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US condemns Syrian siege of Qusair. Washington   Gunmen 'lift Libyan ministry siege' Map of Tripoli Libya
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1. 2018-01-15 Venezuela helicopter attack: Pilot Oscar Pérez in bloody siege El Junquito, Venezuela
2. 2017-10-28 Mogadishu: Deadly attacks rock capital Nasa Hablod Two, Mogadishu, Somalia
2016-08-06 Syria rebels 'break government siege' of Aleppo Aleppo
E. 2016-03-06 Three men shot during Sydney factory siege
F. 2016-02-16 Syria crisis: Siege victims await aid convoys Madaya, Syria
G. 2016-01-27 Oregon leader Bundy tells remaining protesters to go home Oregon
H. 2016-01-10 Madaya: UN aid convoy to leave for besieged town Madaya, Syria
8. 2015-11-10 Syrian Army 'breaks IS siege of Kuwairis airbase' Kuwairis, Aleppo
9. 2015-08-08 Mali hotel siege: Twelve killed in Sevare Sevare, Mali

Seven killed in Florida hostage siege Map of Hialeah USA
Venezuela helicopter attack: Pilot Oscar Pérez in bloody siege   Two police officers and severa 'terrorists' have been killed in an operation to capture a pilot accused of leading an armed rebellion last y... Mogadishu: Deadly attacks rock capital. Somalia Syria rebels 'break government siege' of Aleppo Map of Aleppo Syria  Rebel factions in Syria say they have broken a weeks-long government siege of Aleppo, amid scenes of rejoicing in the crucial northern city Three men shot during Sydney factory siege Syria crisis: Siege victims await aid convoys Oregon leader Bundy tells remaining protesters to go home Madaya: UN aid convoy to leave for besieged town. Syria Inquest hears of Sydney siege deaths  The start of an inquest into the Sydney cafe siege has heard that hostage Katrina Dawson was killed by fragments from a police bullet or bul... Kurds 'break IS mountain siege'. Northern Iraq Abbott pays tribute to siege dead   Sydney: Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott has paid tribute to the two hostages who died in the Sydney café siege   Evacuations resume in Syria's Homs   Some 300 Syrians have fled Homs after talks aimed at extending a three-day truce in the Old City, which has been under siege for 18 months Beslan school siege: 10 years after. North Caucasus Mall attack: Four accused of having role in bloody siege. Kenya Kenya forces 'clearing' Nairobi mall Map of Nairobi Kenya  Kenyan security forces say they are attempting to clear the Westgate shopping complex in Nairobi in order to bring to an end the three-day siege Austria police find body after siege Philippine helicopters fire rockets at Muslim rebels Map of Zamboanga Mindanao Philippines

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Nov.10  Syrian Army 'breaks IS siege of Kuwairis airbase'
Aug.8  Mali hotel siege: Twelve killed in Sevare
Apr.15  Ramadi could fall as ISIS militants lay siege
Feb.21  Sydney siege: Security hotline had 18 calls before attack
Feb.11  Taiwan jail siege ends in suicides

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Dec.22  Sydney bids farewell to siege dead
Dec.16  Sydney café siege probe 'well advanced'
Jan.18  Russian forces kill seven in Dagestan siege

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Sep.27  Militants 'rented Kenyan mall shop'
Sep.24  Kenya mourns mall attack victims
 Kenya's President Kenyatta says siege over
  Southern Philippines: Military helicopters on Monday fired rockets at Muslim rebels who were holed up in areas of a major city on the southern island of Mindanao
  Miami: A gunman holding hostages in a building near Miami killed six people before being shot dead by police, officials say

  Gunmen demanding the expulsion of Gaddafi-era officials from Libya's new government appear to have lifted their siege of two ministries in Tripoli
Feb.12 Body found after US cabin siege Map of Big Bear USA
  Southern California: A body has been found in a burnt mountain cabin where a man believed to be a ex-policeman accused of 3 murders had mounted a stand against police
Jan.20 Hostage death toll 'rises to 48'. Algeria Jan.19 Algeria siege ends in bloodshed Map of Amenas Algeria
  Algerian troops have ended a siege at a gas facility in the Sahara desert killing 11 Islamist militants after they killed seven hostages
 The hostages were summarily killed as the troops tried to free them. Foreign workers were among the hostages
Jan.18 Hostage nations' Algeria concern

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Jun.22 Troops end Taliban hotel siege
. Kabul Mar.21 Blasts at site of Toulouse siege. Southern France Mar.1 Red Cross to enter Homs district. Syria Feb.29     Syria troops 'advancing in Homs' Map of Homs Syria  Syrian government troops are advancing on opposition strongholds in the city of Homs, reports say, as diplomats discuss renewed UN action

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Sep.10   Army recaptures provincial capital Abyan
Map of Abyan Yemen
   Yemen: Thousands of Yemeni troops freed a brigade that had been under a 3-month siege by militants and insurgents with close ties to al Qaeda
Aug.4 Deaths pile up in Hama siege. Syria Jun.13     Rebels report advances in Libya's west Map of Al-Rayyana Libya
  After a siege of nearly two months, rebels have freed the city of Al-Rayyana. Nine rebels were killed, and 35 were wounded
Apr.16 Gaddafi attack intensifies in Misrata. Libya Apr.6   French forces rescue Japan ambassador Map of Abidjan Ivory Coast
   Ivory Coast: French forces snatch the Japanese ambassador to safety, near where incumbent President Laurent Gbagbo remains under siege

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Nov.11   Kurdish leader welcomes Iraqi Christians
  Northern Iraq: Christians under siege by Islamic militants are welcome in the country's north, a Kurdish leader said, after a string of attacks that have killed dozens
Aug.23 Bloody end to hostage siege  Manila: Rolando Mendoza, a former police officer upset at having lost his job, took hostage a busload of tourists from Hong Kong and killed eight of them Jul.6 Protesters lay siege to U.N. compound
. Sri Lanka Apr.7 India quietly buries Mumbai gunmen Feb.13   Taliban stronghold under siege
Map of Marjah Afghanistan  Helmand: The major Operation Moshtarak to rout militants from a notorious southern Afghan stronghold claimed its first NATO casualties

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Apr.20   Troops end airliner hostage siege
   Jamaica: Troops captured an armed man who had barged onto a Canadian airliner, robbed passengers and held six crew members hostage
Apr.17 Radical cleric backs bloodshed
Map of Islamabad Pakistan
  Pakistan: Maulana Abdul Aziz imprisoned for his role in a deadly mosque siege has vowed to continue his campaign to impose hardline Islamic law
Apr.12 14 die in rebel siege Map of Orissa India
  India: About 100 Maoists had attacked a bauxite mine. Four Maoists and 10 federal security officers died in an hours-long shootout in eastern India

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Nov.29 Focus on abandoned boat as siege ends
. Mumbai Nov.28   PM vows peaceful siege end
   Thailand: Somchai Wongsawat has promised to use peaceful means to end the blockades that have paralysed Bangkok's airports for days
Nov.27   Forces fight through siege hotels   Mumbai: Commandos are fighting to clear the last gunmen from 2 luxury hotels, more than a day after a series of attacks across the city Sep.12   'State of siege' declared
Map of Pando Bolivia
   Bolivia: Bolivian authorities declared a state of siege to begin at midnight in the eastern department of Pando, which has been the site of recent unrest
Mar.29   Hope for end to cave siege
   Russia: Fresh talks are under way to persuade 28 doomsday cult members to end a 5-month cave siege after 7 sect women came to the surface
Jan.28   School siege ends peacefully
  West Pakistan: Hours after a stand-off with police started, hostage-takers released a group of students seized at a school

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Dec.25   Mosque siege ends
  Kashmir: A 48-hour hostage standoff ended with the death of three militants and the rescue of the two hostages
Nov.29  Manila hotel siege: Rebels surrender Sep.20  Al Qaeda declares war on Musharraf Sep.3   Terror leader possibly dead after siege
  Northern Lebanon: Shaker al-Abssi, the leader of an Islamist militant group may be among the 39 insurgents killed as Lebanese forces overtook a refugee camp
Jul.11  Red Mosque 'cleared' of militants Jul.10 Red Mosque rebel cleric killed in crossfire   Pakistan: Cleric Abdul Rashid Ghazi, the leader at the center of the week-long siege in Islamabad, has been killed Jul.6 Fighting erupted at Red Mosque. Pakistan

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Nov.3 Israel strikes after siege
  Gaza: Israeli forces have killed at least 17 people after a crowd of women went to the aid of gunmen
Sep.27  School siege ends in bloodshed Aug.29  Annan urges Israel to end siege Mar.15  Israel on high alert after siege

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Dec.26  'No mistakes' says Beslan report Sep.3  Russia marks end of Beslan siege Sep.2     Putin meets angry Beslan mothers
  Moscow: Russian President has met a delegation of survivors and relatives of the victims of the school siege
Aug.31  Beslan mourns a year after siege May.17   Beslan school siege trial opens
  North Caucasus: Nur-Pashi Kulayev, the sole known survivor from the militant group that seized a school last year, went on trial

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Dec.15 Bus Hijack Siege Ends, Gunmen Surrender. Greece Sep.16   Rebel Basayev claims Beslan siege  Chechnya: Chechen warlord has claimed responsibility for the school siege, in which at least 320 hostages, many of them children, died Sep.8  New details emerge on siege rebels Sep.6     Putin under pressure over siege  Moscow: Families in Beslan are facing a 3rd day burying their dead as the government comes under growing pressure Sep.5 Russia parades siege suspect Sep.4 Siege toll tops 350. North Caucasus Sep.3   Putin: Siege force not planned  North Caucasus: Russian President arrived in an unexpected visit to the siege town and shut crisis region borders Sep.2     Siege goes into third day
  North Caucasus: Hundreds of people, among them children, have spent a 2nd night as hostages of an armed gang
School siege: '26 freed'. North Caucasus Sep.1 'Breakdown' in siege negotiations. Russia

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Sep.15  Deadly blast ends office siege Jan.16  Theatre siege trial opens

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Nov.4   Theatre siege captured on video
  Moscow: Dramatic video pictures have been released showing the moment when Chechen gunmen stormed a theatre
Nov.1  Warlord admits Moscow theatre raid Oct.28  US identifies deadly siege gas Oct.27  Siege gas mystery unresolved Gas killed all 115 hostages in raid  Moscow: Hostages died of health problems stemming from the gas used to end the siege, Moscow's chief doctor said Oct.26   140 die in theatre siege climax  Moscow: The death toll at the end to the 3-day siege has risen to 90 captives and 50 hostage-takers. 750 hostages were rescued Sep.23   U.S. condems Israel over Ramallah seige
  Washington: The U.S. introduced a draft resolution to the Security Council, condemning Israel for its siege and demolition of Arafat's compound
    Palestinian official meets Arafat
  West Bank: Palestinian chief negotiator Saeb Erakat sat down with Israeli security officials to end the siege and later briefed Arafat
Sep.22  Aide says Arafat siege 'dreadful' Sep.21   Siege at Kashmir police camp Map of Srinagar India
  At least one policeman and one suspected Islamic militant have been killed in a police housing colony in Srinagar
 Israel presses siege of Arafat office Jul.29   Police lay siege at university Map of Dhaka Bangladesh
  Bangladesh: Students at Dhaka University called a half-day strike to protest at alleged police brutality on the campus
Jun.24  Arafat denounces Israeli siege May.10  Bethlehem rejoices at Israeli withdrawal Israel pulls out of Bethlehem. West Bank  Bethlehem militants fly into exile May.9   Bethlehem church siege ends  West Bank: 39 Palestinian militants have left the Church of the Nativity. Cyprus to give temporary sanctuary to 13 of them  Bethlehem siege deal unravels May.8  End to Bethlehem siege 'in sight' May.7   Snags delay end to church siege
  West Bank: No country is willing to accept 13 of the Palestinian militants holed up inside
May.6  Deal reached on Bethlehem siege May.5   Deal on Bethlehem siege in sight
  West Bank: Negotiations have been continuing between Israel and the Palestinians to finalise a draft agreement to end the standoff
May.4   No let-up in Bethlehem siege
  West Bank: Israeli soldiers are continuing to surround the Church of the Nativity, despite intense diplomatic efforts
 British, American to resolve Church siege Apr.29  Moves to end Arafat siege Apr.28     Arafat accepted plan to lift siege  West Bank: Israeli forces to let him travel once men wanted are moved to a Palestinian prison to be held by US and British guards Apr.23   Talks aim to end Bethlehem siege
  West Bank: The Israeli army has resumed talks with Palestinians aimed at ending the 3-week siege of the Church of the Nativity
Apr.3 Bethlehem church under siege Map of Bethlehem Israel
  West Bank: 100 armed Palestinian police have taken refuge in the Church of the Nativity. Israeli tanks are surrounding the church
Mar.6   Al-Qaeda stronghold under siege
  Eastern Afghanistan: US-led forces conducting a major offensive in the mountains of eastern Afghanistan have killed hundreds of al-Qaeda fighters
Jan.28   6 al-Qaeda killed at hospital siege
  Kandahar: Blasts rock Kandahar. US special forces and Afghan soldiers launched the assault
Jan.27  US raids siege hospital

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Dec.19  State of siege declared Jul.31   Gunfire at Russia hostage siege
  Gunman claiming to have a bomb and had demanded 6 more sub-machine guns and a helicopter

before year 2000
Apr. 19, 1993   Waco siege ends, leaving 86 people dead
Map of Mount Carmel Center Waco TX Texas
  Texas: A siege of a compound belonging to the religious group Branch Davidians by American federal and Texas state law enforcement and US military
Jan. 28, 1871 Paris surrendered to German Army
  The Siege of Paris led to French defeat in the Franco-Prussian War and the establishment of the German Empire as well as the Paris Commune
May. 20, 1631 Magdeburg sacked
Map of Magdeburg Germany
  Eastern Germany: The siege, the subsequent plundering, and the massacre of the inhabitants of the largely Protestant city by the forces of the Holy Roman Empire
Apr. 29, 1429 Jeanne of Arc inspires victory at Orleans Map of Orleans France   France: Joan of Arc's appearance at Orléans coincided with a sudden change in the pattern of the siege

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