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Somali pirates who seized oil tanker release it without conditions. Somalia Death toll in Bulgaria tanker train explosion rises to 8 Kenya Naivasha: 30 dead as fireball engulfs traffic on road Oil tanker 'hijacked off Malaysia' Afghanistan fuel tanker crash kills 73 in Ghazni province Map of Ghazni Afghanistan
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1. 2018-01-14 Burning oil tanker sinks off China after one week East China Sea, Shanghai
C. 2017-10-07 Ghana gas station explosions kill number of people Legon, Accra, Ghana
3. 2017-09-12 Tanker, dredger collide in Singapore waters, 5 missing Singapore
4. 2017-08-27 Remains of all 10 missing sailors recovered from USS John S. McCain Singapore
5. 2017-08-20 US Navy ship and oil tanker collide off Singapore
2017-06-24 Pakistan oil tanker inferno kills 200 Ahmedpur East, Pakistan
H. 2017-03-16 Somali pirates who seized oil tanker release it without conditions Puntand, Somalia
I. 2016-12-11 Death toll in Bulgaria tanker train explosion rises to 8 Hitrino, Bulgaria
J. 2016-12-10 Kenya Naivasha: 30 dead as fireball engulfs traffic on road Naivasha, Kenya

  Pakistan oil tanker inferno kills 200 Map of Ahmedpur East Pakistan
Burning oil tanker sinks off China after one week   Shanghai: An oil tanker burning in the East China Sea for more than a week has finally sunk, Chinese media say Ghana gas station explosions kill number of people   A tanker explosion at a gas-filling station, followed by a secondary blast, has left a number of casualties in the Legon suburb in northwest... Tanker, dredger collide in Singapore waters, 5 missing  An oil tanker and a dredger have collided, capsizing the dredger and leaving five of its crew missing. The dredger was partially submerged Remains of all 10 missing sailors recovered from USS John S. McCain   Singapore: Divers have found the remains of all sailors who went missing after the U.S. Navy guided missile destroyer, collided with an oil tanker near... US Navy ship and oil tanker collide off Singapore Map of Strait of Singapore Singapore

year 2017 Top ^

  Ten sailors are missing and five have been injured after USS John S McCain and an oil tanker collided off the coast of Singapore
  A lorry transporting oil burst into flames near the Pakistani city of Ahmedpur East


year 2016 Top ^

  Two buses and a fuel tanker have collided on a major highway. More than 50 others injured in the accident had been taken to hospital
Mar.6 Dozens dead in Hilla truck bombing. Iraq

year 2015 Top ^

Dec.16 Six missing after tanker collision in Singapore Strait
Sep.17 South Sudan oil tanker blast 'kills 170'. Southern Sudan Apr.10   Bus crash: Children among 33 dead in collision    Morocco: Schoolchildren returning from a sports competition were among at least 33 people killed in a head-on collision between a bus and a gas tanke... Jan.10 57 dead after bus crashes into oil tanker in Pakistan  Karachi: A passenger bus crashed into an oil tanker in southern Pakistan early Sunday, killing 57 people with remains charred beyond recognition

year 2014 Top ^

Dec.15 Dozens feared dead in Brazil bus crash
. Northeastern Brazil Oct.18 Russian tanker near Canada detaches from tow boat. Western Canada Oct.9 Missing Vietnamese oil tanker found raided by pirates. Singapore Oct.8   Vietnam tanker crew freed by pirates  Southeast Asia: Oil tanker The MT Sunrise 689, which went missing last week was seized by pirates who stole some of its cargo before releasing its crew, say officials Pilot dies fighting California fire May.15 Galapagos in 'emergency' over stranded petrol tanker. Ecuador Mar.11 Libya PM dismissed over tanker row Mar.8 Libya threatens to bomb oil tanker   Eastern Libya: Libya's prime minister has threatened to bomb a North Korean-flagged tanker if it tries to export oil from a rebel-controlled port

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Jun.30  Uganda tanker fire kills 29 people May.8   Death toll rises in fiery gas tanker crash
Map of Mexico City Mexico
  Mexico: A speeding tanker truck carrying gas crashed and exploded in a huge fireball along a highway near Mexico City Tuesday, killing at least 23 people
May.7 Gas tanker explodes in Mexico City May.3 U.S. military plane crashes in Kyrgyzstan
Map of Chuysky Kyrgyzstan  U.S. Air Force KC-135 tanker aircraft took off and crashed in Kyrgyzstan. Three people were on board

year 2012 Top ^

Jul.12 Nigerians die in fuel tanker fire
Map of Rivers
  More than 100 have died after a tanker crashed. The vehicle did not immediately burst into flames so nearby villagers rushed to collect the fuel

year 2011 Top ^

Dec.29 Petrol tanker blaze kills 13 in Caracas
Map of Caracas Venezuela
   Venezuela: A petrol tanker has crashed in Venezuela, bursting into flames and engulfing seven cars and a bus in burning fuel
Dec.27   Italian tanker hijacked off Oman
  The chemical product tanker, Enrico Ievoli, with 18 people on board, was hijacked off the coast of Oman
May.20 Deadly Pakistan Nato tanker blast Map of Landi Kotal Khyber Pakistan
  NW Pakistan: A Nato oil tanker, transporting fuel to forces in Afghanistan, has exploded in northwest Pakistan, killing at least 15 people
Mar.17 Pirates release tanker after 4 months
   Somalia: Somali pirates released the chemical tanker MV Hannibal II after holding it for more than four months

year 2010 Top ^

Nov.6 Somali pirates get record ransom
. Somalia Jul.3 Hundreds killed in oil tanker explosion Map of South Kivu Congo   Congo: At least 230 people were killed and 190 injured when an oil tanker flipped over and exploded. It was attempting to overtake a bus May.24 Oil leaks from Singapore tanker
  Emergency teams are working to contain a crude oil spill after two ships - a tanker and a bulk carrier - collided in waters off Singapore
May.16 BP: scheme to halt US oil leak working well
. Louisiana May.6 Russian marines storm hijacked oil tanker
   Somalia: Marines have stormed a tanker hijacked by pirates in the Gulf of Aden, freeing its 23 man crew and cargo of oil to be worth up to $50 million Apr.5   Pirates seize South Korean tanker
   Somalia: Somali pirates captured the 300,000-ton supertanker Samho Dream outside the area in which the EU group operates
Mar.5   Pirates seize Norwegian tanker
   Madagascar: Pirates have hijacked UBT Ocean off the coast of Madagascar and are steering the ship toward Somalia

year 2009 Top ^

Nov.9     Mid-ocean pirate attack on tanker
   Somalia: Somali pirates have attacked the Hong Kong-registered BW Lion, an oil tanker, some 1,850km off the coast
Jul.24   20 killed as truck plows into bus Map of Rostov-on-Don Russia
   Russia: The collision between a large passenger bus and a gasoline tanker happened on a major highway near Samarskoye
Jul.6 Militants claim pipeline blast Map of Niger Delta Nigeria
  Nigeria Delta: Movement for the Emancipation of the Niger Delta said they had blown up an oil pipeline and captured six crew members of a chemical tanker
Apr.19   Pirate attack thwarted in Gulf of Aden
   Somalia: Pirates attempted to capture the MV Front Ardennes, a Norwegian tanker, and were apprehended seven hours later by NATO forces
Jan.31     At least 100 people killed in oil fire    Kenya: An overturned petrol tanker caught fire on a highway and exploded and hundreds of people gathered to collect spilled fuel Jan.10 Saudi tanker crew 'safe and well'
. Somalia Jan.9 'Ransom paid' for hijacked supertanker. Somalia

year 2008 Top ^

Nov.28 Pirates hijack chemical tanker off Somalia
Nov.24   Pirate says Sirius Star crew safe
   Somalia: One of the Somali pirates responsible for hijacking a Saudi oil tanker said they have no intention of harming the 25 crew members on board
Nov.21   Islamists 'hunt pirates'
   Somalia: Somali al-Shabab insurgents have begun searching for the pirates who hijacked a giant Saudi-owned oil tanker last Saturday
Nov.19 Saudi owners 'talking to pirates'. Saudi Arabia Nov.17   Hijacked oil tanker nears Somalia
  The Sirius Star, a giant Saudi tanker seized by pirates in the Indian Ocean, is nearing the coast of Somalia.    Pirates have anchored the tanker off the Somali coast, as the...
  Pirates capture Saudi oil tanker   Kenya: Pirates have seized a giant tanker in the Indian Ocean off the Kenyan coast and are steering it towards Somalia Nov.11     Chemical tanker hijacked
   Somalia: Armed pirates have hijacked a Philippines chemical tanker off the coast of Somalia. Indian forces thwarted an attack on one of its vessels
Jun.13 Fuel prices see strikes spread globally
   United Kingdom: Rising fuel prices led to protests, with fuel tanker drivers starting a 4-day strike in Britain and truck drivers holding protests across S. Korea Feb.29 Air tanker deal provokes US row. U.S. Congress Jan.12 At least 30 die in fuel tanker blast Map of Port Harcourt Nigeria
   Nigeria: A car crashed into a fuel tanker, which exploded and burst into flames in the oil-rich town

year 2007 Top ^

Dec.7 Tons of oil spill into Yellow Sea
   South Korea: Thousands of tons of oil spilled off the western coast of South Korea after an oil tanker collided with a barge carrying a crane Nov.12 Death toll rises in oil disaster
. Russia Nov.11 Russian oil tanker breaks in two   A tanker split in two during a fierce storm, spilling some 560,000 gallons of fuel into a strait leading to the Black Sea Nov.2   Pirates want U.S. Navy to back off
   Somalia: Pirates who hijacked a Japanese tanker are demanding a U.S. warship shadowing the vessel back off
Aug.1 Gas station blast kills 50  Baghdad: A fuel tanker packed with explosives detonated in western Baghdad. 10 cars were damaged in the blast that sent a dark cloud of smoke Apr.21 Truck bomb attempt on poll HQ
. Nigeria

year 2005 Top ^

Aug.13 Border town hit by truck crash
  Mexico: A small settlement was reduced to little more than rubble when a tanker truck collided with a train Jul.16   Suicide bomber kills 90 near Baghdad
   Iraq: A bomber detonated his explosives near a propane fuel tanker parked near a gas station in the center of Musayyib

year 2004 Top ^

Jun.24     70 dead in tanker horror smash  Iran: A tanker truck full of gasoline has crashed into public buses in southeast Iran. 84 people were hurt Feb.28 Tanker explodes off US East Coast. USA

year 2003 Top ^

Dec.16 10 killed in Baghdad tanker blast
. Iraq Dec.2 Pentagon freezes Boeing contract
  Washington: The military has put on hold a controversial $18bn deal to buy tanker aircraft
Jan.1 Tanker strikes sunken vessel. England   France fears Prestige oil slick  Small slicks from the sunken tanker have been drifting towards the coastline of southwestern France

year 2002 Top ^

Dec.15 Troops seize tanker
. Venezuela Dec.11 Tanker could leak oil until 2006
   Spain: The sunken Prestige could cause long-lasting damage to the coastline of north-west Spain
Dec.10   Spanish slicks 'worst catastrophe'
   Spain: Prime minister says the country is facing its 'worst ecological catastrophe ever' as oil from the tanker continues to take its toll
Dec.6   Ships sent to boost oil spill fight
   Spain: Fishermen have accused the government of trying to suppress information showing that the tanker
  Navy seizes tanker
   Venezuela: A gasoline tanker after it was taken over by its crew as part of an opposition strike
Nov.19 Tanker sank spilling oil
   Spain: 17,000 tonnes of fuel oil was leaking Oct.7   U.S. says tanker blast came from within
   Yemen: The explosion that punched a hole in a French tanker appears to have occurred within the ship, State Department said
Oct.6 French tanker explodes
   Yemen: A blazing tanker is spewing crude oil into the sea after an explosion, blamed by French officials on a terrorist attack

year 2001 Top ^

Oct.30 Tamil suicide boat rams tanker
  Sri Lanka: Boat packed with explosives has rammed an oil tanker, setting the ship on fire. 3 people are missing
Apr.1   Half of Baltic oil spill cleaned up   Denmark: A freighter collided with the oil tanker sending 2.9 million liters into the sea. Danish beaches has been scooped up Mar.29   Oil slicks threaten coast
   Denmark: 2,000 tonnes of oil spilled between Denmark and Germany when a tanker collided with a freighter
Feb.18 Boat refugees spark French row
   France: Ministers have been urged to expel 900 Kurdish refugees from Iraq and Turkey, who arrived in tanker which later sank
Jan.24   Tanker spills remaining fuel
   Ecuador: Captain detained
Jan.20   US to clean up Galapagos oil spill
   Ecuador: U.S. team will join efforts to help clean up a environmental disaster. The tanker carrying 243,000 gallons, ran aground

year 2000 Top ^

Nov.21   Tanker truck carrying lethal chemical
   Kenya: Truck suspected of transporting a chemical added to liquor that has killed 134

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