyptians jammed Cairo's Tahrir Square, some for the first time 2011 Feb.7   New call by protesters to oust Mubarak  Protesters on central Tahrir Square have called for a new push to oust President Hosni Mubarak, two weeks into their campaign 2011 Feb.5   Army, demonstrators stand off in square  Opposition activists formed a human chain outside one of the entrances to Tahrir Square to prevent 2 tanks from crossing through barricades 2011 Feb.4   Tens of thousands demand change  Thousands sang patriotic sangs and danced in Tahrir Square, but tensions remained high. Street battles between pro- and anti-regime groups 2011 Feb.4     Huge crowds in Cairo for 'departure day' Map of Tahrir Square Egypt
  Tens of thousands are taking part in a 'day of departure' to try to oust Mubarak. There is an increased army presence in Cairo's Tahrir Square
2011 Feb.4       Clashes on streets near Cairo square Map of Tahrir Square Egypt
  Egypt's burgeoning reform movement drew tens of thousands of people, undeterred by deadly clashes and government crackdowns, to Tahrir Square
2011 Feb.2       'Two dead' in overnight gunfire Map of Tahrir Square Egypt
  Gunfire has rung out in the early hours around Cairo's Tahrir Square, where Egyptian anti-government protesters are camping out
2011 Feb.2   Cairo street battles echo past midnight  Heavy gunfire reverberated in central Cairo as supporters and foes of embattled President Mubarak continued to face off at Tahrir Square

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