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  Iran 'hiding underground nuclear facility'
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1. 2015-12-28 Iran nuclear deal: Tehran on track, says John Kerry Washington
C. 2014-01-12 Iran to start scaling back nuclear program January 20 White House, Washington
D. 2013-10-26 Israel issues warning to Iran over nuclear bomb report Israel
E. 2013-02-03 France guards Niger uranium mine Arlit, Niger
5. 2012-11-06 India settles Canada nuclear deal Canada
G. 2010-12-31 Ukraine reduces stock of uranium Ukraine
H. 2010-11-29 N Korea makes nuclear plant boast North Korea
2010-05-17 Iran agrees Turkey nuclear deal Tehran
J. 2009-10-30 Israel endorses Iran nuclear plan Jerusalem

'Iran will not ship uranium out of country' Iran urged over enrichment plan Israel endorses Iran nuclear plan UN team 'visit Iran nuclear site' Map of Qom Iran
Iran nuclear deal: Tehran on track, says John Kerry Iran begins to halt uranium enrichment Iran to start scaling back nuclear program January 20   Iran has pledged to start eliminating some of its uranium stockpile on January 20, the White House said Sunday Israel issues warning to Iran over nuclear bomb report France guards Niger uranium mine India settles Canada nuclear deal Report: Iran steps up uranium production Oil surges after Iran uranium warning   Inspectors: Iran boosting enrichment efforts  Iran has stepped up efforts to produce enriched uranium in violation of international resolutions to stop, the IAEA said in a report Ukraine reduces stock of uranium Iran delivered domestic uranium N Korea makes nuclear plant boast Iran agrees Turkey nuclear deal  Iran has signed an agreement to send uranium abroad for enrichment after mediation talks in Tehran with Turkish and Brazilian leaders Iran sets new uranium challenge West questions Iran nuclear claim 'Uranium exports not finalized'   Ahmadinejad accepts nuclear deal terms  The president has said it is ready to send its enriched uranium abroad for further enrichment under a deal to ease concerns about its nuclear program Iran 'ready to swap uranium for fuel' Iran authorizes 10 new nuke plants

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Dec.28   Washington

year 2014 Top ^

Jan.20   Iran
Jan.12   Washington  

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Oct.26   Israel
Feb.3   Niger

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Nov.6   Canada
Aug.30   Iran
Feb.27   Iran
Feb.24   Iran

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Dec.31   Ukraine
Dec.5   Iran
Nov.29   North Korea
May.17   Tehran
Feb.7   Iran
Feb.6   Iran
Feb.3   Iran
Feb.2   Iran  

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Dec.13   Iran
Nov.29   Iran
  Iran's Cabinet has authorized the construction of another 10 uranium enrichment plants, further defying international calls.    MPs urge redu...
Nov.7   Iran
Nov.2   Iran
Oct.30   Jerusalem
Oct.25   Iran
  A team from the nuclear watchdog has inspected a previously secret uranium enrichment plant in Iran, near the holy city of Qom

Sep.25   USA  
  US President: Iran concealed a partially-built second uranium enrichment plant in defiance of calls for transparency over its nuclear plans
 The US, UK and France said the UN had to be given immediate access and urged tough new sanctions. Russia also said it was 'seriously concerned'. Ahmadinejad denied that the facility was in breach of IAEA rules.
Sep.3   North Korea N Korea 'in final uranium phase' Mar.1   Washington     Iran's uranium 'enough for bomb'
  Adm Mike Mullen, chairman of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff: Iran has enough nuclear material to build a bomb

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Sep.27   UN Security Council UN approves new Iran resolution
  The Council has unanimously passed a new resolution on Iran, reaffirming demands it stop enriching uranium, but imposing no new sanctions
Jul.7   Washington     Pentagon: Uranium shipped from Iraq
  The United States secretly shipped out of Iraq more than 500 tons of low-grade uranium dating back to the Saddam era
Jun.23   European Union EU imposes new sanctions on Iran May.8   Washington U.S. agrees to EU's Iran nuclear plan

year 2007 Top ^

Nov.18   Iran   Iran eyes nuclear options abroad
  President Ahmadinejad is to discuss with Arab nations a plan to enrich uranium outside the region in a neutral country such as Switzerland
Sep.2   Iran Iran 'reaches nuclear target'  President Ahmadinejad: Iran has reached its long-sought goal of running 3,000 centrifuges to enrich uranium Jun.29   Austria Iran given new chance to halt enrichment May.30   Iran Iran rejects key demand in nuclear talks May.23   Iran     UN reports ongoing Iran defiance  IAEA: Iran is continuing to defy UN demands to stop enriching uranium and is expanding the work Apr.25   House of Representatives   Rice subpoenaed over Niger uranium claim
  A House committee subpoenaed Secretary of State to find out what she knew about the 2003 claim that Iraq sought uranium
Apr.18   Iran     Iran nuclear operations confirmed   IAEA: Iran has assembled 1,300 centrifuges at its Natanz plant and has begun the process of enriching uranium Mar.8   Congo Official arrested over missing uranium Feb.20   Iran     Iran 'close to enriching uranium'
  Head of the U.N.'s nuclear watchdog: Iran may be as little as 6 months from being able to enrich uranium
Feb.9   UN   U.N. nuclear watchdog slashes aid to Iran
  IAEA suspended nearly half of the technical aid, in line with sanctions for refusal to suspend its uranium enrichment program

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Dec.24   Iran   Ahmadinejad: U.N. will regret sanctions   Iran vowed to push forward with efforts to enrich uranium and to change its relations with the nuclear watchdog Oct.25   Iran     Iran to launch 2nd uranium centrifuge
  Iran has installed a 2nd cascade for the enrichment and will start injecting uranium into it within days
Aug.31   Iran   Sanctions loom, Iran keeps enriching
  U.N. report: The threat of sanctions has not convinced Iran to stop enriching uranium Aug.30   Iran Defiant Iran set to spurn deadline Jul.31   UN Security Council   U.N. issues nuke deadline for Iran
  The Security Council passed a weakened resolution giving until Aug. 31 to suspend uranium enrichment
Jul.28   Tehran   Tehran faces UN nuclear deadline
  The 5 permanent members of the Security Council are giving Iran until 31 August to suspend uranium enrichment
Jun.16   Iran     Incentives a 'step forward'  President Ahmadinejad said that the 6-nation package to halt uranium enrichment was a step forward Jun.8   Iran Iran rejects 'carrot-stick' moves May.3   UN Security Council   Sec. Council receives draft Iran resolution  The U.S., Britain and France introduced a draft that would give Iran a mandate to stop enriching uranium Apr.28   UN West urges tougher line on Iran Apr.14   Iran     Iran says it will cooperate with UN
  Iran has agreed to increase cooperation with IAEA but did not commit to halting its uranium enrichment program
Apr.11   Washington US condemns Iran nuclear advance   Iran Iran 'advances uranium program'
  Ex-President Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani: Iran has advanced its uranium enrichment program
 In a televised speech in the h oly city of Mashhad president Ahmadinejad insisted it did not want nuclear weapons West fears Iran is developing a nuclear bomb
Apr.2   Australia   China to buy Australian uranium  Australia and China have signed a deal allowing Beijing to import uranium for power stations Mar.29   UN Security Council   Iran told to curb nuclear program  The Security Council has unanimously called to suspend uranium enrichment activities within 30 days Mar.5   Iran   Iran warns on uranium enrichment  Iran will resume large-scale enrichment if the IAEA board refers the Islamic Republic to the Security Council Feb.28   Iran   Iran 'to keep enrichment program'
  Iran's 'final target' is to enrich uranium on its own soil, even if it accepts a Russian proposal
Feb.27   Iran IAEA: Iran working to enrich uranium Feb.26   Moscow Progress in Iran, Russia uranium talks
  Russia and Iran reported progress on a Russian proposal for a joint uranium enrichment program
Feb.20   Moscow Little progress in Iran nuke talks  An Iranian delegation met Russian negotiators to discuss an offer to enrich uranium outside Iran Feb.13   Iran   Iran restarts uranium work
  Iran has resumed uranium-enrichment work at its Natanz nuclear plant
Jan.31   Iran Iran 'stepping up uranium work'

year 2005 Top ^

Dec.29   Iran Iran calls Russian proposal 'ambiguous'
  Iran needs Moscow to clarify 'ambiguities' in a proposal that Iran enrich uranium in Russian territory
Nov.20   Zimbabwe     Mugabe reveals uranium power plan
  Deposits of uranium have been unearthed in Zimbabwe
Nov.18   Iran   IAEA: Iran obtained A-bomb recipe
  Iran obtained detailed instructions on how to set up the complicated process of enriching uranium
Nov.16   Iran   Uranium processing resumes  A new batch of uranium is to convert it to a gas that can be enriched into the material for nuclear bombs Nov.10   Austria U.S., EU 'to approve Iran N-plan'
  The United States and Europe have approved a plan that would allow it to make the precursor of enriched uranium
Aug.13   North Korea Pyongyang hints at compromise
  N. Korea may be willing to offer proof that it does not have a uranium-based weapons program
Aug.9   Moscow Russia asks Iran to halt activity
  Iran's main partner has called on Iran to stop work on uranium conversion immediately
  Austria IAEA seeks solution to Iran issue  The International Atomic Energy Agency will ask Iran to rescind its decision to resume uranium enrichment program Aug.8   Iran   Iran resumes uranium conversion Map of Isfahan Iran  Tehran is saying the process at the Isfahan facility is for producing nuclear fuel Aug.5   Washington US supports EU Iran nuclear plan  The US backs a European proposal to allow Iran to develop a civilian nuclear program if it stops its uranium enrichment Jul.30   Iran Iran sets deadline on nuclear deal
  Iran would not resume uranium enrichment and would continue talks with the EU
Mar.12   Iran     Iran: No move towards nuclear arms  President Khatami has said his country is ready to temporarily suspend its uranium enrichment program Mar.2   Iran Iran nuclear plans under pressure  EU and the UN joined the US in criticising Iran for not keeping a pledge to suspend uranium enrichment activities

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Nov.30   Iran Nuclear freeze 'temporary'  Iran's top nuclear negotiator: uranium-enrichment program will only be suspended to complete negotiations with Europe Nov.29   Iran Iran nuclear freeze 'is complete'  The IAEA has approved a resolution welcoming the suspension of Iran's uranium enrichment activity Nov.28   Iran   Deal on uranium issue
  Iran has reached a compromise with the 3 European powers and the IAEA to suspend its nuclear program
Nov.19   Iran   Iran making enriched-uranium precursor
  U.S. and Western diplomats: Iran is producing massive quantities of uranium hexaflouride, also known as UF-6
Sep.19   Iran Iran rejects U.N. call on nukes  Iran has rejected a resolution from IAEA demanding the country immediately suspend all uranium enrichment Sep.18   Iran   Iran given new nuclear 'deadline'  The IAEA has passed a resolution calling on Iran to suspend uranium enrichment and imposes an deadline of November 25 Feb.20   Libya Libya made plutonium says IAEA
  Libya was using technology acquired through the black marke and was able to process uranium into plutonium
Feb.19   Iran U.S.: Nuke parts found in Iran  The uranium enrichment centrifuge parts are much more sophisticated than the type Tehran has admitted to having

year 2003 Top ^

Sep.26   Iran Uranium find sparks alarm
  The US has condemned Iran after IAEA had found traces of arms-grade uranium at a second site in the country
Aug.26   Iran Iran nukes still a concern - IAEA Jul.11   CIA CIA chief takes blame for Bush speech
  Tenet: A line in State of the Union address alleging that Iraq was trying to buy uranium should never been included  CIA  CIA 'cleared' Iraq uranium claim Jul.10   Washington     Rumsfeld stands by war rationale
  Defense Secretary is calling a now-retracted report about Iraqi uranium purchases 'one scrap' of a larger picture
Jul.8   Washington Dems want uranium claim probed Mar.9   Iran 'Extremely advanced' nuclear program
  U.N. inspectors have discovered that uranium-enrichment facility violates the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty

year 2002 Top ^

Sep.29   Turkey   Uranium suspects released
  The amount in their possession was only a fraction of what officials originally estimated
Sep.28   Turkey   Uranium seized
  Officials have seized 34.6 pounds of uranium and arrested two Turkish men in Urfa, in southeastern Turkey

year 2001 Top ^

Jan.22   Germany   EU anger over uranium
  Germany, Portugal and Spain has accused the U.S. of failing to inform NATO of the potential contamination.
Jan.18   NATO   NATO: No risk in plutonium shells
  NATO spokesman said an investigation has ruled out a significant health hazard from depleted uranium Jan.8   Germany   Uranium warning confirmed
  Defence Ministry has confirmed that it received a warning in 1999 of the risks from the depleted uranium ammunition
Jan.7   Kosovo   Kosovo uranium sites probed
  Portuguese scientists are examining uranium sites suspected of causing Balkan Syndrome

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