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US spy plane crashes  An Air Force U-2 has crashed killing the pilot after completing a mission in support of US forces in Afghanistan Iraq accepts spy plane flights  Iraq has agreed to allow U-2 flights. The U.S. has brushed aside Iraq's new promises to co-operate U.S. apologizes to spy plane crash victims  3 people on the ground were injured. The plane also damaged a house and an automobile repair shop   U.S. U-2 spy plane crashes Map of Seoul South Korea  A plane crashed near Seoul after its pilot ejected. The plane injured 3 people on the ground, and heavily damaged a house   Pakistan protests over spy plane  The Pakistani Foreign Ministry has lodged a formal protest with India for deliberately violating its airspace   India admits spy plane downed  Officials have admitted losing an unmanned plane over Pakistani airspace and described it as a 'routine matter' Pakistan downs Indian spy plane
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1. 2017-07-24 2 Chinese fighter jets buzz US Navy spy plane in East China Sea
2. 2017-06-20 Russian jet 'flies 5ft from US spy plane' over Baltic Sea Baltic Sea, Russia
3. 2016-05-18 Chinese jets intercept US spy plane over South China Sea South China Sea, Southern China
E. 2011-01-02 Iran 'shot down' 'Western spy planes' Persian Gulf, Iran
2008-04-21 Georgia accuses Russia of downing plane Georgia
6. 2005-06-22 US spy plane crashes United Arab Emirates
7. 2003-02-10 Iraq accepts spy plane flights Iraq
8. 2003-01-26 U.S. apologizes to spy plane crash victims South Korea

Iran 'shot down' 'Western spy planes' Map of Persian Gulf Iran  Brig. Gen. Amir Ali Hajizadeh, air force commander for Islamic Revolution Guard described the aircraft as a spy drone 'which can take pictures'   Chavez accuses Colombia of spy plane  Venezuelan President: An unmanned spy plane launched from Colombia violated Venezuelan airspace last week Georgia accuses Russia of downing plane
  2 Chinese fighter jets buzz US Navy spy plane in East China Sea Map of East China Sea China  A pair of armed fighter jets flew dangerously close to a Navy reconnaissance plane, with the hazardous Chinese behavior nearly causing a 'collision'   Russian jet 'flies 5ft from US spy plane' over Baltic Sea Map of Baltic Sea Russia  A Russian jet flew within 5ft (1.5m) of a US reconnaissance plane's wing tip over the Baltic Sea on Monday, US officials say Chinese jets intercept US spy plane over South China Sea Map of South China Sea China

year 2017 Top ^

Jul.24   China
Jun.20   Russia

year 2016 Top ^

May.18   Southern China  
  Two Chinese fighters have carried out an 'unsafe' intercept of a US military aircraft in international airspace, the Pentagon says

year 2011 Top ^

Jan.2   Iran  

year 2009 Top ^

Dec.20   Venezuela

year 2008 Top ^

Apr.21   Georgia  
  Georgia's air force commander: A Russian fighter jet has shot down an unmanned spy plane as it flew over the breakaway region of Abkhazia

year 2005 Top ^

Jun.22   United Arab Emirates

year 2003 Top ^

Feb.10   Iraq  
Jan.26   South Korea  
  South Korea

year 2002 Top ^

Jun.8   Pakistan  
Jun.7   New Delhi  
  The army says it has shot down an unmanned spy plane near the Pakistani city of Lahore
May.18   Pakistan Unmanned spy plane crashes  An RQ-1 Predator was operating in support of Operation Enduring Freedom

year 2001 Top ^

Sep.23   Afghanistan     US confirms losing spy plane  Colin Powell has dismissed fears that US forces could get trapped Aug.27   Iraq   U.S. pilotless spy plane missing  RQ-1B is lost over Iraq's southern no-fly zone. Iraq claims to have shot down the plane Jul.5   US Georgia   Damaged U.S. spy plane arrives  A disassembled Navy plane arrived at a military air base after 3 months in China May.8   Beijing   China says spy plane cannot fly  Foreign Ministry spokesman has said it is impossible for the damaged U.S. Navy plane to be flown home Apr.29   China   U.S. can inspect spy plane  China will let U.S. officials examine the damaged surveillance plane. U.S. refuse to pay to settle the dispute Apr.11   China   U.S. spy plane crew released
  The 24 detained in China for 11 days have landed on Guam on their way to Hawai
Apr.1   Southern China U.S. spy plane lands in China Map of Hainan China
  Navy reconnaissance plane made an emergency landing. It collided with a Chinese fighter jet
 The electronic surveillance aircraft EP-3 Aries landed on the island of Hainan. Chinese F-8 sent to intercept the aircraft had bumped the EP-3 in the process. U.S. plane was over international waters when the incident occurred. The plane was equipped with highly sensitive equipment that could monitor communications and air movements

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