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  Fukushima leaks radioactive water Map of Fukushima Japan  Northern Japan: Around 100 tonnes of highly radioactive water have leaked from a storage tank at nuclear plant, operator Tokyo Electric (Tepco) says Worker error causes Fukushima leak   Northern Japan: Japan's crippled Fukushima nuclear plant has a new leak of radioactive water after workers overfilled a storage tank, its operator says New leak at Japan nuke plant due to tank overflow. Northern Japan 7 workers killed cleaning tank at Mexican brewery. Mexico Third oil tank bursts into flames at Venezuela refinery   U.N. observers see bodies of 92 dead in massacre Map of Houla Syria
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1. 2016-08-16 Taiwan tank falls off bridge, killing three soldiers Wangsha river, Pingtung, Taiwan
2. 2015-12-02 North Korea nuclear test site adds tunnel Punggye-ri, North Korea
3. 2015-06-23 US announces new tank and artillery deployment in Europe Baltics
E. 2015-03-28 14 killed while trying to recover gasoline after Mexico crash Villahermosa, Mexico
F. 2015-02-05 Gas explosion damages 5 businesses and injures 13 people Maraval, Trinidad & Tobago
2014-08-01 No cease-fire: Israel pounds Gaza after Hamas kidnapped Israeli soldier Gaza
H. 2014-02-19 Fukushima leaks radioactive water Fukushima, Northern Japan
I. 2013-10-03 Worker error causes Fukushima leak Fukushima, Northern Japan
J. 2013-10-02 New leak at Japan nuke plant due to tank overflow Fukushima, Northern Japan

14 killed while trying to recover gasoline after Mexico crash Map of Villahermosa Mexico  26 others are injured because a fire ignited as they tried to recover gasoline that from a tank truck that had crashed Gas explosion damages 5 businesses and injures 13 people    Trinidad & Tobago: A spark set off an explosion in a restaurant's gas tank. The explosion damaged five businesses and sent glass and other debris flying   No cease-fire: Israel pounds Gaza after Hamas kidnapped Israeli soldier
Taiwan tank falls off bridge, killing three soldiers   A Taiwanese armoured vehicle CM11 has plunged from a three-metre bridge in heavy rain after a military drill, killing three soldiers, officials... North Korea nuclear test site adds tunnel   Recent satellite images indicate that North Korea is building a new tunnel at its nuclear test site, a respected US think tank has said   US announces new tank and artillery deployment in Europe

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  Baltics: The US is to deploy heavy weapons in a number of European nations, amid Nato concerns over Russia's role in Ukraine

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  Tank fire and airstrikes pummeled Gaza, as Israeli forces moved deeper into the West Bank, searching for a soldier. Hamas denies holding Israeli soldier


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   Syria: More than 92 people, including 32 children younger than 10, were killed Friday by artillery and tank shells in the Syrian village of Houla
 UN mission head Maj-Gen Robert Mood told the BBC the killing in Houla was 'indiscriminate and unforgivable'
Feb.27   Wikileaks reveals Stratfor emails  WikiLeaks: Whistleblowing website has begun publishing the first of more than five million confidential emails from US-based security think tank Stratf...

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Jul.15   Ohi nuclear reactor shuts down after fault   Japan: Pressure in a safety tank fell, and although it is now back to normal, the plant's operators said they would "give the top priority to safet...

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Nov.10     Kalashnikov gun designer turns 90   Ural: Red Army tank commander Sgt. Mikhail Kalashnikov invented his first machine gun in 1942, as he sat in a hospital bed recovering from a wound Jan.10     Gaza hit by new Israeli strikes
  3 Palestinians have been killed and dozens more injured by new Israel tank fire and air strikes on the Strip

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Jul.6   Explosion rocks besieged mosque   Pakistan: Pakistani forces fired at a fuel tank inside Lal Masjid, causing an explosion heard across the capital

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Nov.8   Israeli raid 'kills 19 civilians'
  Gaza: Palestinian sources: At least 18 Palestinians have been killed by tank fire in the town of Beit Hanoun by tank shells.    Olmert expresses 'regret,' orders investigation. The tanks fired 10 artillery rounds i...
Jun.12   Warming 'threat to Asian security'  Sydney: Sydney-based think tank: Rapid global warming poses security threats to the Asia Pacific region May.12 Four Marines killed in Iraq tank accident

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Dec.13 Last blazes in inferno put out
. England Sep.19 British troops freed in jailbreak
   Iraq: A British armored vehicle and a tank crashed into a detention center and rescued 2 undercover troops held by police

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Dec.14 Continental Blamed for Concorde Crash
. France Jul.7 OECD slams Russia's Yukos trial. France Jun.11   Kabila: Coup attempt has failed   Congo: The president has appealed for calm after the capital was rocked by gunfire and tank blasts in a failed coup attempt May.25   Al-Qaeda 'spurred on' by Iraq war  London: London-based think tank: the group has fully reconstituted itself after the loss of its base in Afghanistan Jan.20   Gas explosion kills 20
   Algeria: A tank filled with liquefied natural gas exploded at a refinery

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Feb.15     Bomb kills 4 Israeli soldiers
  Gaza: A roadside bomb blew up a tank near a Jewish settlement. Hamas claimed responsibility for the attack

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Dec.22 Tank accident kills French newsman
   Kuwait: Patrick Bourrat, 48, has died after being hit by a tank while covering U.S. military exercises in Kuwait
Jul.5 Jenin deaths video implicates army
  West Bank: Video footage shows two Palestinian children were killed by Israeli tank fire
Jun.21   Israel tanks fire on Jenin crowd
  West Bank: Troops have fired tank shells at Palestinians in a marketplace, killing at least three civilians and injuring more than 20 others Mar.4     6 die in tank attack
  West Bank: Failed Israeli assassination attempt against a Hussein Abu Kweik, a suspected Hamas militant
Feb.15   Israel investigates tank blast
  Gaza: Roadside bomb attack destroyed one of its most heavily armed battle tanks, killing 3 soldiers
Feb.12     Tank movements
  Gaza: Tanks moved into two towns after Israel warned it might set up security zones in Palestinian-controlled areas
Jan.24   Israel kills 2 armed infiltrators  Gaza: Army killed gunmen who tried to infiltrate a Jewish settlement. They were hit by a tank shell after an exchange of fire

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Jul.12     Shelling after gun attack
  Israel: Tank shells killed a Palestinian policeman after an attack on Jewish settlers
Jun.9   2 women killed in Gaza  4 have been injured, one critically, during tank fire in response to gunshots being fired at an army post Apr.2   Fierce gun battles
  Israel: 6 Palestinians were wounded, including a 4-year-old girl. Israel used tank shells and grenade launchers
Mar.24 Macedonia renews bombardment
  Government used tank and heavy machine-gun fire near town of Tetovo despite international calls for restraint

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