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  US shoots down Iranian drone in Syria   U.S. F-15E Strike Eagle shot down an armed pro-regime Shaheed-129 UAV advancing on coalition forces in southern Syria on Tuesday US coalition downs Syrian army plane in Raqqa Map of Raqqa Syria  Northern Syria: The US said it acted in self-defence after the Syrian regime dropped bombs near US-backed fighters Brazil: Four dead after police helicopter 'shot down by gang'   Rio de Janeiro: Four police officers have died after their helicopter crashed over Rio de Janeiro's notorious City of God favela Russian helicopter shot down in Syria, all 5 onboard dead Map of Idlib Syria  Northern Syria: A Russian transport Mi-8 was shot down in opposition rebel territory in northern Syria and all five crew and officers onboard were killed   Russia says Turkey 'shot down plane for IS oil'  Paris: Vladimir Putin has accused Turkey of shooting down its warplane near the border with Syria in order to protect its oil trade with the Islamic State group   Russia warplane shot down in Syria Map of Latakia Syria
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1. 2018-02-09 Israeli jet downed by Syrian fire - army Northern Israel
2. 2018-02-03 Russian fighter jet shot down in Syria's Idlib province Maasran, Idlib, Northern Syria
3. 2017-06-20 US shoots down Iranian drone in Syria At Tanf, Syria
E. 2017-06-18 US coalition downs Syrian army plane in Raqqa Raqqa, Northern Syria
F. 2016-08-01 Russian helicopter shot down in Syria, all 5 onboard dead Idlib, Northern Syria
G. 2015-11-30 Russia says Turkey 'shot down plane for IS oil' Paris
2015-11-24 Russia warplane shot down in Syria Latakia, Northern Syria
8. 2015-10-16 Turkey shot down Russian drone near Syrian border Turkey

Russian fighter jet shot down in Syria's Idlib province Map of Maasran Idlib Syria
Israeli jet downed by Syrian fire - army

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  Northern Israel: Israeli fighter jet shot down after operation against Iranian targets in Syria, pilots safe, Israeli military says
  Northern Syria: A Russian Sukhoi-25 fighter jet has been shot down in a rebel-held area in north-western province of Idlib over the town of Maasran

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  Northern Syria: Russian President Vladimir Putin has bitterly condemned the downing of a Russian jet on the Turkey-Syria border
 Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov has said he was cancelling his visit to Turkey
Oct.16   Turkey shot down Russian drone near Syrian border  A Turkish jet shot down a Russian drone that entered its airspace near the Syrian border Friday, a senior defense official confirms Mar.17   Syria claims downing of US drone   Northern Syria: The Syrian military says it has shot down a US drone near the city of Latakia, a stronghold of President Bashar al-Assad in north-west Syria

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Sep.23 Israel shoots down Syrian aircraft over Golan Heights   Northern Israel: The Israeli military shot down a Syrian fighter jet that infiltrated its airspace over the Golan Heights -- the first such downing in decad... Aug.30 Ukraine says fighter jet shot down by Russian missile
. Donbass Aug.26 UN helicopter shot down in South Sudan, official says. Southern Sudan Jul.23     Two military jets shot down over Donetsk Map of Donetsk Ukraine  Donbass: Two Ukrainian military jets were shot down in the eastern part of the country, where pro-Russian rebels have fought against government Jul.17   U.S. official: Missile shot down Malaysia Airlines plane  Washington: A passenger jet crashed in a rebel-controlled part of Ukraine, spurring accusations from Ukrainian officials that terrorists shot it down Jun.24   Ukraine army helicopter 'shot down' despite ceasefire   Donbass: Mi-8 helicopter has been shot down by pro-Russian rebels in the east, with casualties feared, the Ukrainian military says Jun.13 Military plane shot down in Luhansk   Donbass: Several Ukrainian troops have been killed after pro-Russian rebels shot down Il-76 transport plane, officials say Mar.23   Turkish PM says jets shoot down Syrian warplane  Turkey: Turkish fighter jets shot down a Syrian warplane after it violated Turkey's airspace, Erdogan said, in a move likely to ramp up tensions

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Jun.22     Syria: We shot down Turkish fighter
Map of Latakia Syria
  Northern Syria: The Syrian military has said it shot down a Turkish plane 'flying in airspace over Syrian waters', according to state-run news agency Sana.    The Turkish and Syrian navies are meanwhile engaged...

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Sep.28 Plane shot down
. Yemen Jan.2   Iran 'shot down' 'Western spy planes'   Brig. Gen. Amir Ali Hajizadeh, air force commander for Islamic Revolution Guard described the aircraft as a spy drone 'which can take pictur...

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Mar.30 Helicopter shot down in Mogadishu
. Somalia Mar.23 Supply plane for peacekeepers shot down. Somalia Jan.22 China admits satellite shot down  Beijing: Foreign Ministry spokesman Liu Jianchao has confirmed China carried out a test to destroy a satellite

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May.26 U.S. chopper shot down
. Iraq

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Jan.2 Copter shot down
Map of Fallujah Iraq
  Sunni Triangle: Insurgent fire shot down a U.S. Army helicopter near Fallujah, killing an American soldier and wounding another

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Dec.23   U.S. drone shot down  Southern Iraq: The unmanned Predator was reported missing after being fired upon by Iraqi military aircraft, Gen. Myers said Mar.4 US helicopter shot down. 7 killed  Afghanistan: 10 US soldiers were wounded. MH-47 special operations Chinook helicopter crash-landed after being hit and was then attacked

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Sep.22     Taliban: Plane shot down  Afghanistan: There are conflicting details about what kind of plane it is and what nation it represents
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Sep. 1, 1983 Korean Air Lines Flight 007 shot down
Map of Moneron Island Russia
  Russian Far East: The airliner serving the flight was shot down by a Soviet Su-15 interceptor near Moneron Island, west of Sakhalin Island, in the Sea of Japan

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